Peter Nygard Net Worth: Is He No Longer in Business?

Peter J. Nygard, a successful fashion executive is a Finnish-Canadian design executive who, according to the allegations, engaged in sexual assault. In 1967, he launched Nygard International, a company based in Winnipeg that specialized in producing apparel for female customers.

In the year 2020, the FBI conducted a search warrant at the New York City headquarters of Nygrd’s company and charged him with long-term sex trafficking, rape, and racketeering. In the fall of 2013, when he was ultimately prosecuted and put into custody, he was accused of sex trafficking and racketeering, in addition to allegations of trafficking in children.

When Nygard was first arrested by Toronto police in October 2021, he was charged with several charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement in instances that took place between the mid-1980s and the mid-2000s. The allegations of sexual misbehavior against Nygard date back to 1968 when he was first arrested. The incidents in question took place between the mid-1980s and the mid-2000s.

Early Life

Peter Nygard was born in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki. The year of his birth has been called into question. It was either 1941 or 1943 when this occurred. In 1952, when Peter was still a little child, his baker parents, Eeli and Hikka, moved their family to Canada from Finland. They finally decided to make their home in Winnipeg. Nygard received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Dakota, from which he graduated in 1964.

Peter Nygard Net Worth

One of his first jobs after graduating college was working for a company named Jacobs Fashions as a sales manager for a new line of women’s denim that they were releasing. Peter purchased a twenty percent ownership in the company from the business’s founder, Nathan Jacob, in 1967 using his life savings, which amounted to approximately $8,000, plus a loan. Within a short period, Peter was able to completely buy out Nathan and rebrand the company as Tan Jay.


He launched “Nygard” in 1967. Originally, they created sportswear. 1978 saw US expansion.

“Nygard International” maintains its headquarters in Times Square, Manhattan. The company is one of the world’s largest women’s clothing providers. The company’s annual sales exceed $500 million. Nygard International has 12,000 global employees and 200 North American outlets. Dillard’s, Walmart, Costco, etc. carry its products.

Peter Nygard Net Worth

Peter has made considerable gifts to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for breast cancer research. He sponsored the Bahamas Amateur Boxing Federation’s Olympic team. Ten children from eight women.


A civil class-action lawsuit accusing Peter of rapes that allegedly took place at his oceanfront estate in the Bahamas was launched against Peter by ten women in February 2020. The lawsuit was filed as part of a civil class action. It has been alleged that he was involved in the operation of a sex trafficking ring and that he recruited underage girls using other individuals.

Nygard has vehemently denied the accusations, claiming that they are the result of a smear campaign that was paid for and orchestrated by his Bahamian neighbor, hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon, with whom he has been in a feud for decades. Nygard and Bacon live next door to each other in the Bahamas.

Peter Nygard Net Worth

He would host extravagant parties and invite women from all around the world to attend. According to the findings of an inquiry conducted by the New York Times, he is said to travel with a group of women who describe themselves as “paid girlfriends.”

According to the same investigation, the personnel at Nygard’s office kept a list of more than 700 women who were on standby to be invited to parties at a moment’s notice. The Times further asserted that Peter refers to the private parts of women as “toilets,” and that he was once recorded stating, “Do you see those toilets?” while staring at a group of ladies with whom he had not yet had sexual relations.

Nygard Cay

Nygard bought “Nygard Cay” in 1987. He designed a hedonistic resort with a 32,000-square-foot grand hall and a 100,000-pound glass ceiling.

2009 fire devastated parts of the property. Nygard later claimed Bacon started the fire. After the fire, he announced a $50 million, two-year refurbishment. The Bahamas’ PM rejected the plans. Since the fire and halted renovations, Bacon and Nygard have been feuding. Both sides have fought over 25 cases in numerous international countries, spending tens of millions.

Michael Jackson, Prince Andrew, Oprah, and Robert DeNiro visited the resort. Jessica Alba attended a “gross” party in 2004 while filming “Into the Blue” Alba, 23 at the time, recounted her stay at Nygard’s house: “These girls were 14 years old in the Jacuzzi, stripping…”

Peter Nygard’s Net Worth

A Finnish-Canadian fashion businessman named Peter Nygard has amassed a net worth of $900 million throughout his career. As the founder and chairman of Nygard International, a maker of women’s clothes based in Canada, he amassed a considerable fortune during his career.

Peter Nygard Net Worth

According to an article published in 2009 in Canadian Business Magazine, his estimated net worth was $750 million. At the time, this placed him as the 70th richest person in all of Canada and the world. We now estimate that Mr. Nygard has a net worth of $900 million.

Personal Life

Eight different women have each given birth to one of Nygrd’s ten offspring. For a very long time, Nygard has been one of the primary sponsors of amateur sports in the Bahamas.

One year later, in June of 2010, he served as the principal sponsor of the Bahamas team that competed in the invitation-only Continental Elite Boxing Championship in Ecuador.

Peter Nygard Net Worth

On December 15, 2020, an arrest warrant for Nygard was issued under the Extradition Act and he was placed under custody in Winnipeg, Canada. In February of 2021, he was still being held in custody pending the outcome of the extradition proceedings and the chance that he will be extradited to the United States.

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Frequently Ask Question

In late 2020, Canadian authorities detained Nygard in Winnipeg, Manitoba, following a request from the United States government made under the extradition treaty between the two countries. Toronto police filed their accusations around the time he agreed to be extradited to the United States in October. As of January, Nygard is still behind bars after a court denied his request for bail.

Where Does Peter Nygard Live?

In December, Canadian officials conducted an arrest on Nygard, and he is currently being held in custody in Winnipeg.

 Is He No Longer in Business?

A partial interest in a women’s apparel manufacturer was the beginning of what would become a successful brand name that is carried by retailers all over the world. After the FBI and police conducted a raid on his offices in New York City in February of 2020, he resigned from his position as chairman of his corporation. Since then, Nygard International has submitted its bankruptcy papers.

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