The Yankees’ Loss to the Lowly Reds Was Historic!

Even if they still have the best record in baseball, the Yankees’ defeat at the hands of the Reds on Tuesday night was unquestionably a new low moment for this team.

At the beginning of the ninth inning on Tuesday night, the Yankees had a three-run lead over a team that was in last place in the standings, and they were about to bring in the best reliever in all of baseball to put an end to the game.

The Yankees’ Loss to the Lowly Reds Was Historic!

The catastrophe that followed, which ultimately resulted in a loss to the lowly Reds by a score of 4-3, was more than just implausible. It was a momentous occasion.

The Yankees' Loss to the Lowly Reds Was Historic!

According to Stats By STATS, the game that took place on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium was the first time in the modern era that a team with a winning percentage was lower than.400 came back from being down by three or more runs in the ninth inning to defeat an opponent with a winning percentage greater than.700 (minimum 50 games into the season).

It was also the first time in 2022 that New York lost a game in which they led after the eighth inning. Prior to the game on Tuesday night, they had a perfect record of 48 wins and zero losses in certain scenarios.

It didn’t take long for Cincinnati to start making their comeback in the ninth inning, and it was obvious from the first pitch that Clay Holmes didn’t have his best stuff.

After almost hitting Tommy Pham with his first pitch, Holmes walked the outfielder, which allowed the leadoff runner to advance to second base. Following Joey Votto’s single, Tyler Stephenson was then hit by a pitch, which loaded the bases for the advancing runners.

A visit to the mound did not prevent Holmes from giving up a single that resulted in a run being scored by Tyler Naquin. After four pitches, Holmes hit Kyle Farmer, resulting in a hit-and-run that brought the Reds back within two runs of the lead.

The Yankees' Loss to the Lowly Reds Was Historic!

At that time, Yankees manager Aaron Boone made a call to the bullpen, requesting the services of left-handed pitcher Wandy Peralta in an extremely difficult situation.

It was close, but Peralta was almost able to get out of the bases loaded, nobody out jam. Following one another, ground balls prevented Cincinnati from scoring, which left New York in a position to win by walking the tightrope between losing and winning. However, when it came down to their last strike, the Reds were able to deliver the critical blow.

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