Thomas Keller Net Worth: How Much Does He Make?

The American chef, restaurateur, and author of numerous cookbooks Thomas Keller is well-known throughout the world. Both he and his illustrious restaurant in the Napa Valley, The French Laundry, located in Yountville, California, have been awarded multiple accolades by the James Beard Organization. Among these are the awards for Best California Restaurant in 1996 and Best Chef in the United States in 1997.

Early Life

On October 14, 1995, Thomas Aloysius Keller was born in Camp Pendleton, which is part of the Marine Corps Base. Thomas and his family moved to Palm Beach, Florida, when he was just a young child because his parents were going through a divorce. Keller began his professional life working as a dishwasher at the restaurant that his mother owned in Palm Beach.

His mother was the one who first introduced him to the fundamentals of cooking, and from there, Keller swiftly improved his skills in the kitchen. After that, he worked as a cook in Rhode Island, and he also started studying French cuisine at that time. After that, Thomas found work as a cook in a little French restaurant in New York called La Rive.

He moved to Paris in search of better opportunities as a result of his extraordinary abilities and has worked at several restaurants that have earned Michelin stars.


Thomas Keller got his start in the culinary industry by working at several different restaurants across the United States. In 1984, he was given the position of chef de cuisine at La Reserve in New York City. After another three years, he opened his first French restaurant, which was named Rakel. Following the publication of The New York Times’ two-star review, the popularity of the restaurant skyrocketed.

In addition to his work as a chef in Los Angeles, Keller also had a consulting business there. In 1994, he bought the restaurant known as The French Laundry after having raised $1.2 million from several sponsors. In addition, the eatery has been honored with numerous accolades and awards from organizations located all over the world, including the James Beard Foundation, five stars from the Mobile Guide, and a great deal more.

After the completion of the first restaurant, he and his brother established Bouchon in 1998. In 2004, Keller opened his second restaurant, which was located in Las Vegas. His popularity grew, which led to the opening of his second restaurant, Ad Hoc, which is located close to Yountville and specialised in dinners for the whole family. In addition to this, he founded the Per Se restaurant, which is located in the Time Warner Center complex in New York City.

Thomas Keller Net Worth

In the same year, 1992, Keller also established EVO, Inc., a humble olive oil firm that manufactured Limoges porcelain tableware. In addition to that, he is the president of the United States team for the Bocuse d’Or competition and assists with the training of students. Timothy Hollingsworth, a former Chef de Cuisine at The French Laundry, competed in the 2009 World Finals as a member of the United States team. Keller served as the team’s mentor.

The French Laundry Cookbook, which was launched in 1999, is one of Keller’s best-known publications. In the same year, he was honored with three IACP prizes, including the “First Cookbook” Honor and the Design Trophy for his cookbook.

Additionally, “The Bouchon Cookbook” was issued in 2004 by the chef. In addition to The Food Lover’s Comrade to Napa Valley, Ad Hoc at Household, Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide, and Bouchon Bakery, he has written several other books. While working on Ratatouille, Keller was also a consultant for Pixar’s 2007 animated film.

Awards & Achievements

Thomas has earned several accolades and commendations during his professional career. Between the years 1996 and 1997, Bon Appétit Journal named him the Best American Chef, and after that, it named him the Best Chef overall.

In the year 2000, Wine Spectator International honored Keller’s restaurant by bestowing upon it the title of World’s Best Restaurant for Food.

Thomas Keller Net Worth

In the years that followed, the well-known publication Time Magazine acknowledged Thomas as the best chef in the United States. Both Restaurant Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the Chevalier in the French Legion of Honor were bestowed upon him that same year (2011).

The Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement was given to Thomas in the year 2014.

Thomas Keller’s Net Worth

Thomas Keller is among the most successful chefs in terms of money. The astounding sum of $130 million that constitutes his fortune is within his control. The restaurant business he founded and the books he has written have brought Thomas Keller a fortune.

1968 marked the year of Thomas Keller’s birth in Napa, California. When Thomas was younger, his mother employed him on occasion in one of her restaurants in the capacity of a server. As a direct consequence of this, he naturally acquired a passion for the culinary arts.

Later in his career, Thomas Keller worked as a chef in Rhode Island. During his time in this location, he worked along with Chef Roland Henin. Because of this, he is now considered an authority on French cuisine.

In the year 1984, he made his way back to the United States after an extended absence. He got his start in the culinary world in the United States working as a chef at La Reserve in New York.

Thomas Keller Net Worth

As a direct result of the fact that Chef Thomas desired to be independent of others, he decided to open his restaurant. Rakel was the name of his first establishment, which he opened in 1987. The New York Times recognized Rakel restaurant as deserving of two stars for its exceptional level of service.

In 1994, Thomas Keller purchased French Laundry for $1.2 million. The eatery’s notoriety has skyrocketed in recent years. The French Laundry is now positioned at position number 10 on the list of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

In addition to that, the French Laundry has been honored with several other awards. The James Beard Foundation, Gourmet magazines, The Mobile Guide, and the Michelin Guide are the ones responsible for bestowing these prizes.

Thomas Keller Age, Height, & Weight

“Thomas Keller’s” age is 66 years old as of today date, and his height is 6 feet 1 inch tall, (1.88 m), and his weight is 85 kilograms and (187 lbs) in pounds as of 2022. He was born in 1955, on the 14th, of October. “Thomas Keller’s” age is 66 years old as of today date.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How Many Michelin Stars Does Thomas Keller Have?

A three-star rating for The French Laundry has been given by Michelin since 2007, making Thomas Keller the only American chef to have two three-star restaurants.

How Much Does Thomas Keller Make?

He is the founder of several renowned restaurants located all across the country; among them, the landmark establishment in Napa Valley has garnered a great deal of recognition.

What Is Thomas Keller Most Famous for?

He is famous for his culinary expertise and high standards, as demonstrated by his work with Thomas Keller. Among the restaurants, he has founded are The French Laundry in Napa Valley and Per Se in New York, both of which set new standards for the hospitality industry.


Thomas Keller’s total worth is $130 million. He has made a fortune as a chef because of his skill. He has eight restaurants and two bakeries in the United States.

Thomas began working at his mother’s Palm Beach restaurant as a dishwasher and then as a cook. After that, he moved to Rhode Island and got a job as a cook at a hotel.

The French Master Chef Roland Henin hosted the American chef during his stay in France, and he learned several cooking skills from him. Working in New York City’s La River neighborhood, he put his skills to good use.

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