Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Release Date: Can We Expect Season 3?

Only Murders in the Building, starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, premiered on Hulu in 2021. The show centers on three residents of the Arconia, a posh New York apartment building, who are all fans of the same true-crime podcast and decide to start their own to investigate the death of one of their own.

Hulu quickly renewed the show for a second season after it debuted in August of that year, after receiving a lot of positive feedback from critics.

Whether you’re curious about when Only Murders in the Building Season 2 will air, who will join the cast, or whether or not a third season is on the way, we’ve put up an informative and user-friendly guide to help you out.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2

Who Will Return in Season 2?

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short are all set to return for season 2 of the hit series. In addition, since her character, Cinda Canning was teased in the season 1 finale to be developing a true-crime podcast about our beloved true crime podcasters, it’s probable that season 2 guest star Tina Fey will play a greater role.

Using flashbacks, Hoffman all but confirmed that Bunny (Jane Houdyshell) would be a part of the second season:  “I told her, being a victim on this show—just ask the other brilliant victim in season 1, Julian Cihi who played Tim Kono—it doesn’t mean you are not going to be in the show. You’re likely going to be in the show even as a victim.”

Furthermore, Arconia will continue to play a crucial role in season 2.  As for whether or not Sting will return, Hoffman was more circumspect.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2

Although Teddy Dimas and Theo are “in a boatload of danger,” Hoffman hinted that they might return in season 2.

Cara Delevingne, the supermodel and actress, was also cast as a series regular in the upcoming second season, which was announced in early December. In season one, most of the crimes revolved around jewel thieve, but in season two, it appears that the wealthy world of art curators will be the focus of the crimes.

What Could Happen in Season 2?

In season 2, we can only presume that the detectives will be exonerated and that Bunny’s genuine killer will be found. In what capacity will Cinda Canning oversee the investigation?

Is it possible that Detective Williams will no longer be able to press charges against them? It’s also possible that season 2 of Only Murderers in the Building will be titled the same.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2

New-season 2 will have a “larger path,” according to Hoffman, who says finding out why Bunny was in Mabel’s apartment is a critical aspect of solving the mystery.

As Hoffman revealed to Deadline(opens in new tab), viewers can expect to learn more about Arconia’s past in the upcoming second season. ‘It’s got some mysteries, for sure, and that’s another area we’d like to investigate,’ he said.

“What does that mean in the actual world in terms of our built-in real estate terminology, such as the value and who wants to live here and who doesn’t? At the Arconia, things get a whole lot more difficult. Season 2 will go deeper into the series’ past.”

Hoffman also mentioned that Mabel would view herself in hotter water than Oliver or Charles for Bunny’s death while speaking to Elle. However, this will give the show more room to develop the story of Mabel.

“They’re all in the hot seat. They’ve all stepped in it, and Mabel is certainly even a bit more in the spotlight,” Hoffman said. “The opportunity that might come from that is what’s intriguing to us as we go into a season two. Mabel’s life is going to get a little bit bigger in season 2.”

Only Murders in the Building Season 2

Only Murders in the Building Season 2: Release Date

Only Murders in the Building season 2 will premiere on Hulu and Disney Plus on June 28 in the U.S. and UK, respectively.

Season one of Only Murders In The Building premiered two episodes concurrently before releasing one episode per week until its conclusion. There is no indication that the June 28 premiere would comprise more than one episode, but it is expected that the show will continue to be released weekly.

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Can We Expect Season 3?

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 was celebrated on March 30, 2022, by Selena Gomez on TikTok, with the help of her co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short. After Gomez and Short exclaim,  “To a great Season 2,” Gomez and Short exclaim before Martin exclaims, “To a great Season 3!” Gomez then responds, “No, well. Okay, well hopefully,” to which Martin adds in between, “Well, next year.”

Gomez’s TikTok video indicates that there will be more killings in the building after Season 2 despite the fact that Season 3 has not yet been revealed.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2: Trailer

For Only Murders in the Building season 2, our three favorite amateur detectives are back on the case, this time having to prove their own innocence in a murder they were accused of participating in.

In addition, we get to witness Nathan Lane and Amy Ryan, two returning cast members, as well as some newcomers. More on that in a moment, but for now, watch the new Only Murders in the Building trailer:

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was the Filming Started?

A tweet from Steve Martin claims that Only Murders in the Building Season 2 began filming on December 1, 2021.

Where To Stream It?

Only Murders in the Building season 1 is available to stream on  Hulu in the US and on Disney Plus in the UK.

What Locations Were Used for Filming?

Season 1 is mainly shot in Arconia. Hoffman has also hinted that the second season could take the plot outside of the Arconia.

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