When Is Season 5 of Young Justice Coming Out?

The fourth season of Young Justice has come to an end after providing us with 26 amazing episodes.

The title of the series’ final episode was “Death and Rebirth,” and it depicted a number of superheroes engaging in battle against Kryptonians. As was to be expected, the director Vinton Heuck brought the season to a close with an episode that was full of exciting activities while also providing us with some touching moments.

The community, however, did not get their tummies full with just four seasons of Young Justice, and DC fans who have seen this fantastic show are now waiting for a confirmation that there will be a Season 5.

When Is Season 5 of Young Justice Coming Out

Which Characters Are Likely to Return?

It’s no secret that Raquel Erwin (better known as Rocket) has always been a fan favorite since the show premiered. Even though she went through a great deal in the fourth season, everyone imagined she had passed away because of her unfortunate circumstances.

In the end, though, the guy made a heroic recovery. This puts to rest any and all reports that she had died. It’s still a mystery how she survived the collision. There’s a rumor floating around that Rocket has made a triumphant return.

As a result, the mystery behind Rocket’s return will have to be addressed in the next fifth season of Young Justice. What about the rest of the cast?

The forthcoming season’s characters haven’t been discussed by the show’s creators. However, based on our assumptions, the following is likely to return:

  • Denise Boutte as Rocket
  • Lacey Chabert as Zatanna
  • Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
  • Stephanie Lemelin as Tigress
  • Jesse McCartney as Nightwing
  • Danica McKellar as Miss Martian
  • Phil Morris as Lor-Zod
  • Nolan North as Superboy

When Is Season 5 of Young Justice Coming Out

What Could Happen in Season 5?

The closing episode of Young Justice season 4 suggests that there will be a space battle in season 5. In his Warworld fortress, Vandal Savage incarcerated all of the Kryptonians who had been stranded in the Phantom Zone, except for one, who was handed over to Darkseid.

After the Young Justice season 4 midseason finale, Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, was revealed to be the prisoner in a post-credits scene. Granny Goodness’ elite Furies squad enlisted the two young ladies in preparation for an impending invasion of Earth.

Ursa Zod, the new Emerald Empress, is still on the loose, having fled to Daxam to give birth to her son.

When Is Season 5 of Young Justice Coming Out?

HBO Max hasn’t officially announced the fifth season of Young Justice. Young Justice co-creator Greg Weisman responded to a Twitter question concerning Season 5’s release schedule by saying, “The first question is ‘If,’ not ‘When.'” In other words, it’s obvious that the show’s producers are awaiting word from HBO Max as well.

There is little doubt that Greg Weisman and the rest of the cast and crew would want to see the program continue. HBO Max must greenlight Season 5 before the show’s writers can do anything, even if they have a plot ready for the next season.

Typically, a network decides to renew a show based on its performance in the most recent or preceding seasons. So, Young Justice is in a strong position in that respect. In a recent S8 forum post, Weisman stated that the Season 4 numbers are “stunningly good”.

According to the show’s creator, this year’s Young Justice viewership eclipsed that of any other animated superhero show on any network. So, it’s understandable that a number of Young Justice fans took to Twitter to petition for a second season.

The good news is that Weisman is confident in Young Justice’s chances of succeeding on HBO Max. Because of this, there is a significant likelihood that a second season will be possible. If that happens, we may expect Season 5 of the show to premiere in the first half of 2024 at the earliest.

There was a two-year hiatus between Season 3 and Season 4’s publication due to it. However, unless we hear more from the show’s creators or HBO Max about the show’s renewal, we cannot be certain about the show’s release date or the renewal itself.

Young Justice Season 5: Trailer

As the show is not confirmed yet so the trailer is not available. Here is the trailer of season 4 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stream It?

All four seasons of the young justice are available to stream on HBO Max.

Is Season 5 Confirmed?

Young Justice co-creator Greg Weisman responded to a Twitter question concerning Season 5’s release schedule by saying, “The first question is ‘If,’ not ‘When.'”

Who Produced the Show?

Developed for Cartoon Network by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman, “Young Justice” is an American superhero cartoon series.

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