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American Rust Season 2 Release Date: What Happens to Billy Poe in American Rust?

American Rust Season 2

American Rust, based on Philipp Meyer’s novel of the same name, was created by Dan Futterman for the American television drama market in the United States. On September 12, 2021, Showtime aired the premiere of the show. In January of 2022, the show came to an end after just one season.

American Rust Season 2 Cast 

Showtime has canceled “American Rust” as of the end of January 2022, meaning there will be no Season 2. To say goodbye to Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney as well as the rest of the superb cast of the Showtime series would be an understatement; they’ll have to do so for their whole lives.

Season 1 introduces Daniels as Del Harris, a small-town police chief. Debra Tierney played warehouse worker Grace Poe, Del’s love interest and Neustaedter played Billy, Billy’s son, who was left in a vegetative state at the end of Season 1. “Supernatural” actor Mark Pellegrino played Billy’s father Virgil (Billy is the son of Grace’s husband, Virgil).

Camp, who played Alex English’s father Henry, and Julie Mayorga (who played Alex’s sister Lee) again appeared in the second season, as did Alvarez, who played Billy’s best friend Alex. As a last touch, Rob Yang (Succession) appeared as Del’s deputy Steve Park, a character who had been expected to play a greater role if Season 2 was to be revealed shortly.

American Rust Season 2 Plot

Season 1 concluded on so many cliffhangers that it seemed evident where the program could have gone next, as we observed in our post on whether “American Rust” would get a second season.

The huge twist is that Del is now covering up a triple homicide that he committed after spending Season 1 investigating Billy for the death of cop-turned-drug dealer Pete Novick. If you missed it, Del was forced to defend himself by killing two of Novick’s accomplices and their 87-year-old cousin. Del’s subordinate Steve Park was skeptical of his role in the killings after Season 1.

Season 2’s story points included the following, which excited viewers in light of the previous season’s events: As a result of Steve Park portraying Del, and also towards the end of Season 2, Del discovers Billy’s friend Isaac English was the real killer of Novick and killed Novick to protect Billy. Del made the conscious decision to hide Isaac’s involvement.

The final episode of “American Rust” concluded on a dramatic note for the Poe home, which, in a strict sense, no longer exists. Grace set fire to her own home to provide herself with an alibi that would allow her to move closer to Del. Additionally, she was endeavoring, albeit unsuccessfully, to organize a labor union among the employees of the warehouse where she was employed.

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Billy was finally put away for good after receiving a vicious beating in prison that put him into a coma. When it comes down to it, there were a lot of different stories that the second season of “American Rust” might have picked up.

American Rust Season 2 Release Date

Because of this most recent advancement, there is a significant likelihood that the term “American Rust” is no longer relevant. On January 25, it was reported for the first time that Showtime had decided to cancel “American Rust.” The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was the publication. A statement from the cable network explaining their decision was also published in the newspaper. The following is reportedly what Showtime has to say, as reported by the Tribune-Review:

“We are sorry to inform you that there will not be a second season of ‘American Rust.’ This decision has been made. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone involved with the production of Boat Rocker, including our talented showrunner Dan Futterman and the rest of the fantastic writers, as well as our incredible cast, led by Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney.

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After a protracted battle with production hell, Showtime finally gave “American Rust’s” pilot episode the go-light in July of this year (via Variety). After several setbacks brought on by pandemics, production for Season 1 did not get underway until March 2021 (through Trib-Live), and it did not begin airing until September 2021. The season came to a close at the beginning of November, and along with it, the “American Rust” storyline also came to a close.

Official Trailer

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Frequently Ask Questions

Who Is Isaac in American Rust?

Isaac English, Billy’s best buddy and someone who desperately wants to get out of his little village, is portrayed by actor David Alvarez. Alvarez is a dancer as well as an actor, and he was one of the leading characters in the Billy Elliot play that ran on Broadway in 2008.

What Town Is Buell in American Rust?

The series, which takes place in the made-up community of Buell, Fayette County, was shot in Pittsburgh in addition to several other locations all across the region.

What Happens to Billy Poe in American Rust?

Back in prison, Billy Poe is taken out of solitary confinement and put back with the other inmates. As soon as he does, members of the Aryan Nation beat him to within an inch of his life. He is taken to the hospital, where he is put into a coma with medicine.

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