Is God’s Favorite Idiot Season 2 Scheduled for Release This Year?

Netflix premiered God’s Favorite Idiot on June 15, and it’s one of the year’s greatest comedies. With Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone at the helm and behind the scenes, how could it not be successful? The real-life couple will always be a source of laughter on the show.

Clark, a tech professional who is struck by lightning and begins to glow, is played by Falcone in the new comedy series. When he learns he’s a divine messenger, he rallies his coworkers, friends, and even his girlfriend to help him avert the catastrophe.

Previously, they’ve collaborated on projects including Tammy, Nobodies, Life of the Party, and Thunder Force, a Netflix original superhero comedy series.

After the original premiere of the series, what’s next? Here’s all we know so far about God’s Favorite Idiot’s future, including the show’s next eight episodes and whether or not it will be renewed for a second season after its summer premiere on Netflix.

God's Favorite Idiot Season 2

Is God’s Favorite Idiot Season 2 Scheduled for Release This Year?

Netflix has not yet decided whether or not to renew or cancel the show as of now. The fact that the first season has yet to air does not come as a surprise, however, as it will take some time before the series is renewed due to numerous criteria like the ratings and reviews as well as the performance.

In addition to the eight that were released on June 15, Netflix has ordered a total of 16 episodes.

Thus, the remaining eight episodes must be filmed before they can be made available to the public. These episodes appear to be being advertised as the second season, rather than the first. If Netflix decides not to renew the series, the mystery will stay unanswered.

The filming of the next eight episodes has not yet begun. Release date of late spring or early summer 2023 has been speculated by Deadline as a possible time frame for the show’s return to production, which it adds will take place “at a later point.”

God's Favorite Idiot Season 2

Who Will Be the Cast in Season 2?

Ben Falcone, the show’s creator, and star is almost certain to return for the second season. Melissa McCarthy, who plays the other half of the show’s main couple, is sure to have the same feelings.

It’s safe to assume that God’s Favorite Idiot won’t be killing her off anytime soon because she’s the show’s biggest name. Falcone and McCarthy are the only actors who will appear in all eight episodes, according to IMDb.

Leslie Bibb, Kevin Dunn, and Usman Ally all appear on the cast roster, and it’s possible they’ll show up again in the upcoming episodes.

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What Could Happen in Season 2?

God tells Clark and Amily to go at the end of Season 1 because he might be needed by God in the future and she can’t let him perish. A fresh plan has been devised for Clark and Amily to flee, and Clark notifies his friends.

Satan soon arrives and begins wreaking havoc in the hospital after they have gone. On their way, Clark and Amily are stopped by Thorp, who takes some time to persuade and understand. Wendy and Mohsin embrace as they fear death and Frisbee makes a stand against Satan in the living room back inside.

God's Favorite Idiot Season 2

In order to get to the top, Wendy convinces Satan that she must take over in hell. When they are persuaded, Satan is driven from the group. Tom tries to stop the horsemen from pursuing Clark and Amily with a false sword, but he fails, giving the pair enough time to jump into their car and drive away.

Amily finally tells Clark that she loves him in a passionate car ride as the two drive away. A plague of locusts is pursuing them and Clark worries whether or not everything will be fine from here on out.

This season, we want to see if Clark has any further plans from God and what obstacles will stand in the way of him completing those plans.

God’s Favorite Idiot Season 2: Trailer

The trailer for season 2 is not yet released. Here is the trailer of season 1 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stream It?

The first season of God’s Favorite Idiot is available to stream on Netflix.

How Many Episodes of Season 1 Are There?

There are eight total episodes in the new Netflix series featuring Ben Falcone as the show’s creator and Melissa McCarthy as his wife.

In Which City Was God’s Favourite Idiot Shot?

Australia’s New South Wales was the setting for this project. During exterior shots, several of the residences, street furniture, and general architecture reveal this, as does the song of a distant kookaburra on one occasion.

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