Great Escape Season 3 Plot and More!!

Great Escape is a South Korean comical reality series that debuted on July 1, 2018, and it airs on tvN every Sunday at 10:40 pm (KST). Yoo Byung-jae, Kang Ho-dong, Shindong, Kim Jong-min, Kim Dong-hyun, and P.O. are all actors who appear on screen. The inaugural season ended on September 23, 2018. The second season’s broadcast dates in 2019 were from March 17 to June 9.

The popular online game of “Escape Rooms” is enlarged into large buildings, compounds, and a multitude of huge datasets in the epic variety series “Great Escape” on tv. A new epic with thrilling plotlines, frights, and humorous cooperation is in the works, as evidenced by the cast members’ dramatic attitudes and reactions in the feature portraits below.

great escape season 3

What Happened in the First Two Great Escape Seasons?

Each leg of the escape challenge begins with a bus meeting for all participants. The program team has decided the captain (, jujang) of the episode depending on how the players performed in the prior challenge since the second task (third episode) of the very first season. A band is given to the captain.

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Prior to arriving at the destination, participants will don eye masks, and staff will direct them to the entrance area in the enormous hidden chamber. The members can remove the eye mask once they have completed the staff’s instructions. Each task requires participants to use the area’s clues to gradually navigate the sizable secret chamber until they all discover a way out.

Each escape challenge has no predetermined time restriction. When everyone has escaped safely, the story comes to a conclusion. The possibility that they won’t be able to leave has significantly changed the plot of the show. The recording of the task ends when it is finished.

Another twist is the possibility that one or more team mates will be fired from the series while they are attempting to flee. The outcome and the decision made by the production staff would determine this.

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Who played in Great Escape Season 3?

  • Justin
  • Allen Deng
  • Yang Mi
  • WoWkie Da
  • Zhang Guo Wei
  • Jackson Wang
  • Bai Jing Ting
  • Liu Yao Wen
  • Simon Gong
  • Pu Yi Xing
  • Shao Ming-Ming
  • Wu Yu Heng

great escape season 3

What is Plot of Season 3?

The program simulates a real-life decoding reality show with puzzle elements. In each episode of this system, a number of attendees put in a lot of effort to unlock the mystery, solve it in the most practical way possible, and unlock the hidden room of various themed stories.

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The break-out process is completely illimitable and unpredictable. It evaluates the visitors’ perception, intelligence, and capacity to work together. Every era will include a captivating story room experience thanks to exceptional position-playing.

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