Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date: Who Is the Show’s Main Character?

Although it is one of the top shows in its genre, Blood Lad, also known as Buraddo Radio in Japan, has been on hiatus for a long time. One of Japan’s most popular manga series has been adapted into a dark comedy anime.

Manga author and artist Yuuki Kodama is behind the work. The first manga volume was released on September 4, 2009, and the final volume was released on September 3, 2016. Overall, there were 17 books published. An anime series based on the manga was picked up and premiered on July 8, 2013, with the first episode of season 1.

On December 4, 2013, an actual video animation (OVA) episode piqued fans’ interest in the show’s second season.

Season 2 of “Blood Lad” is eagerly awaited by the show’s loyal following. What we know regarding the second season of this fantastic series is as follows:

Blood Lad Season 2 Plot

The main character of Blood Lad Season 2 is Staz, a formidable vampire. He is the ruler of the demon world, which is extremely powerful. When Staz bumps into Fuyumi Yanagi, he can’t help but fall in love with her.

She is a typical high school student in Japan. Staz does not feed on humans like other Vampires. Staz’s land is invaded by the demons after Fuyumi accidentally joins the demon world. Fuyumi is slain by a carnivorous plant during the struggle, and she transforms into a ghost.

He vows to bring Fuyumi back to life, and he accepts the duty. He needs the book of resurrection to bring Fuyumi back to life. They come upon a Hydra Bell, a treasure hunter who may be able to help them locate the key to the door. To get the book back, he’ll have to enlist the aid of his older brother Braz.

Blood Lad Season 2

Braz offers to translate the book if Staz can stop Papradon Akim from escaping. As a means of self-improvement, Papradon Akim consumes the flesh of his victims. Fuyumi is saved by Staz after he fights Akim. Her mother Neyn explains that she is the fusion of Bell’s other mother and her mother, Fuyumi’s maternal grandmother. Fuyumi is now in the care of Staz.

Despite being imprisoned for attempting to overthrow the demon world’s monarch, Braz manages to escape. Akim’s heart is transplanted into Richarz’s body and he is revived.

He revives and recovers his heart, murdering Richarz and then absorbing Grimm’s essence to become the new king of the Demon World. Akim Braz is Akim’s servant. Staz and Wold are determined to reclaim the kingdom, so they enlist the help of Wolf Daddy’s old acquaintance White Step for some sword training.

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Blood Lad Season 2 Cast

The cast of Blood Lad Season 2 is expected to be comparable to the cast of the first season. Staz’s strategy to reclaim the throne from Akim becomes clearer as the story progresses. The following is a list of Blood Lad Season 2 characters you can expect to see.

Staz Charlie Blood is the boss of the Demon World East territory. But, unlike other vampires, he doesn’t try to eat people. He is incredibly sweet and polite. He likes to watch and play video games. He can eat garlic, doesn’t get hurt by crosses, and heals quickly. He can’t fly or have bat wings. After Akim killed Fuyumi, he took it upon himself to bring her back to life. He does this with the help of his brother.

Fuyumi Yanagi was a Japanese high school student who went through a portal and got lost in the Demon World. When Akim attacked Staz, a carnivorous demon pant ate her, and she became a ghost after that.

Because of this, she wears a hitaikakushi, which is a white triangle-shaped headband. She helps Staz bring the girl back to life. She needs Staz’s blood to stay alive in the human world, where she might otherwise fade away. Later, when she started to fade away, it was shown that she is a mix of Bell’s mother and Fuyumi’s mother.

Blood Lad Season 2

Hydrabell looks for treasure. She can use a black curtain to move between the world of humans and the world of demons. She turns out to be Fuyumi’s sister.

She wants to find the magic thief who stole her ability to close the Black Curtain, which is what brought Fuyumi into the demon world, and make him her boyfriend. She can move people around. He finds out later that Akim is the one who stole.

Wolf is a mix of a wolf and a werewolf. He is in charge of most of Demon World West. He is both a friend and a rival of Staz. Wold uses his abilities to make himself stronger than his enemies. He was supposed to live in Acropolis, but because he wasn’t a pure-blooded werewolf, he wasn’t allowed to.

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Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 Blood Lad premiere date has not been announced. Season 2 has long been on the minds of the show’s creators. Although no official word on whether or not Season 2 will be renewed, given the positive reception Season 1 received, we may expect it to be released very soon. Blood Lad Season 2 is planned to be out by the end of 2024.

Blood Lad Season 2

Ratings of Bad Blood

The show has a 7.28/10 rating on MyAnimeList from 323,206 people and a 7.2/10 rating on IMDb from 1961 people. The figures suggest that “Blood Lad” performed admirably and earned a high overall rating. This would give producers another reason to consider developing a second part.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Did Netflix Cancel Bad Blood?

Bad Blood, an original series produced by Netflix, will be removed from the streaming service in May of 2022.

Where Is Bad Blood Filmed?

Both Montreal and Sudbury in Ontario are used as filming locations for Bad Blood. The first season of the show takes place in Montreal, while the second season also takes place in Hamilton.

Is Bad Blood a Good Show?

Even if it isn’t an epic with six episodes, Simon Barry and Michael Konyves, the show’s creator and writer, have done an excellent job with this high-quality crime thriller. Entertaining Canadian gangster series has horrible violence


Taking everything into account, the chances of Blood Lad getting a second season are low. Season 2 won’t come out until and unless there are more volumes of the source material. Fans are curious, but the people who made it haven’t said anything yet.

No one knows what will happen in the second season, but fans are making up stories about it.

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