Funke Akindele Marriage: How Long Had They Been Apart?

Actress Funke Akindele and Nigerian singer-songwriter JJC Skillz announced their divorce on Thursday, June 30, via social media. Bello informed his Instagram followers of the development via the social media platform. This was the only photo he posted, with a lengthy description.

There was a caption that read, “It’s been three months since I left.” Despite his best efforts, “it is beyond repair now,” he said. As a result, the Nigerian artist said that Akindele had not consented to meet down with him and discuss the matter calmly.

Funke Akindele Marriage

How the History Repeated Itself?

The actress’s second marriage to Lagos politician Kehinde Oloyede appears to be a case of deja vu. It was announced on her ex-Facebook husband’s page that they had divorced.

On May 26, 2012, Ms. Akindele married her first spouse, Mr. Oloyede. ‘Irreconcilable differences,’ the couple said as the reason for their divorce in July 2013. When Mr. Oloyede posted on Facebook that he and the actress were divorcing, the world learned of their failing union.

With heavy hearts, he announced his separation from Olufunke Akindele on Facebook: “We’ve both opted to go our own ways due to irreconcilable issues. We wish each other well in this difficult time.” Despite our differences, we are still the best of friends and will be for the rest of our lives.

In May of this year, Ms. Akindele wed Nigerian rapper JJC Skillz in London.

In August of last year, Google’s search engine saw a spike in searches related to her alleged pregnancy. They welcomed their first set of biological children in the form of twin boys in December of last year, and they also have a large number of stepchildren.

Funke Akindele Marriage

How Benito Reacts to Father’s Broken Marriage?

Akindele’s stepson, Benito, who made headlines in May 2022 when he made a shock announcement on Instagram, has responded to the breakdown of his father’s marriage to Funke Akindele.

Benito had claimed that both Funke Akindele and her father, JJC Skillz, had been having extramarital affairs during their six-year marriage.

It’s been revealed that JJC Skillz, Funke Akindele, and both of their fathers cheated on one other, so I don’t think they’re still together.” In reality, they’re not even close.

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Stepdaughter Benito was always eager to sabotage Funke and her husband JJC Skillz’s efforts to mend ties and give the public the idea that the celebrity couples were happily married by spilling more shocking and blatant nasty secrets about the celebrity couples.

Funke Akindele Marriage

How Long Had They Been Apart?

Some people were astonished by the breakup of the union, but many others were not because there had been signals of difficulty in the ‘paradise’ of the once-powerful couple for some years.

JJC’s third child’s mother Mella accused the singer of beating and causing serious injury to their son Benito sometime in the year 2022.

Benito also turned to social media at that time to claim that things were not going well in the actress’s house. They both cheated on each other, according to him. “Funke accuses everyone of dating my dad but your beloved had cheated on my dad. My dad cheated too.

“They do not sleep in the same room. They have not slept in the same room for two years.”

Funke Akindele Marriage

How Their Business Would Be Impacted?

It’s unclear how the two will proceed with their business partnership now that their marriage has ended. It was clear from JJC’s ‘breakup announcement’ that they would have to ‘disentangle’ themselves from their businesses.

As you may recall, Funke Akindele and JJC have collaborated on several projects, including 2020’s ‘Omo Ghetto 2,’ which they produced and co-directed, as well as Funke Akindele-penned and directed ‘My Siblings and I,’ which JJC Skillz premiered in 2017, and ‘Industreet,’ which was written by JJC and produced by Funke in 2017.

Saturday Beats has not been able to confirm rumors that the two are co-owners of Scene One Production Limited.

The organization tasked with the registration of firms in the country, the Corporate Affairs Commission, was visited by one of our correspondents. The website indicates that the firm was registered on September 7, 2018, but that its status is now listed as ‘inactive.’

In the meantime, Funke claims credit for the company’s founding on its website. Sceneone Production Limited was founded by Nollywood actress Funke Akindele, according to the website’s ‘About Us’ section.

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