(2022) Doug DeMuro Net Worth: How Much Did He Pay for His Ford GT?

My opinion is that Doug Demuro is now one of the most handsome automotive YouTubers that can be found on the internet. Not only because he creates such amazing stuff, but also because he has gotten famous for doing simple things like reviewing vehicles.

Even though he doesn’t utilize fancy editing, catchy music, or even attire that a man his age would wear, he has soared to the top of the YouTube car reviewer rankings, and he is undoubtedly the best automotive reviewer on YouTube. He must be receiving compensation for his services.

Early Life and Education

On the 22nd of May, 1988 finds Doug DeMuro was brought into the world in Denver, Colorado. He received his secondary education at George Washington High School while he was a teenager.

Doug DeMuro Net Worth

Emory University was where DeMuro received his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics after completing his studies there for his higher education.

Career Beginnings

In 2012, DeMuro became a vehicle allocation manager at Porsche’s North American headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. He wrote for DeMuro quit Porsche after a year to write about cars. He wrote for The Truth About Cars, Jalopnik, and PlaysWithCars. DeMuro moved to Philadelphia in 2014. He continued to write online pieces for the Philadelphia Media Network and Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


2013 saw the introduction of DeMuro’s YouTube channel. On the channel, he reviews cars from the 1970s to the present and rates them between 10 and 100. He’s reviewed the Ford GT, Ferrari F40, and Bugatti Chiron. He has reviewed the Maserati Ghibli and Tesla Model 3 recently. The cars DeMuro reviews are usually owned by others or dealerships. Since its launch, DeMuro’s channel has had over 4 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views.

Doug DeMuro Net Worth

In 2018, DeMuro started More Doug DeMuro, a second Channel on youtube with vlog-style content and Q&A videos. Not all stuff on this channel is about vehicles.

Most of Doug’s YouTube videos have over 1 million views and many have over 5 million.

Bids on Cars and Vehicles

In the year 2020, DeMuro launched Cars & Bids, an online auction for automobiles. The site only handles cars made in 1980 or after; its initial entry was DeMuro’s own Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG Wagon from 2012. Selling his Stinger GT2 AWD Kia through the site was easy for him. In 2021, Cars & Bids had 4,000 listed autos, with $75 million spent by customers.

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Cars from Doug DeMuro’s Collection

Over the years, DeMuro has owned more than 25 cars, several of which he’s featured on YouTube. When he was 16, his parents gave him a 1996 Volvo 850. In 2012, DeMuro bought a used 2006 Land Rover Range Rover from CarMax with a 6-year, 66,000-mile guarantee. DeMuro repaired the automobile and posted updates on YouTube

Doug DeMuro Net Worth

. Eventually, he gave the automobile to a buddy in Nantucket, Massachusetts, near the conclusion of the warranty. While working on the Range Rover, DeMuro financed a 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena.

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DeMuro bought a 2005 Ford GT from ex-boss Karl Brauer. Among his cars are a 1999 Mercedes-Benz G 500 Cabriolet, a 1994 Audi RS2 Avant, a 2020 Land Rover Defender 110, and a 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser.


In 2013, in addition to penning pieces for online publications, DeMuro also authored two books, one of which was an electronic book titled “From My Perspective.” The first comprises anecdotes on the author’s personal experiences with automobiles, while the second features writing that is unrelated to automobiles. In 2016, DeMuro released his third novel, which was titled “Bumper to Bumper.”

Jay Leno

In addition to making appearances on his own YouTube channels, DeMuro had a guest appearance in 2017 on the television show “Jay Leno’s Garage,” which is broadcast on CNBC. During one of the episodes of the show, he participated in a game with Leno in which he wore a blindfold and tried to name several types of automobiles. In 2019, DeMuro collaborated with Leno once more to assess a McLaren F1 that was owned by Leno. In an article that he penned for the website Autotrader.com, DeMuro referred to the automobile as the “best car ever produced.”

Doug DeMuro Net Worth

A YouTube personality, author, and successful businessman in the United States, Doug DeMuro has accumulated a net worth of $10 million. Doug DeMuro is probably most known for his auto-review channel on YouTube, which bears his name.

Doug DeMuro Net Worth

Before this, he was a contributor to the websites The Truth About Cars and Jalopnik, as well as an editor and writer for the blog Oversteer, which is hosted on the website Autotrader.com. In addition to his previous activities, DeMuro launched the online automotive auction website Cars & Bids in the year 2020. He currently operates this website.

Personal Life

DeMuro and his wife Joanna have made their primary home in San Diego, California, where they just purchased a historic property for a total of $1.7 million. The building in question dates back to 1913. On the opposite side of the country, in Nantucket, Massachusetts, Doug and Joanna bought a vacation property with 3,000 square feet and a price tag of $3.5 million in June 2022. The year 1870 was significant in the history of this home.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Is Doug Demuro Rich?

Currently, Doug DeMuro’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million. It’s based on the number of views on his YouTube channel and the number of cars he owns. Throughout his career, DeMuro has had over 30 different automobiles, and he presently has at least five, including a Ford GT supercar valued at over $250,000.

What Happened to Doug Demuro?

DeMuro departed Autotrader.com to work on a new endeavor, which eventually blossomed into the vehicle auction website Cars & Bids, which he had first conceived of in 2019. DeMuro left to focus on the new venture. This website is a rival to the one known as “Bring a Trailer.” It caters to automotive lovers and only accepts vehicles that were manufactured in 1980 or after.

How Much Did He Pay for His Ford GT?

It is coupled with a tranny that has a manual gearbox with six different speeds. It is obvious that the large production gap is an advantage for it, but it is also crucial to note that DeMuro is extremely anxious about competing against a vintage car that costs almost $2.5 million.

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