Dana White Net Worth: Is It True That He Is Worth a Billion Dollars?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is now led by Dana White, who serves as the organization’s President (UFC). He was successful in growing the company from a modest operation to one that is now worth several billions of dollars. The UFC has flourished and become the undisputed leader in the mixed martial arts world thanks to his presidency.

Early Life

On the 28th of July, 1969 found Dana Frederick White Jr. made his entrance into the world in Manchester, Connecticut. June and Dana White are his parents, and he was born in a White household. The majority of Dana and Kelly’s upbringing came from their mother, as well as their paternal and paternal grandparents.

Dana White Net Worth

His formative years were spent traveling between Las Vegas and Maine on a near-constant basis. White devoted a significant portion of his childhood to participating in sports, most notably boxing. He has been a devoted supporter of the baseball team the Boston Red Sox for the entirety of his life. In 1987, he received his diploma from Hermon High School in Hermon, which was located in Maine.


White continued his education at the University of Massachusets but did not complete his degree there. He started a boxing program for inner-city kids when he was there. During this time, he also worked as an aerobics instructor to supplement his income. Later, he moved to Las Vegas and founded Dana White Enterprises in 1992.

He began managing Chuck Lidell and Tito Ortiz about this time. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Muay Thai (Muay Thai) are two of the most popular fighting disciplines in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Lorenzo Fertitta, a former high school classmate of White’s, is now an executive at Station Casinos, a hotel, and casino firm. Boxing-loving friends who had rejoined in the mid-’90s at weddings said that they planned to work together again in the future.

White became entangled in a disagreement with the UFC while he was managing athletes. Semaphore Entertainment Group, the UFC’s parent business, was insolvent, according to his investigation. White approached Lorenzo Fertitta, a childhood acquaintance, about making an offer after hearing the news.

Dana White Net Worth

Lorenzo made a deal to buy the UFC as soon as he realized the potential benefit. He also invited his older brother Frank to join the fun. UFC’s owners spent $2 million for an 81 percent stake in the company in 2001. White has sworn in as president not long after. The UFC, which was formerly considered savage and illegal, has become an international phenomenon since White and his colleagues purchased it some years ago.

Even after the sale of the corporation, White has maintained his role as president. The sport has become a multi-billion dollar corporation under his guidance. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced in May 2017 that Dana White would host a show named Dana White’s Contender Series.

To see the broadcast, you must subscribe to UFC Fight Pass, UFC’s online streaming service. In the hopes of one day making it to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the show spotlights rising stars and allows them the opportunity to show off their skills. On March 18, 2019, UFC President Dana White announced that he had signed a new seven-year contract with ESPN.


In 2009, when reporter Loretta Hunt printed a story about him that he was furious about, White used rude and graphic language. Slurs against homosexuality were used to allude to her sources of information. As a result of GLAAD’s request, White and the UFC issued an apology for their use of an anti-gay slur, which he did.

Personal Life

For more than a decade, White has shared his life with his wife, Anne. When they were in eighth grade, the two became friends. Aidan, Dana III, and Savannah are the couple’s children. In White’s case, he chooses to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

A neurological illness known as Ménière’s disease, which White alleges was brought on in large part due to a fight he was involved with as a child, was diagnosed in May 2012.

For his first presidential campaign, White was an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump and spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. UFC CEO Dana White offered his voice to President Trump’s reelection campaign in 2020, speaking at rallies and interviews to explain how Trump was a longtime UFC fan and allowed a key event at one of his properties.

Dana White Net Worth

Tuptim Jadnooleum, the daughter of one of Tiger Muay Thai’s teachers, received a liver transplant in 2010 after White donated $50,000 to her cause. For upgrades at his old high school, White gave $100,00 in 2011.

Dana White’s Net Worth

Dana White is a multimillionaire American businessman and sports promoter. For his role as President of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana White is most widely recognized.

Dana had a 9 percent stake in the UFC when it was sold to William Morris Endeavor for $4 billion in 2016. The Fertitta brothers had purchased the majority of his stock in the past. About $360 million was Dana’s 9% share of the sale after taxes.

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In 2009, White was named Nevada Sportsman of the Year. He has been named Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Promoter of the Year nine times in a row. Every year from 2008 through 2019, White received the World MMA Awards‘ Leading Man of the Year honor. White received the Patriot Award from the Armed Forces Foundation in 2019.

Dana White Net Worth

Frequently Ask Question 

It was discovered that Dana White-owned 9 percent of the corporation when WME-IMG purchased the UFC in 2016. This occurred throughout the transaction.

How Did Dana White Get Rich?

White was born in Connecticut, and at the age of 17, he made his professional boxing debut. He gave college a shot, but it turned out to not be the path for him. Instead, White began his professional life as a boxing trainer, a choice that ultimately resulted in Dana White’s present net worth of more than $500 million.

Does Dana White Have a Liquor?

Howler Head Whisky was named the official ‘flavored whiskey partner’ of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) by Dana White in April of this year. establishing a multi-year global partnership between the North American whisky brand and the UFC.

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