When Can We Expect To See A House Divided Season 5?

A House Divided is a Dan Garcia web series starring Demetria McKinney, Paula Jai Parker, Brad James, and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs. After the death of the family matriarch, the series follows the members of the rich Sanders family in Los Angeles as they unearth and confront a variety of secrets and controversies.

On July 18, 2019, Urban Movie Channel debuted the first season of the show. LisaRaye McCoy and Parker McKenna Posey joined the cast after the show was extended for a second season on October 25, 2019.

Season 1 was nominated for three Independent Series Awards. On May 10, 2021, the show’s fourth season was announced.

A House Divided Season 5

Which Cast Members Will Return in Season 5?

It is expected that the cast of season 4 will return for season 5. It includes:

A House Divided Season 5

What Will Be the Storyline of A House Divided Season 5?

After arriving in Los Angeles in 1821, an enslaved woman named Letty Sanders became the wealthiest Black woman in the newly formed city. In A House Divided, we follow her direct descendant.

Stephanie, Cameron, and Torrance are all members of the Sanders family, which is based on the present-day members of the highly renowned Sanders family, led by Cameron Sanders.

Carissa Walker emerges from the shadows after the tragic death of his wife in the midst of a brewing federal probe into the business operations of the family-owned bank. As the Sanders family’s long-standing history is threatened by the emergence of new scandals and secrets, they will be compelled to join together for their own survival.

A House Divided Season 5

A House Divided Season 5: Release Date?

The burning question on everyone’s mind right now is: When will A House Divided Season 5 be available?

People are eagerly anticipating the release date of A house divided season 5, which will pick up where season 4 left off and carry on the story. Season 5 is expected to release in December 2022.

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To be clear, this is an estimated launch date for ALLBLK’s fifth and final season of A House Divided. The release date was also based on a thorough review of all social media updates and cast statements.

To sum it up, A House Divided Season 5 is set to premiere on this date. However, due to the impact of covid, this may be delayed. We will keep you updated.

A House Divided Season 5: Trailer

Fans of A House Divided Season 4 are dying to see the new trailer for season 5. The official teaser or trailer of season 5 will be released in the following few months. Here is the trailer of season 4 below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Season 4 Released?

A House Divided Season 4 was released on February 3, 2022.

Where to Stream It?

All the four seasons of A house divided are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

What Ends Up Happening to Carissa?

Carissa found herself behind bars as a result of the treachery of a person who was close to her after being involved in a web of lies and drama that was orchestrated by Cameron, the man who is now her husband.

Now that she has been released from jail, she is attempting to have her charges dropped while simultaneously continuing to fight her most formidable opponent, Alexis.

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