When Does Dragon Prince Season 4 Come Out?

Fans of The Dragon Prince are in for a treat! In a recent Netflix update, the fourth season of The Dragon Prince has been slated for release in 2022. After an end-of-year update in 2021 stated that the new season would not be ready until late 2022 at the earliest.

According to that announcement, the show won’t be finished filming until then and will then require a few more months of post-production before it can be released in 2023 as planned.

It was revealed on Wednesday that the fourth season of The Dragon Prince will be titled The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos and will premiere this year.

Dragon Prince is a story about two princes who create an odd alliance with an assassin who was initially charged with slaying each other. To help heal a land ripped apart by conflict, the trio set out on their own mission. While protecting humanity’s essence, the fantasy series reused tired tropes involving humans and otherworldly beings at odds, injecting new life into tired stories.

When Does Dragon Prince Season 4 Come Out

Which Cast Members Will Be Back in Season 4?

The primary cast of The Dragon Prince will be coming back for season 4 of the show, including the three heroes of the story: Rayla (played by Paula Burrows), Callum (played by Jack De Sena), and Ezran (Sasha Rojen). Viren, the show’s primary adversary, will also be back for season 4 and will be voiced by Jason Simpson.

Aaravos, a mystery star-touched elf, will be played by Erik Dellums. Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) and Soren will also be back for the new season (Jesse Inocalla). The fourth season of The Dragon Prince will also feature the introduction of a new character to the cast roster.

This new addition, a Sunfire elf by the name of Karim, will have Luke Rodriq providing his voice. It is reasonable to assume that a good number of the show’s supporting characters will be brought back for the upcoming fourth season of The Dragon Prince.

What Will Be the Storyline of Season 4?

The Dragon Prince’s third season ended on a big cliffhanger, which has fueled expectations for a fourth season among viewers. By his daughter Claudia, Viren was resurrected from a near-death experience at the end of season 3. With Claudia by his side, Viren finds himself in a cave with Aaravos, the powerful elf Viren had allied with.

When Does Dragon Prince Season 4 Come Out

The gloomy cliffhanger was accompanied by some touching narratives. Rayla and Callum were able to reconnect Zubia with her young dragon Zym, and they were able to show her that humans and elves can work together.

Fans have been interested to learn how Callum uses magic since the show began. Humans are not supposed to be able to utilize magic, according to the magical codes, but Callum does so without the aid of a primal stone.

Until the debut date has been confirmed, there is no official season 4 plot, and fans should not expect one until that time. With that said, there are many unanswered questions from Season 3.

Viewers can look forward to new developments in season four. With Aaravos in his cocoon, the season 4 finale cliffhanger may grow into a gigantic moth or butterfly, because he had previously taken the shape of a caterpillar.

The Sunfire elves’ link to Aaravos may possibly be explored further in Season 4. During the fourth season, viewers can look forward to seeing how Callum and Rayla’s relationship evolves, as well as seeing Ezran grow into his role as King of Xadia.

When Does Dragon Prince Season 4 Come Out

When Does Dragon Prince Season 4 Come Out?

Season 4 of the acclaimed Netflix animated series “The Dragon Prince” has long been a hot topic of conversation amongst fans.  No precise release date has been given for the fourth season of “The Dragon Prince,” but some fans believe it will be broadcast in the fall of 2022.

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Netflix did broadcast a clip during Geeked Week, but no new episodes were shown “With the caption, “The moment has come for the mysterious entity known as Aaravos to take center stage and stake his claim to the magical world of Xadia. Only on Netflix will you be able to catch the fourth season of The Dragon Prince.”

Dragon Prince Season 4: Trailer

While the season’s major villain, Viren, is shown being snatched from the ground in the trailer, little else is revealed about the season’s plot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stream It?

All three seasons of The Dragon Prince are available to stream on Netflix.

What Are the Reviews of Season 3?

With a faster pacing and fewer plot holes than previous seasons, The Dragon Prince Season 3 is a must-see for fans of the series.

Is Season 5 Also Coming?

Additionally, the series will return for seasons 5, 6, and 7 to complete the “Dragon Prince Saga.”

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