How Does Khloe Kardashian Respond to Her Dating Rumors?

Amidst reports that Khloe Kardashian is seeing another NBA player following her split from Tristan Thompson, the reality star is putting an end to the rumours.

Khloe learnt about Tristan’s paternity allegation in the season’s last episode. Having Tristan have a baby with someone else while reunited with Khloe gave her no choice but to break their years-long on-and-off romance with Tristan for good.

Speculation has abounded since Khloe and Tristan called it quits, wondering if she’ll ever give in and take him back. For now, it appears that Khloe is no longer entertaining professional basketball players, at least not publicly.

Khloe Respond to Her Dating Rumors

Why Khloe Broke Up With Tristan?

Tristan broke Khloe’s trust too many times for her to forgive and accept him back. Basketball player Paul George admitted to fathering a third child to begin the new year in Indiana.

News of Tristan’s paternity claim broke one month earlier. Maralee Nichols went after the NBA winner to prove he was the father of the child she gave birth to in December. Tristan admitted his guilt after a DNA test confirmed the unavoidable outcome.

He has reportedly not even made an effort to get to know his newborn baby Theo since he made the revelation. Despite Khloe’s continued single status, Tristan continues to co-parent with Khloe.

How Does Khloe Respond to Her Dating Rumors?

Khloe Respond to Her Dating Rumors

Good American’s co-founder Khloe says speculations linking her to another NBA player are false.

“Definitely NOT True !!! I love you! Thank you for the nice wishes but I am not seeing a soul,” she commented under the post. “I am happy focusing on my daughter and myself for a while.”

Focusing on myself and my baby for a bit is fine with me. After Khloe and Tristan’s latest breakup was documented in the season finale, rumours began to fly. When the paternity scandal first made headlines, the pair had already broken up, according to rumours.

Despite reports that Khloe and Tristan had broken up in June of last year, the new Hulu show revealed that Khloe had given him one more opportunity.

How Did the Attempts of Tristan Fail?

As for Lamar Odom, he tried some attempts to get Khloe back but failed. It was around this time that Tristan and Khloe were back together and she posted a poignant birthday message on Instagram announcing the pair’s reconciliation.

Khloe Respond to Her Dating Rumors

It was the same day that Khloe serenaded Tristan on Instagram, and he went out with Maralee twice in one night after attending a 30th birthday party for Tristan. In an attempt to hide the relationship, he tried to cover it up, but the paternity suit made the specifics of their fling public knowledge.

Tristan tried to pretend that he only had sex with Maralee on the night of his birthday, but she stated that they had sex several times over the period of a few months. Because of the timing, the seed was sown around Tristan’s birthday in March, when he was due to be born in December.

At the same time, Tristan was cheating on Khloe with another woman and conceiving a kid, Khloe felt betrayed and crushed. One would expect Khloe to be done with Tristan after so many ugly cheating allegations, but she isn’t. Forgiveness is something she’s done a lot of in the past.

The Kardashians documented the emotional support she received from her family following another heartbreaking loss. She may not be seeing anyone right now, but Khloe is still hopeful about finding a soul mate someday. One may only dream of finding real love in a man who truly appreciates and cherishes her.

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