Sommer Ray Net Worth: When Did She Become Famous?

Sommer Ray is a social media celebrity, model, and bikini athlete from the United States who competes in the sport of bikini.

Ray is a well-known figure in the world of bodybuilding and fitness competitions, and he has acquired a sizable following on the internet. She is very active on social media, and you can find her posting information there that is frequently associated with fitness and bodybuilding.

Early Life

The 15th of September found Sommer Ray being born in the state of Colorado. At the age of 15, she decided to begin her journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Her father, Ray, was her coach, and he instructed her in all aspects of bodybuilding, fitness, and routines.

She started by doing sessions of weight lifting at her gym. It only took her one year to have the body that was necessary for her to compete in bikini competitions.

Sommer Ray Net Worth

After that, she competed in the 2015 ‘NPC Colorado StateChampionship’ and came away with two trophies. Her victories came in the categories of ‘Bikini Class D’ and ‘Bikini Teen.’

The same year, she competed in the “NPC USA Championship” and earned 16th place overall ranking.


The beginning of Sommer’s work in social media was spent uploading images and videos to Instagram. Her jaw-dropping photographs quickly went viral on the internet, propelling her to the status of an internet sensation. To mark the occasion of reaching 15 million followers on Instagram, Sommer posted a video of herself “twerking.”

In 2016, Ray wasrecognizedd by Sports Illustrated as the publication’s “Lovely Lady of the Day.” Shedecidedn to change her career path and started modeling in bikinis. Her eating habits and exercise routine underwent a radical transformation. Ray was instructed to reduce the number of calories she consumed, and her workoutprograme was modified to place a greater emphasis on her lower body.

She had to put in a lot of work over several months to have the ideal body for a bikini. She was contacted by several companies that manufacture swimwear and asked her to model for their advertisements.

Sommer Ray Net Worth

Myokore, a company that sells bungee equipment, recruited Sommer to be a bikini model for their company. In addition, she is the proprietor of a channel on the video-sharing platform YouTube that focuses on health and physical activity.

The channel currently has more than one million active subscribers. A popular “YouTubers” collective known as “Clout Gang” includes Sommer as one of its members. She has also made an appearance in the sketch comedy series ‘Wild ‘N Out’ which airs on MTV. Additionally, she is the owner of a clothing line, which she sells on her shopping website.

Ray was originally spotted by a large number of people on Tai Lopez‘s platform, where he was seen partying on one of Lopez’s many incredible rides and hanging out in his home.

Family, Boyfriend, and Relationships

Her father’s name was Mr. Ray, and he was a significant weight lifter by calling. Her mother’s name is Mrs. Shannon Ray, and she is also an individual Instagram star by calling. Sommer Ray is named after both of her parents.

Sommer Ray Net Worth

In addition, she is related to three other people; the names of her sisters are Sava Rayan and Skylyn Ray, and her brother’s name is Bronson Ray.

The relationship status of Sommer Ray is that of a single woman. She was previously romantically involved with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly as well as the individual online entertainment powerhouse Tayler Holder. At the moment, she is operating in a solitary capacity.

Sommer Ray’s Net Worth

Sommer Ray is an actress and social media star from the United States. She is worth $8 million. Summer Ray was born in September 1996 in Denver, Colorado. She is a fitness model with over 20 million Instagram followers. On a second page, she has 3 million more people who follow her.

She is very popular on YouTube, with 1.3 million subscribers and 60 million views of her videos. She is proud of the fact that she has never had plastic surgery. Instead, she credits a healthy diet, exercise, and good genes for her good looks. She lifted weights while she was a young girl, and when she was 16, she started competing in inbobuildingngg events.

Sommer Ray Net Worth

In 2016, she was in episodes of the TV show Nuclear Family, and in 2018, she was in episodes of King Bachelor’s Pad. In 2017, she also showed up in an episode of the TV show Wild ‘N Out. Her father was a body builder who competed. When she first joined Instagram, her goal was to get a $200 deal to promote a brand.

She now makes tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, for a single brand post and is starting her clothing line. She also made an app called Evolve Fitness for fitness.

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When Did She Become Famous?

Since 2015, when she started to take Instagram seriously, Sommer Ray has quickly built up a huge fan base: Her main Instagram page has 19 million followers, and her second page has 3 million.


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Frequently Ask Questions

Who is Sommer Dating?

A post on Instagram suggests that Sommer Ray is now dating Cole Bennett, a very popular rap video producer.

Does Sommer Ray Have a Twin?

The YouTuber has a younger brother named Bronson and two sisters named Savana and Skylyn Rae.

Is Sommer Ray a Bodybuilder?

Sommer Ray is a model, fitness icon, social media star, and bikini athlete. She was born and raised in Colorado, USA.


The most notable aspects of Sommer Ray’s career are those of a phenomenal bikini athlete and a media personality. Ray is the epitome of girl power, and she demonstrates to girls and women of all ages that they are capable of achieving anything.

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