Cobra Kai Season 5 Release Date: Will Robby and Tory Leave the Series?

The fifth season of Cobra Kai is coming sooner than planned. There’s even a full-length trailer to enjoy, which is packed with action, showing off Chozen’s huge reappearance and Terry Silver’s evil aspirations.

A glimpse at Johnny’s travel to Mexico to find Miguel, with Robby along for the ride, is also included in the episode.

Everything else you need to know about the upcoming episodes, including exclusive statements from the show’s co-creators, is right here, all in one place. Get your black belts on and read on for all the latest on Cobra Kai season 5!

Cobra Kai Season 5: Release Date

On September 9th, 2022, Netflix announced that the fifth season of Cobra Kai would be available.

The date was revealed at the Netflix is a Joke festival in Los Angeles, where the revelation was made live. On May 5, 2022, a special performance for Cobra Kai was held at Microsoft Theater.

The majority of the cast was in attendance, and they had a good time interacting with fans and teasing about Season 5 while also revealing an alternate conclusion to Season 4.

Who Will Reprise Their Role in Season 5?

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, who played Daniel and Johnny, return to reprise their roles as the Karate Kid.

Courtney Henggeler and Mary Mouser will reprise their roles as Daniel’s wife Amanda and daughter Sam, respectively. Xolo Mariduea and Tanner Buchanan will take on the roles of Miguel Diaz and Robby Keene, respectively.

Tory Nichols, played by Peyton List, returns in a new role. As Hawk and Demetri’s relationship is re-established, Jacob Bertrand and Gianni DeCenzo will be in charge of the show. For the first time, Martin Kove and Thomas Ian Griffith will reprise their roles as John Kreese and Terry Silver to complete their betrayal storyline.

Cobra Kai Season 5

What Will happen in the Upcoming Season?

This season’s storylines were expanded, rivalries were resolved, new alliances were formed, and fresh shocks were introduced in preparation for season 5. A year after his mother told Johnny that his father doesn’t know anything about him, Miguel finally decided to embark on the long-overdue quest to find him.

Miguel’s return will be risky for both Carmen and Johnny, given Johnny’s father’s reputation as a dangerous guy. A hiccup occurs in the season finale for Terry Silver and John Kreese, the show’s former best friends. Terry’s teachings had been harshly critiqued by Kreese, although this may have been for a good reason.

His old personality, the one who had put Daniel through so much and unnecessarily so in The Karate Kid III, had awoken, Terry told Kreese he had. Stingray was beaten to a pulp by Terry because he felt a strange sense of betrayal.

He told Stingray he might rejoin the dojo if he implicated Kreese. As he navigates the legal waters of being wrongfully charged, John will play an anti-hero in order to seek atonement.

Throughout the season, Daniel struggled with his inner demons. Despite his role as the show’s guiding light of knowledge and moderation, Daniel revealed a slew of flaws this season.

Cobra Kai Season 5

Until the final episode of the season, Daniel believes that his methods or no methods are the only options for Sam in the All-Valley tournament final against Tory. In these closing moments, he also reaches Robby. Angry Robby had finally joined Cobra Kai and given them the Miyagi-Do handbook, all the while mentoring a tormented young man.

Daniel may have started to chip down Robby’s barriers again, but it’s unlikely that he’ll flip right away. It’s possible that the fifth season will focus on that trip.

At long last, the basis was built for the show’s fiercest rivalry, between Sam and Tory. After Amanda discovered more about Tory’s story, they realized they had a lot in common. For an incorrect block that resulted in Sam being wounded, Tory apologized to Terry Silver during the All Valley final match.

Despite Terry’s pleas, Tory heeded Kreese’s advice and battled honorably. They’ll be able to build on the foundation they created throughout the fight and possibly end up working together in the future.

Will Robby and Tory Leave the Series?

Cobra Kai Season 5

Although he has switched sides, Robby has attempted to find a medium ground between the Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai beliefs.

The young man’s heartbreaking conclusion that his mentoring of Kenny has resulted in the formation of a bully, and one who intends to torment his ex-little girlfriend’s brother, has caused him to seek the help of his father.

Johnny will surely persuade Robby to quit Cobra Kai, but Robby may stay to tutor Kenny in order to make up for his mistakes.

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Cobra Kai Season 5: Trailer

We can see that Season 5 will be set after the tragic events of Season 4 when Miyagi-Do Karate was forced to close and Terry Silver finally made good on his promise to franchise Cobra Kai, which means that Terry Silver’s “no mercy” competition style will now be spread throughout Los Angeles in the form of the “no mercy” franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was the Filming Completed?

In September 2021, filming began and was completed on December 19th, 2021.

Is the Fifth Season of Cobra Kai the Last One?

Despite Josh Heald’s claims that Cobra Kai is nearing its conclusion, at least six seasons are planned.

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