Is Veronica Mars Renewed for Season 5? See When Can We Expect It!

It was a treat for fans when Veronica Mars season 4 premiered on Hulu in July 2019, to see their favorite teen private eye continuing sleuthing across the harsh social boundaries and countless mysteries of Neptune.

With her father Keith and her lover Logan still in the picture, Veronica Mars took on the investigation and solved the case while maintaining a healthy connection with them all.

Season 4 ended with Veronica Mars distraught and leaving the village of Neptune, which stunned fans even more than the show’s sudden appearance on streaming services. It’s not yet known if Veronica Mars will return to the small screen for the fifth season, but the fourth season’s conclusion left plenty of potential for future episodes, and fans are eagerly awaiting the news.

For those interested, here’s all we know so far regarding a prospective fifth season of Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars Season 5

Which Cast Members Will Return in Season 5?

Season four featured a revolving cast that included Kristen Bell (who plays Veronica’s best friend Wallace Fennel), Jason Dohring as Dick Casablancas, and Francis Capra as the bad guy Weevil from Neptune.

Patton Oswalt, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and even Oscar winner J.K. Simmons were among the new cast members in the current season. Tina Majorino’s Mac was glaringly gone after she discovered her arc would be shorter than she had intended.

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The fifth season of Veronica Mars is currently on hiatus, and it’s not clear which cast members will come back. However, one of the show’s stars is expected to leave in the near future. Veronica’s long-term love interest Logan Echolls (Dohring) was killed off at the end of the fourth season, shocking, stunning, and hurting fans equally.

For all his confidence in staying six feet below ground, Dohring did admit that Veronica Mars could bring some familiar faces to Neptune in the future. If and when Veronica Mars season 5 airs, the actress has stated that she intends to continue playing Veronica until “everyone in Neptune is dead”.

Veronica Mars Season 5

What Will Be the Storyline of the Upcoming Season?

When Veronica Mars’ fourth season ended, there was a bang. Penn Epner, a deliveryman at Cho’s Pizza, was the mastermind behind the Neptune bombs, according to Veronica. The last time Veronica saw Logan, he was defusing a bomb in Neptune City Hall, where she got married to him.

Veronica continued to ponder Penn’s final riddle regarding a possible bomb Penn had planted before the two of them returned home. In an attempt to warn Logan, she hurried out to her own car and discovered the bomb had been planted there. She watched as Logan was killed in the blast while she ran to tell him what had happened.

As she suffered from the death of her husband and tried to go on with her life, Veronica grew even more emotionally shut down in the last episodes of season 4.

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As Logan had persuaded her to do throughout the season, she was finally going to treatment and would continue to aid her father with Mars Investigations, as revealed. All around the United States, reports of Neptune bombings began to emerge as knowledge of the attacks spread.

Veronica set off on a road trip to find a reason to leave Neptune on behalf of Mars Investigations. If season 5 received the green light then we may expect the story to continue from the left part.

Veronica Mars Season 5

Veronica Mars Season 5: Release Date

According to the evidence, Veronica Mars’ second rebirth was short-lived. In November 2019, Rob Thomas informed TVLine that he and Hulu had not discussed the fifth season.

Never underestimate the creativity of “Marshmallow” fans like Thomas and Bell. Season 4 was picked up thanks to a successful crowdsourcing campaign. Sadly, it doesn’t look like there will be a Season 5 on Hulu.

Still, Thomas said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he intends to continue Veronica Mars in spite of the situation. Logan was slain by Thomas because he wanted to continue working on Veronica Mars.

Like Logan explained before dying, “I believe that in order for the show to operate that way, it must function as a noir detective show”. If the show is renewed for a fifth season then we can expect it in early 2023.

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Veronica Mars Season 5: Trailer

The trailer for season 5 is not released yet. Here is the trailer for season 4 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Veronica Mars Have Another Season?

Since neither showrunner Rob Thomas nor Hulu have officially confirmed the fifth season of Veronica Mars, there isn’t even a teaser trailer to whet fans’ appetites for what might come next for Veronica and the group.

Veronica Mars Was Cancelled For What Reasons?

The Warner Bros. “Veronica Mars,” like many other shows that were terminated before their time was up, had difficulty attracting viewers.

Where to Stream Previous Seasons?

All the previous seasons of Veronica Mars are available to stream on Hulu.


Dawn Ostroff announced in January 2007 that Veronica Mars would be canceled after the February sweeps in order to create room for a new reality series, Pussycat Dolls Present, which premiered in March.

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