When Does the Challenge Season 38 Start? Where Is Filming Taking Place?

For the past 37 seasons, “The Challenge” has enthralled viewers with its dramatic physical competition and interpersonal intrigue.  According to E! Online, each season of the show has a distinct theme, such as “Rivals” or “Battle of the Exes,” that helps viewers differentiate one season from the next.

Filming locations for each series vary, including Iceland and Argentina. As GQ points out, these fascinating locations, coupled with the intense physical challenges—in one season, the contestants had to dive deep into the icy waters of Iceland to retrieve puzzle pieces with only a limited supply of oxygen—and captivating cast members, create one of the most beloved reality television shows of all time.

TJ Lavin, the host of “The Challenge,” told GQ earlier this year that “you push yourself over the limit, and you just do it because you have to.” “That’s where we were going. It’s fine and dandy to have a show that’s full of drama. There is a place for that, but competition shows are where it’s at right now.”

Learn more about the 38th season of “The Challenge” by reading on!

When Does the Challenge Season 38 Start

Rookies: The Challenge Season 38 

This season will feature several international rookies from reality TV shows from around the world, but there will also be a few from well-known American shows.

There are a number of newcomers to the Challenge this season, including Analyse Talavera from Big Brother 21, Tommy Bracco from Big Brother 21, Olivia Kaiser from Love Island 2, Nurys Matteo from EOTB 2, AYTO 6, Johnny Middlebrooks from Love Island 2, Horacio Gutierrez from Exalton Telemundo, Ravyn Rochelle from Instagram, Moriah Jadea from Instagram, and Kim Tranka from The Mole.

When Does the Challenge Season 38 Start

Veterans: The Challenge Season 38

Season 38, like Spies, Lies & Allies, will feature a mix of veterans and rookies. However, a few competitors who were quarantined as alternates and may never appear on the show appear to constitute the whole cast of Season 38. Many former Challenge champions, though, return to the fray.

There will be Johnny Bananas, Laurel Stucky, Turbai “Turbo” Camkiran, Kailah Casillas, Devin Walker, Tori Deal, and Nelson Thomas among the returning cast members for the season 38. Nany Gonzalez, Fessy Shafaat Emmanuel Neagu Jay Starret Michele Fitzgerald, and Corey Lay will also be returning cast members for season 38.

There were apparently plans for current All-Stars contestant Wes Bergmann to join the season 38 cast, however, he has reportedly left the show for reasons that are still unknown.

When Does the Challenge Season 38 Start

The Theme of Season 38 of the Challenge

Season 38 of The Challenge has a different theme than previous seasons, and the show’s producers are making some changes to the gameplay. Ride or Die, like Battle of the Bloodlines, will feature friends, family, and significant others of Challenge veterans returning for season 38.

It’s expected that the new players will include Chauncey Palmer, Jakk Maddox, Sam Bird, James Simon, Kenny Clark, and Tamara Alfaro, all of whom are connected to the veteran players. Among the newcomers are Sam Bird, who is married to Kailah, and Sam Bird’s husband, Sam Bird, who is married to Kailah’s best friend, Aneesa.

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Where Is Filming Taking Place?

With TJ Lavin returning for season 38, which is now filming in Argentina, fans can expect a warm welcome. COVID-19 is still causing issues on set, despite the fact that the production isn’t having as many issues as it did when filming during the height of the pandemic.

A COVID-19 outbreak forced the whole cast of The Challenge to return to quarantine on May 26, a day before the originally scheduled “leaving day” for season 38. Blogger GamerVev, on the other hand, notified followers through Twitter that filming will resume on May 31st as planned.

When Does the Challenge Season 38 Start?

According to rumors, the season will likely end up filming by July 2022 if filming is said to have begun in May 2022. Fans may look forward to the show’s debut in the fall of 2022, most likely in October or November.

On July 6, 2022, CBS will premiere The Challenge: USA. After winning that competition, the winner moves on to compete in The Challenge: World Championships.

The Challenge Season 38: Trailer

The trailer for season 38 is not out yet. Here is the trailer for season 37 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was Jenn’s Reason for Quitting?

Fresh Meat II boy-toy Pete and a renewed drive to win the game were the two surprises that Jenn took away from her final Challenge with her.

Are Tori and Jordan Still Together?

A heartbreaking Instagram post in November 2020 confirmed their breakup. “I thought I knew love when Jordan and I were together, but there is a different kind of love that two people feel when they decide it’s time to experience life apart,” Tori stated on Instagram.

What Is the Salary of Mtv’s TJ Lavin?

TJ Lavin’s actual compensation for hosting The Challenge is unknown. Some have claimed that he earns up to $300,000 a year, however, neither he nor MTV have ever acknowledged this figure.

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