Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Much Money He Earns In 2022?

Mike Lindell, a successful businessman, is the individual known as “My Pillow Guy.” Lindell is credited with having established the corporation. He is an advocate of the current president’s former opponent, Donald Trump. After Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential election of 2020, he continued his campaign of spreading bogus conspiracy theories about election fraud over the next year. Because of this, he has been very vocal in promoting the utilization of the poisonous plant extract known as oleandrin.

Early Life

On June 28, 1961, in Mankato, Minnesota, Mike Lindell was born Michael James Lindell. He was born and raised in Carver and Chaska, Minnesota, and began gambling as a teenager. The University of Minnesota was Mike’s first choice after high school, but he quit after a few months.

In his twenties, Lindell developed a cocaine addiction, and by the 1990s, he had progressed to crack. As a result of his drug usage and gambling debts, he lost his first marriage and his house was foreclosed upon. In 2008, Mike’s crack dealers staged an intervention because of his drug abuse. Lindell claims the following: “They were three of the city’s most prominent drug dealers at the time.

For 19 straight days, they said I had been awake. They refused to do business with me again. Then one of them tried to take care of me like a baby till I finally dozed off.” In 2009, Mike claimed that he was able to stay clean and sober because of the power of prayer.


Mike opened bars, restaurants, and a carpet cleaning business in Minnesota in the 1980s. Since 2004, he’s sold the My Pillow pillow at trade events, mall kiosks, and state fairs. The company has taken off after its first infomercial in 2011. The $500,000 30-minute show is broadcast 200 times per day. Lindell says of infomercials, “It was the top infomercial. Five to 500 in 40 days.”

At its peak, the company made $280 million per year. As of this writing, it has sold over 50 million cushions and employed over 1,600 people.

In 2017, the Better Business Bureau removed My Pillow, Inc.’s accreditation and downgraded its rating to an F.


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Mike named his son Darren CEO in 2020, and by 2021, several merchants no longer carried My Pillow. Lindell says shops stopped selling his products because of his suspicions of voter fraud in 2020, but a Bed Bath & Beyond spokeswoman claimed My Pillow was among many “underperforming items and brands” Mike launched Vocal, a Twitter-and-YouTube hybrid, in March 2021. He changed his name to Frank after a dispute with a website named Vocal. Frank was created in April 2021 with several technical problems after four years of development by Lindell.

Personal Life

Mike married Karen Dickey on May 9, 1987, and they have four children: Lizzy, Heather, Darren, and Charlie. On June 8, 2013, Mike married Dallas Yocum, ending his two-decade marriage to Lindell Dickey. Within a month of Yocum’s separation, Lindell filed for divorce.

The “Daily Mail” alleged in early 2021 that Mike started a nine-month romance with actress Jane Krakowski in late 2019. The spokeswoman for Krakowski rejected the claim, claiming, “It’s not true.”

Mike Lindell Net Worth

“Jane has never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lindell. The two have never had a romantic connection, nor have they ever had a sexual one.” Lindell vehemently refuted the allegations and even went so far as to sue the publisher.

For safety reasons, Mike confessed during an interview on “The Domenick Nati Show” in March of 2021 that he had been residing in an unidentified locale. He made the following statement: “I haven’t been back to Minnesota in two months, so if someone is looking for me, I’m not there. Cannot go back there.”

Participation in Government

When Lindell met then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in August of 2016, she became a supporter of Trump. Donald Trump’s meeting with Mike was “like a heavenly appointment, and I decided that I was going to go all in,” he later stated. Lindell attended Trump’s inauguration and Trump rallies, and he spoke at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference.

To address the problem of opioid addiction, he met with President Trump in 2019, and he was present when President Trump signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act. The Trump administration requested that Mike temporarily switch the focus of the My Pillows factory from bedding products to face masks during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak.

When Lindell attended at a White House COVID-19 press conference, he became the chair of Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign in Minnesota. As a board member of Phoenix Biotechnology, a firm that manufactures products containing oleandrin, Mike has advocated for oleandrin’s use in the fight against COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Lindell was involved in sponsoring a bus for a two-week trip to contest the results of the election after Joe Biden upset Trump in the 2020 election, and he spoke at a few sites on the tour. He was also at the gathering leading up to the attack on the Capital on January 6th, but he has claimed that he was not present during the rebellion. Antifa may have been behind the attack, he claimed, but he also propagated conspiracy theories that they were “dressed as Trump people.”

Mike Lindell Net Worth

Conspiracy theories about foreign governments conspiring with voting system manufacturers Smartmatic and Dominion have been advocated by Mike, leading Dominion to file a $1.3 billion lawsuit against him. Lindell was banned from Twitter indefinitely in January 2021 as a result of his bogus statements. This “Cyber Symposium” was scheduled for August 2021, but Mike never delivered “irrefutable evidence” of voter fraud.

Recounts of 2020 ballots began in Bonner County in September 2021 after Lindell claimed that more than 40 Idaho counties had already been compromised. Idaho’s Chief Deputy Sec of State, Chad Houck, indicated that the state would bill Mike for the cost of the recount after the recount finished with an accuracy of less than 0.1 percent and no evidence of hacking.

Mike Lindell’s Net Worth

Mike Lindell is a $50 millionaire entrepreneur, executive, and author. Lindell created My Pillow. He is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and has provided financial assistance and promoted conspiracy theories for Trump’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election.

Mike started the Lindell Foundation in 2012 to help drug users get treatment. In 2019, he developed the Lindell Recovery Network to “help poor addicts find hope, rehabilitation, and the love of Jesus.”

Mike Lindell Net Worth

Mike’s book published “Probabilities? He directed, produced, and featured in “Absolute Proof” in 2021 “to show Trump won 2020. The documentary was pulled from YouTube & Vimeo a few hours after it was live-streamed on One America News Network.

Lost Revenue

Many retail stores removed Mike’s pillows off their shelves following his public rants over the election. MyPillow’s sales fell by $80 million as a result of this change.

Mike Lindell told CNBC in December 2021 that he spent $25 million of his own money between November 2020 and December 2021 trying to prove that Donald Trump’s election had been rigged.

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To the New York Post’s knowledge, Costco will no longer stock My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s products due to Lindell’s allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election. As Lindell put it, “Costco conducted a delayed cancellation, slower than the other retailers.”.

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MyPillow has a lot of hype, but our MyPillow Premium review fell flat. The head compressed the foam overnight, and after a few nights, it was too flat for the comfortable backrest.

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