Blue Spring Ride Season 2 Release Date: Is It on Netflix?

As the title suggests, Ao Haru Ride, often known as blue spring ride, is an anime produced by Toei Animation based on the same-named manga. The show has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and huge ratings. The show also has a large following and, based on internet reviews, is unquestionably worth seeing.

The plot centers around a high school student who reunites with her long-lost high school crush and begins developing feelings for him again, which leads to a beautiful path of romance. This raises the issue of whether or not the show will return for a second season.

A new season of the show is now in production and will be released in the near future, which is a good thing. The show has been renewed and the trailer will be released a month before the premiere. Despite the fact that the wait is considerable, it is a wait that is definitely worth it.

Blue Spring Ride Season 2

Blue Spring Ride Season 2: Release Date

The show’s producers have yet to commit to a second season, despite widespread interest. It hasn’t been canceled or greenlit yet. If there isn’t any new content to advertise, then the renewal may be delayed.

The show is based on the same-titled novel. Despite the fact that the manga on which the show is based has yet to be finished, serialization of the manga ceased in 2015. As a result, perhaps there’s no need to bring back the show.
For some time now, fans have been calling for the second season to pick up where the first left off. Their pleas for help have gone unanswered by Production I.G.

Season 2 of the anime series has yet to be renewed, so a release date is not yet known. The production company and the show’s creators have not provided any information about a second installment. It’s been seven long years since the anime first aired, but Production I.G. appears to have no interest in starting it back up?

Despite the fact that the show premiered in July 2014, it has yet to receive a renewal.  A large number of anime series have been taken up by another studio and re-aired years after they were originally produced by that studio.

Blue Spring Ride Season 2

There’s also a significant probability the show may air in the near future based on the positive response and reviews it has received. As soon as we learn of any new developments, we will update this page. We may expect it to release in mid-2023.

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Which Voice Cast Will Return in Season 2?

There’s a good chance that the key characters from the first season will return to their roles. Ao Haru Ride’s second edition may feature the following characters:

  • Futaba Yoshioka voiced by Maaya Uchida
  • Kou Mabuchi voiced by Yūki Kaji
  • Yuri Makita voiced by Ai Kayano
  • Shuko Murao voiced by Mikako Komatsu
  • Aya Kominato voiced by KENN
  • Yōichi Tanaka voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Tōma Kikuchi voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

What Will Be the Storyline of Season 2?

In the first season, Futaba and Kou are introduced as characters who were close friends in middle school, and Futaba also had feelings for him. However, out of a confrontation, she admits that she doesn’t like any boys and soon a distance is created between them, which before resolving leads to her departure from Kou.

Blue Spring Ride Season 2

The first season of the show contains 13 episodes. After their reunion in the present day, we see Futaba reunited with Kou and learn that he has changed totally, including his last name, which has now changed to Mabuchi.

To avoid being booted out of her friends’ group, Futaba pretends to be a part of their gang, but she quickly slips into the shoes of a girl who was being harassed by her own friends, a girl named Yui.

After some time passes, we witness Futaba take a stand for herself and decide to run for class rep. This is Futaba’s team: Yuri, Kou, and him! While at the leadership training camp, yuri confesses to Futaba her emotions for Kou and Futaba becomes very impetuous and realizes that she has fallen for Kou as well.

They return to their dorms safely. Amid the studying session for Kou, Futaba detects his developing relationship with Kou, and yuri proposes to him, but he is refused; we learn more about his terrible background.

Futaba’s relationship with Toma plays a significant role in the second season of the story as he serves as a temporary lover for a short period of time after which we witness Kou and Futaba get together. At some point in the midst of it all, we’ll meet Yui, who will get romantically involved with Kou for the time being.

The story’s conclusion is almost certainly going to be both lovely and predictable.

Blue Spring Ride Season 2: Trailer

The trailer for season 2 is not released yet. Here is the trailer of season 1 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stream It?

Crunchyroll and anime tv are good places to catch up on the show’s final season. There will be no change in the location of the second season if there is one.

Is It on Netflix?

Blue Spring season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

What Happens When Yoshioka Meets Kou?

They kiss twice when Yoshioka comes over to visit and tell each other how much he loves her and that she’s the only one he can love. They then become a couple and meet at the venue they had agreed to for a date.

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