What Made Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling Burst Into Laughter?

Following his triumph in the Indian film industry, southern hero Dhanush is now setting his sights on Hollywood. The actor who appeared in “Maari” is currently in the United States to promote his next picture “The Gray Man,” which was directed by the esteemed filmmaking combo known as the Russo Brothers.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a South Indian actor to perform on stage in front of his fellow cast members and audience members. It is important to point out that his co-stars such as Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, and An sat close to him on the platform during the event.

Dhanush can be seen in a video that is going around the internet describing how he was cast in the role of “The Gray Man.” The joke was told in an innocent manner by the man who was 38 years old and said, “I don’t know how I ended myself in this film.”

His casual demeanor and comments caused everyone, including Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, as well as the crowd, to burst out laughing multiple times.

After the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles, the actor and his coworkers attended a press conference there to discuss the project. Dhanush expressed that he was overjoyed and ecstatic to have been given the opportunity, and he wished that he had performed well in the movie.

It has been rumored that Dhanush will portray an assassin with very few words in the upcoming film “The Gray Man.” In the beginning of this year, the Russo brothers were heard praising Dhanush and stating that they were major fans of his work.

The directing team has also dropped hints about the likelihood of them working together with the actor from “Atrangi Re” on a future project.

Dhanush released the following statement in December 2020 after he was successful in landing the role: “Elated to announce that I will be joining the team of Netflix’s The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, directed by The Russo Brothers.”

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