Soulframe Release Date: How Will Be The Gameplay?

It’s possible that playing with others is more fun on occasion. MMORPGs are some of the biggest and best PC games, even if you can play as a lone hero in many of them.

It’s official: Warframe creator Digital Extremes has joined the ranks of the likes of Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts. A new project, Soulframe, has been revealed as the studio’s next significant priority after nearly a decade of focusing solely on the company’s flagship product.

Whether or not it’s connected to the greater Warframe universe is up for debate in this new clip from Digital Extremes. However, Soulframe, an open-world game like The Duviri Paradox expansion, may have been influenced by Elden Ring.

This game is still under development, so there aren’t a lot of specifics out there about it, but don’t worry; we’ve got all the information you need about the upcoming Soulframe title.

Soulframe Release Date

When Will Soulframe Be Released?

Fans may have to wait a long time to get their hands on Soulframe after the Tennocon 2022 announcement, as the developer said that production had just begun. That we don’t yet know when Soulframe will be released and considering the duration of the game’s creation cycle, it could be years before players can explore the game’s world.

It is therefore necessary to wait for more qualified conjecture about the release of Soulframe. The publication date of 2022 appears unlikely, given that this was only the first announcement of the title. An early 2023 release date may be possible, depending on how quickly work progresses.

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Digital Extremes plans to be open about the development of Soulframe and welcomes players to sign up on the Soulframe website for updates, despite the fact that there is currently no specific release date for the game.

Since Soulframe is expected to be released within a year, early development streams and fan testers may both be able to play it. Watch us develop the game and get your hands on the rough parts and tell us what you think, says Sinclair.

Soulframe Release Date

How Will Be The Gameplay?

Digital Extremes has not given us many specifics about Soulframe’s gameplay, but we have a good sense of what to expect. Soulframe is an environmentalist MMORPG that aims to feature “slow and heavy” physical combat in a continually changing terrain that appears to be reacting to some form of industrial progress.

Although it’s still not clear if Soulframe is part of the Warframe universe, the new game’s visual impact is pretty obvious from the Warframe universe. Despite the title’s obvious allusion to Warframe, it doesn’t appear that the creators had this in mind when they created the game.

To express the tale of Soulframe, the team “focused our attention on the Fantasy genre,” Sinclair said because fantasy has a huge impact on Soulframe’s gameplay. It’s clear that Soulframe’s gameplay will be heavily influenced by fantasy, as evidenced by the mysterious and lethal sword and the dire wolf that appear in the trailer.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Sinclair stated that Soulframe’s central world would be open, unlike the early Warframe.

As the director puts it, “To me, a “brief session but high immersion” experience is signing in, exiting your yurt, and immediately being back where you were before. It feels like the world has been going on without you around.”

Soulframe Release Date

Despite the game’s name, Dark Souls was not the inspiration for the original Soulframe gameplay mechanics. Developers have admitted that Elden Ring has been the focus of some discussion, such as over the camera or how well-paced their battles are.

Soulframe’s gameplay will analyze the connections between the characters and the game’s setting, even if that connection isn’t always strong. Because the universe is outraged by what has been done to it, players may observe some procedural elements in the world.

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What Did Sinclair Say About the Game?

Digital Extremes trademarked the name “Soulframe” earlier this year, which caused a great deal of confusion among Warframe gamers. However, now that the game has been officially announced, the developers have given their thoughts on what they expect it to be like.

The game, which as of yet has no set release date, was extensively discussed in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

“Soulframe’ is an opportunity to go out on a familiar yet fresh limb and see where it leads them,” the developers said when questioned about the upcoming Soulframe and its differences from the Warframe game.

Adding to this Sinclair said, “Where ‘Warframe‘ is focused on shooting, this one’s focused on melee. In contrast to ‘Warframe,’ which moves at breakneck speeds, this one is going to take its time and be a lot heavier. However, there are still many similarities to the genre that we are familiar with.”

Geoff Crookes, creative director of Soulframe, made the statement while discussing the game’s universe “We assume that because of what we’ve done, the world itself is enraged, and the foundations beneath it are constantly shifting. As a result, proceduralism will be present throughout the world’s caves, crevasses, and other subterranean spaces.”

Soulframe Release Date

In addition, Sinclair stated while addressing Soulframe’s release date and early announcement. “Our efforts have been primarily motivated by the needs of the local community. There is an air of dishonesty in not informing [players] of changes and who is in charge of “Warframe.”

The announcement of ‘Soulframe,’ on the other hand, is way too early! In terms of openness, we tend to be a lot more open than other studios… in terms of transparency.”

Given the developers’ passion and goals, it’s reasonable to hope that Soulframe will be just as good as Warframe. As one of the best live-service games with a little imbalanced MMO and a fantastic campaign, Warframe is exciting to see how much better Digital Extremes can make Soulframe.

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Soulframe: Trailer

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