How did Lil Kim Have An Extremely Abusive Relationship?

Many of Lil’ Kim’s most sad stories may be found in her songs, according to fans of the iconic rapper.

Even though Kimberly Denise Jones, hip-most hop’s legendary performer, has made a concerted effort to keep her personal identity separate from her gutsy stage persona as Queen Bee, it’s possible that her two personas have found a common ground in her brazen, brassy, and frequently confessional verses.

A few years ago, Kim confirmed that “most of the things” she talked about in her lyrics were genuine. Despite the fact that hearing about her experiences can be frightening, she was well aware that many other women could relate to them. As an example, she cited her terrible romantic agonies and risky life events, saying, “I talk about the things that women have gone through that they don’t think I’ve gone through.”

That said, it’s one thing to hear about these events in a song; it’s quite another to grasp the meaning behind them. These are heartbreaking details about Lil’ Kim’s death.

Lil Kim Abusive Relationship

How did Lil Kim Have An Extremely Abusive Relationship?

According to Jermaine Dupri, he observed The Notorious B.I.G pull a gun on his then-girlfriend, Lil Kim, during a recent interview with DJ EFN and N.O.R.E that aired on Drink Champs. Kim told up about her “extremely violent relationship” with the late rap artist on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning earlier this week.

“It’s not wrong with [Jermaine Dupri] tellin’ the story; it’s a part of history,” Kim said. “It happened. The story is not exactly how he said it, but it’s very close to the truth. We did have a very violent relationship.

I hate that, for a while, that was all I attracted: violent [men]. It is what it is. He was everything. You know how it is when you’re in the industry: the guys can do whatever they want, but you can’t do shit. You can’t do nothing.”

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Finally, Kim admitted that Biggie tried to seduce her cousin Latisha “Lala” Crosby during their conversation.

“That is a true story,” she said. “He tried to sleep with … there was a girl that was actually on my Countdown To Lockdown show. She’s like my family. And yeah, that story’s true. He said something to the effect of, ‘She asked me for $400. I told her, what’s she gonna do for that $400?’ I think that he was hiding the fact that he was trying to expose that he didn’t think she was my real friend, even as a family member.”

Even though Kim and Biggie had a rocky relationship, she finished the conversation in a pleasant tone.

Lil Kim Abusive Relationship

What Compelled Her to Get Plastic Surgery?

As Lil’ Kim explained in an interview, it was her boyfriends’ “always cheating” on her with “European-looking” women that led directly to her desire for cosmetic treatments. As a result of the betrayal, she felt as if she couldn’t compete and that “being a normal Black girl wasn’t good enough.”

After a few years, it seemed that the former Junior MAFITA member had altered her reasons for undergoing plastic surgery. Despite Kim’s 2005 admission to being “extreme” with some treatments in an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, Kim disputed that she did it because she had “poor self-esteem.” However, the artist revealed that she had a nose job done when an abusive ex-boyfriend violently hit her and broke it.

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Because of this, Kim believed she was pursuing a certain beauty standard for herself, even though it may have been impossibly difficult to accomplish it.

At the time, she was “a little too vain,” she added. “I suppose that’s why I did it.” “To be honest, I was trying too hard. I’m an obsessive-compulsive.” No matter why Kim keeps having surgery, it’s obvious that nobody but her should be concerned about it. At the end of the day, she told Newsweek, “To achieve the look I want, I used this product. That’s my body you’re looking at.”

Lil Kim Abusive Relationship

Is Lil’ Kim Responsible for Her Sexual Image?

Biggie Smalls clearly aided Lil’ Kim in several elements of her career, but how much of that was under the direct supervision of Queen Bee? Throughout Kim’s raunchy reputation, people have frequently questioned whether she has any control over it.

Asha Bandele, a writer and critic for The Washington Post, said in a profile of Kim that the rapper was “just like every little abused girl” she had known growing up and that she was not in control of her caricature persona. Voletta Wallace, Smalls’ mother, countered that Kim needed to allow audiences “to see a human being” and not a sex symbol. What was keeping her from doing so, and why?

“Un” Rivera, who co-founded Undeas Recordings with Smalls, was cited by Pitchfork as having a consistent “strategy” when developing Kim’s image as the “side woman” and not “the wife.” All of it was propelled by “the dream of manhood,” according to him. “Not a love story. To be mean is the point of it.”

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Her appearance may have been controlled by men, but her voice was undeniable. It was Rivera who stated that her most popular songs were all written by her.

Sadly, there would be another facet of her image that was entirely hers, and it would eventually overwhelm her profession.

Lil Kim Abusive Relationship

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biggie the Father of Lil Kim’s Child?

Lil’ Kim found out she was pregnant with The Notorious B.I.G.’s child while recording Hard Core in 1996. While Biggie was married to Faith Evans, they were having an affair. Kim decided to terminate the pregnancy rather than carry the child to term.

When Did Lil Kim Date Biggie?

Biggie and Lil’ Kim had a three-year romance before he was shot and killed in Los Angeles. Lil Kim was first seen by the rapper in 1993 during a rap battle in Brooklyn, New York. After Biggie approached Kim, she sang a song for him.

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