Ruthless Season 3 Release Date: Who Will Play the Lead Roles in This Season?

“Tyler Perry’s Ruthless” is a drama series that was created by Tyler Perry, who also wrote the script and directed the series. The original series premiere of the spin-off of ‘The Oval’ took place on BET+ in March of 2020. A member of the Rakadushi religious sex cult named Ruth discovers that she has entangled herself in a web that she has spun for herself.

For the time being, the only thing she can do is keep going until both she and her child are free of the difficulty they are in. The main characters in the first season are put in a constant position where they must make difficult moral decisions and walk a tightrope between doing what is right and what is wrong. It is only reasonable that fans would be curious about the status of a third season if one were to be produced.

Ruthless Season 3 Plot

Ruth Truesdale, played by Melissa L. Williams, kidnaps her daughter Callie throughout the first three episodes of The Oval so that Callie can participate in a backdoor pilot with her and the other sex-obsessed members of the Rakudushis cult. The Rakadushi faith holds Ruth in the highest regard.

She was given the title of “Elder” inside the cult as a reward for her participation in the ritual in which Tally, her best friend, was punished for being a deviation from the norm. For her to be elevated to the position of Elder, she was required to submit to a gang rape in front of The Highest, which was carried out by seven high-ranking members of the cult, including Andrew and Dukhan.

Ruth and Tally’s best friend ultimately decided to leave the cult after she was subjected to gang rape. “The Highest” directs the activities of the Rakadushis (Matt Cedeno). The Supreme Being is easily identifiable by their long hair and their all-white attire. He projects an air of serenity and candor to those around him.

The objective is to keep the fact that he is a child molester and serial killer under wraps as much as possible. He uses drugs to induce unconsciousness in newcomers and wipe their memory before molesting them so he can rape them. He is another person who is addicted to drugs.

Dukhan, played by Lenny Thomas, is a member of the cult who holds a high-ranking position. He is The Highest’s, right-hand man. He maintains a vigilant watch over the cult’s property and all of the activities that take place there.

Despite his stunning good looks and unwavering devotion to The Highest, Dikhan may have an aggressive and harsh personality. According to the seventh episode of the first season, Dikhan and The Greatest have been together for a total of twelve years.

Dukhan, on the other hand, identifies as bisexual. Even though he has been attached to Ruth for such a long time, he can’t help but be attracted to Lynn (Nirdine Brown). Ruth enlists Dikhan’s assistance in devising a strategy for her to escape the cult; nevertheless, Dikhan is immediately taken with Ruth.

Ruth is reportedly carrying Dikhan’s first kid if Dikhan is to be believed. Because of his connection to the Highest, he is under the need to keep his affections for Ruth a secret. In addition, doing so is against the rules of the sect. After smelling Ruth’s soap on him, The Highest now views Dikhan and Ruth through the lens of suspicion.

Ruthless Season 3

Dukhan is terrified and envious of the Highest’s affections for Andrew and River because he believes they are perfect for one other. Everyone in the cult has a healthy respect and healthy terror for Dukhan. The transgressions committed by members of the cult are brought to the attention of The Highest, and Dikhan frequently advises and punishes those transgressions.

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An undercover FBI agent known as Andrew infiltrated the Rakadushi cult, but he finally fell prey to the sex cult’s ideas and rose through the ranks to become a high-ranking member. The new addition to the Andrew and Sarah family is a child.

After joining the Rakadushi sect and becoming a dedicated follower of the religion, he started having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a member of the group named Tally ally becomes pregnant as a direct result of Andrew’s undying love for her. Tally is unaware that Andrew is a married FBI agent who is also a covert spy; this information is kept from her. Andrew is a devoted member of the Rakadushi cult and participates actively in its rituals and ceremonies.

On the other side, Tally is perpetually torn between her ideals and the feelings that she has for him, and he, in turn, is frequently conflicted between the two aspects of his life. After learning that Andrew was one of the 7 men responsible for Ruth’s gang rape, Tally starts to have doubts about the loyalty that Andrew has shown to her.

Andrew and Dikhan’s relationship was strained due to Dikhan’s romantic feelings for The Highest, as well as the fact that he had already proven his loyalty to the cult by engaging in homosexual activity with The Highest at least once.

Season 3’s Ruthless Cast to Be Announced

This film stars Melissa Williams, who was on The Oval. In 2020, new series regulars were announced. Kelvin Hair joined the cast in 2021.

  • Ruth Truesdale is played by Melissa L. Williams.
  • Matt Cedeo is The Highest/of Tyrone Luckett.
  • Dukhan is played by Lenny Thomas.
  • Tally is played by Yvonne Senat Jones.
  • The actor David Alan Madrick plays Jay in the film.

Ruthless Season 3

  • Marva is played by Baadja-Lyne Odums.
  • Rollins’ character is played by Jaime M. Callica
  • Lynn is played by Nirine S. Brown.
    Blue Kimble plays Andrew in the film.
  • Sarah is played by Stephanie Charles.

Ruthless Season 3 Release Date

The first season of ‘Ruthless’ will make its debut on BET on March 19, 2020. The 12th episode of the show was broadcast on June 4, 2020. The debut of the thirteenth episode of “Ruthless” is scheduled for November 26, 2020. The final episode of the series was broadcast on January 28, 2021, marking the end of the series.

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On January 6, 2022, the concluding episode of Season 2 was broadcast. The premiere date for Ruthless season 3 has not yet been disclosed. The contract has not been terminated or renewed as of yet. When we have further information, we will add it to this page here.


Frequently Ask Questions

How Can I Watch Ruthless Season 3?

The third season of Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” is currently available to view on the Bet+ Amazon Channel.

What Happened to Mother Agnes on Ruthless?

Rhonda Stubbins White, who played cult elder Agnes on Tyler Perry’s BET miniseries Ruthless, died of cancer at her Los Angeles home. 60 yrs.

How Is Ruthless and the Oval Connected?

Ruthless is a spin-off of The Oval about a lady who kidnaps her daughter to join a religious cult. Melissa L. stars.

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Final Words

Tally is caught between her morals and her love for him, and so is he. Tally begins to doubt Andrew’s devotion after realizing he was among seven men who raped Ruth. Because Dikhan loved The Highest and had once engaged in gay intercourse with him, Andrew and Dikhan fought.

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