Nick Cannon Reveals Fairytale Relationship With His Ex-wife!

Nick Cannon is speaking out about the ‘fairytale’ relationship he had with Mariah Carey, who was formerly his wife. Recently, the multi-hyphenate actor discussed his thoughts on the singer of “We Belong Together” on the podcast known as The Hot Tee Talk Show.

Cannon responded, “I will never have a love as I had with Mariah,” when talk show presenter Tee inquired as to whether or not he would ever contemplate getting back together with the singer. “I will never have a love as I had with Mariah,” Cannon said.

In his revelation, he stated, “It was literally like a fairytale with Mariah.”

Nick Cannon Reveals His Ex-wife

When Cannon was asked if he would ever contemplate rekindling their romance, he responded that while he appreciates that “dream,” he wouldn’t want to taint the happy memories they previously shared with one another by rekindling their relationship.

“If I attempted to go back and it wasn’t the same, I’d be like, ‘Damn, I messed it up,’ but if I had the opportunity—if it could be the way that it was—I’m there,” he explained. “If it could be the way that it was, I’m there.”

In case you were wondering, the wedding took place in the Bahamas back in April of 2008 and was a beautiful, intimate affair. After a long period of marriage, the couple finalized their separation in 2016. Since then, the couple has been able to co-parent their twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, who are now 11 years old.

Daughter Monroe and son Moroccan were born on the couple’s third wedding anniversary.

Since then, Cannon and Carey’s romantic lives have taken different directions for each of them. During the course of the conversation, Nick Cannon brought up Mariah Carey‘s six-year relationship with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka.

Nick Cannon Reveals His Ex-wife

“I have the utmost regard for the partnership that she has maintained for a considerable amount of time. Because he is so wonderful with my children and because we are able to spend time as a family and participate in other activities together, I have the utmost regard for him “he stated.

“But you have to understand, that’s my love for imagination. That is a person who will always hold a special place in my heart.”

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