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Harvey Weinstein Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make as a Professional?

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

In the United States, Harvey Weinstein is a known sexual predator. Harvey Weinstein is a former film producer and Miramax co-founder.
Good Will Hunting (1997), Frida (2002), and The Aviator (2001) are just a few of the award-winning films the company has produced since its inception (2004).

In 2017, a slew of women accused Weinstein of sexual assault, which effectively ended his career in the film industry.
These accusations resulted in him being fired from his own company. In February 2020, a jury found Weinstein guilty and sentenced him to 23 years in jail.

Early Life

New York City is the location where Harvey Weinstein began his life on March 19, 1952. He received his degree from the State University of New York in Buffalo in 1973 after having attended there.

Miramax, the film production firm that he co-founded in 1979 with his younger brother, is named after the two of them.


Harvey Weinstein’s birthday is March 19th, and he was born in Flushing, New York, in 1952. The Weinstein Company and Miramax Films are both named after him because he was a co-founder of both companies. The Weinstein Enterprise is a movie picture production firm that is owned and operated by the Weinstein family. Since 2005, Harvey and Bob Weinstein have taken turns leading the company.

The Academy Award for Best Picture went to the movie “Shakespeare in Love,” which was produced by Harvey Weinstein. In addition, he was awarded seven Tonys for his work as a producer on other critically acclaimed plays and musicals, such as “The Producers,” “Billy Elliot the Musical,” and “August: Osage County.”

They have a combined total ownership of 42% of the company between the two of them. They are jointly responsible for the ownership of 42% of the business. They are best known for the films Pulp Fiction, The English Patient, and Good Will Hunting, all of which were produced while they were heading Miramax. During the time that they were operating The Weinstein Company, the brothers produced such films as The Imitation Game, The Butler, Inglorious Basterds, Silver Linings Playbook, and Django Unchained.

In recognition of the contributions Harvey Weinstein had made to the film business in the United Kingdom, he was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the year 2004. Throughout his career, Harvey Weinstein has been on both the receiving end and the giving end of praise and criticism.

Some people have attacked Harvey Weinstein for the methods they claim he used in his commercial operations. In particular, they have criticized him for activities such as ‘campaigning’ for Oscars for his movies during Oscar season. As a result, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made it illegal for individuals to engage in such activities. The name Harvey Weinstein was synonymous with viciousness and volatile tempers.

According to reports, he got into an argument with a reporter from the New York Observer and then kicked the reporter out of the party. Another time, following a disagreement regarding a showing of the picture Frida directed by Julie Taymor, Weinstein publicly insulted both the director and her husband. It was said that Sydney Pollack brought up the topic of The Reader’s publication while he was on his deathbed.

Another contentious step was taken by Weinstein in 2009 when he publicly resisted efforts to extradite Roman Polanski from Switzerland to the United States over allegations that he had improper sexual contact with a 13-year-old in the year 1977. Kyle Smith, a film critic for the New York Post, published an article in 2013 in which he accused Harvey Weinstein of producing multiple anti-Catholic films, including Priest (1994), The Butcher Boy (1997), The Magdalene Sisters (2002), and Philomena. Smith’s article was one of several that made the allegations (2013).

Real Estate

Another intriguing aspect of Harvey’s financial situation is the fact that he sold several properties in the months preceding the revelation of his scandal. Harvey sold six properties for a combined amount of $56 million during the period between October 2017 and April 2018, about six months before his disgrace became public knowledge around the world.

According to the data kept by the real estate agency, he made a total profit of $18 million above the acquisition costs. As an illustration, a townhouse in New York City that was purchased in 2006 for the price of $15 million and then sold in March 2018 for the price of $25.6 million generated a profit of $10.65 million. On May 25, 2018, he was taken into custody on charges of rape.

One year later, he increased his earnings by an additional $5 million by selling a commercial facility that he owned jointly with his brother (split with his brother). Just three days before the incident was reported in the New York Times, he formally concluded one of the six transactions that comprised his initial offering.

Harvey Weinstein’s Net Worth

Film producer Harvey Weinstein has a net worth of $25 million and has been accused of rape. Weinstein’s net worth was estimated at $300 million at the height of his career. The Weinstein Company’s value was a major factor in this estimate before the global sexual misconduct allegations of 2017 surfaced. As of October 2017, Georgina Chapman had filed for divorce from her husband. An appeals court ruled in March 2020 that Harvey will serve 23 years in prison.

After the scandals broke, it was stated that Weinstein was frequently unable to meet his spousal support requirements because of a lack of funds. After Georgina Chapman’s estimated $20 million divorce settlement, he was sacked from his own company.

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Harvey admitted to a judge on January 12th, 2017, that he was unable to meet his 2016 spousal support duties to his first wife and their two children. This was confirmed by a judge, who put an immediate stop to his $5 million debt. According to Weinstein’s ex-wife, the disgraced mogul spent all of his liquid assets to pay tens of millions in legal bills around the world to protect himself from possible legal action.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Old Is Harvey Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein will turn 70 years old on March 19, 2022, which is his birthday. He was born on March 19, 1952.

How Tall Is Harvey Weinstein?

The height of Harvey Weinstein is 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 meters).

What Was Harvey Weinstein’s First Movie?

In 1997, Harvey Weinstein made his first appearance in a full-length motion picture called “Cannes Man,” which was a comedy-drama.

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