Timmy Trumpet Net Worth: Do You Know How Much He Earned With His Career?

Timmy Trumpet is a musician, DJ, composer, and record producer who is originally from Australia.

Because of his live performances on the trumpet and his incorporation of jazz elements with worldwide dance music, he has garnered an international reputation.

As part of a project that was a collaboration between the European Space Agency and BigCityBeats, Trumpet became the first trumpet player to ever perform in zero gravity in the year 2019.

Timmy Trumpet Early Years

On June 9, 1982, Timothy Jude Smith was brought into the world in Sydney, Australia. When Timothy was a little boy, his father instructed him in how to play the trumpet.

After being recognised as the “Young Musician of the Year” when he was just 13 years old, Timothy was awarded a full scholarship to study music at the Conservatorium of Music. He was instructed on how to play by Anthony Heinrich, who is also a member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Timmy Trumpet Career

Work for Timmy Trumpet creates energising and innovative house music, and he frequently employs trumpet playing to highlight particular aspects of his compositions. When he was just four years old, he began playing the trumpet and soon after enrolled in the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to study classical music.

After getting expelled for making a joke, he enrolled in a public high school, where he began to develop a greater interest in jazz music. In spite of the fact that he was skilled at playing the trumpet, over time he developed a preference for music that was more associated with dancing.

In 2001, he began using the alias “Timmy Trumpet” for the musical project in which he combines his talents as a DJ and trumpet musician. This sound captured the attention of electronic dance music aficionados in various locations such as Ibiza and London.

Timmy Trumpet Net Worth

PACHA, Ministry of Sound, and One Love are among the record labels that have released music produced by The Trumpet. Additionally, he has collaborated musically with electronic performers like as the Stafford Brothers, Swedish House Mafia, Armin Van Buuren, and other artists.

On the Aria Club Chart, he has had multiple tracks that peaked in the top ten on multiple occasions. In 2011, he collaborated with DJ Tenzin to create the song “Horny,” which eventually reached number five on the charts.

It was the year 2014 when his single “Freaks,” which also included the rapping talents of Savage, topped the charts in New Zealand. The next year, it was awarded the status of quadruple platinum certification.

Timmy Trumpet Net Worth 

One of the wealthiest DJs is named Timmy Trumpet. Additionally, Timmy Trumpet is featured on the lists of famous persons born on June 9 and the wealthiest celebrities native to Australia. According to the findings of our investigation, which was compiled using data from Forbes, IMDb, Wikipedia, and other web resources, Timmy Trumpet has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

Timmy Trumpet Story

Timmy Trumpet is an internationally renowned DJ who was born on June 9, 1982 in Australia. He began his musical career as a jazz musician and later transitioned into the realm of electronic dance music, where he is now active as a producer of music, DJ, and trumpet player (EDM).

In 2014, he achieved triple platinum status, peaked at number one on the Beatport charts and number two on the ITM charts, and embarked on tours with Future Music, Stereosonic, and the United States. Astrologers have determined that the sun sign of Timmy Trumpet is Gemini.

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Born in Australia on June 9, 1982, Timmy Trumpet is a musician, DJ, composer, and record producer. He is known as “Trumpet.” It is more likely that you will know him by his stage name, Timmy Trumpet. He is famous all over the world for performing live on the trumpet and for blending jazz elements with international dance music.


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The Star Casino in Sydney’s 2011 grand opening featured a performance by Timmy Trumpet before Stevie Wonder. The Stafford Brothers, a reality show that aired on FOX8, featured Timmy playing himself on a frequent basis.

Timmy Trumpet Height & Weight

The Stafford Brothers, which premiered on Fox8 at the beginning of 2011, featured him as a cast member.

When a Vine titled ‘When mama isn’t home’ went viral, “Freaks” debuted at number nine on the Billboard Emerging Artists + Twitter list. Russ and Toby Bauer, father and son from Brisbane, appear in the video. Dad is playing the trombone and his son is banging the oven door as if they were siblings.

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The Vine had 26 million loops, 201,800 likes, and 158,200 Re-Vines as of October 2015. When Timmy Trumpet appeared on Australian national television on November 18, 2015, Russ and Toby Bauer reproduced the viral video live on Nine Network’s Today, where he surprised them halfway through the performance.

Religious and Political Beliefs Are Intertwined With Race.

Many people are curious about Timmy Trump’s ethnicity, ancestry, and country. Let’s take a closer look! Timmy Trumpet’s ethnicity is unknown, at least according to Wikipedia and IMDb. Timmy Trumpet’s religion and political opinions will be updated in this article.

Between 2012 and 2015, Timmy has a couple ARIA Club Chart No. 1 hits. “Sassafras,” a collaboration with DJ Chardy from Melbourne, was the first. Sassafras was the second most popular club song of 2012, according to the ARIA end-of-year rankings.

Timmy Trumpet Net Worth

In both the Beatport and the ARIA Club Charts, “The Buzz” by New World Sound climbed to the top. Dirty Grandpa’s official TV trailer also featured The Buzz. Their collaboration with Savage, “Freaks,” topped the ARIA Australian Singles, Dance, and Club Charts in Australia.

In the period since, the song has been awarded six different platinum certifications in Australia. The track by Min that has been the most successful commercially is called “Freaks.”

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Frequently Ask Questions

Is Timmy Trumpet Good at Trumpet?

Currently, Timmy Trumpet is the world’s ninth-ranked DJ, according to DJ Mag’s Top 100. In a partnership between the European Space Agency and BigCityBeats, Timmy Trumpet became the first trumpet musician to perform in zero gravity on March 25, 2019.

What Trumpet Does Timmy Trumpet Use?

I chose the Schagerl Model T-2000 trumpet, and I’ve been playing it every day for more than a decade. There have been some changes. Schagerl added my signature logo, and together we made a new colorway that goes well with the modern stage.

Why Is a Trumpet Tuned to B Flat?

Trumpets are often tuned at B flat due to the optimal length of pipe required to produce the distinct trumpet sound. A louder sound and less pipe are required for trumpets tuned in most other keys. Trumpets played in the key of B flat sound just as a trumpet should.


Timmy Trumpet is popular and wealthy. Timmy Trumpet’s net worth is $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

He gained fame playing trumpet solos over EDM in Ibiza. He’d attended Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Between 2012 and 2015, Timmy has several number-one ARIA Club Chart hits. First, “Sassafras” featuring Melbourne DJ Chardy. According to ARIA end-of-year charts, Sassafras was 2012’s second most popular club song.

“The Buzz” by New World Sound topped Beatport and the ARIA Club Chart. Dirty Grandpa’s TV trailer featured The Buzz. “Freaks” topped the ARIA Australian Singles, Dance, and Club Charts.

The song is six-times platinum in Australia. Freaks is Ministry of Sound Australia’s best-selling single.

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