Top Jurassic Park Movies Ranked in Order of Their Popularity!

It’s strange how something that’s supposed to go extinct can end up being so timeless. Dinosaurs are a popular childhood fantasy. A large part of the original Jurassic Park’s lasting legacy is due to its ability to evoke strong feelings of nostalgia in viewers of all ages.

Jurassic Park lapsed into obscurity after 2001’s Jurassic Park III before making a triumphant return in 2015 with Jurassic World, which broke all previous box office records.

It’s a good bet that the present cast’s relationship dynamics will be weaved into the story’s history. It’s impossible to have a successful show without the original cast members. When it comes to dinosaurs, the magic has worn off somewhat, but with his trademark smile, actor Sam Neill is sure to bring out the kid in all of us once more.

Top Jurassic Park Movies

No one can agree on a list of the best Jurassic Park movies, as evidenced by a thorough search of the internet.

No matter when you were born or how much you adore Chris Pratt, there is a slew of variables at play here. As a starting point, we’ve ranked all the Jurassic Park flicks from worst to greatest in order to get you started.

6. Jurassic World Dominion (2022) 

Dominion’s 147-minute runtime begs comparison to Jurassic Park III’s dumb gruesome brevity, which has a lot more action and intrigue. That film resembles A Quiet Place in contrast.

More than any other picture from the current Star Wars saga, Dominion is drenched in fan service and nods to the past. As a result, the experience is tedious. So anticlimactic and pathetic are the final action scenes, which is a Jurassic Park movie should be a given as a source of adrenaline.

One of Jurassic World’s few redeeming qualities has been lost, and the effects don’t seem as amazing as they did 30 years ago.

When it comes to Dominion, there are a lot of A-list performers who have proven they can do wonderful work, but this mega-blockbuster feels even more stolid, uninspired and contrived than the rest. Goldblum does have a few witty one-liners, though.

Jurassic World movies are seven hours long, and Claire may be the only character with a story arc in the series. Howard, as well as the rest of the cast and crew, deserve far more recognition than this.

Top Jurassic Park Movies

5. Jurassic Park III (2001)

It’s the one in which a dino exclaims, “Alan,” while aboard an airliner. There is a problem with this film, but not in the way that you may think.

This series has never gotten the type of gushing acclaim that, say, the best of the Star Wars movies have—and some even term this series “critic-proof”: as long as giant dinosaurs devour people, fans will show up in droves to see it. Despite this, Jurassic Park III represents a significant low point in the franchise.

First-class actors like William H. Macy, Sam Neill, Téa Leoni, and Alessandro Nivola are reduced to playing cardboard cutouts who are greedy and unlikable and always fighting and crossing each other in this screenplay.

Because we’re always pulling for the dinos to win, this is not how the game is supposed to work. Jurassic Park III is a slasher movie with the most gruesome deaths in the series thrown in. It’s not even one of the better ones.

The once-dinosaur-sized series was left in limbo for 14 years after Jurassic Park III only made one-third of the original’s box office total.

Top Jurassic Park Movies

4. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

During a candid 2016 interview with The New York Times, Steven Spielberg revealed that his last film, The Lost World, had been a letdown.

Although Michael Crichton intended for Dr. Ian Malcolm to be murdered in the first book of the Jurassic Park series, Jeff Goldblum’s eccentric portrayal was so well received by fans that the author brought him back for the sequel so he might appear in the next film.

Malcolm’s on-screen transformation into a leading man was awkwardly toned down, squelching the charisma that made him a star. As a whole, the film lacks a certain dynamism as well as cohesion.

There is a fair amount of action here, but Spielberg is Spielberg, so it’s not surprising. There’s a scene in which the passengers of a car hang precariously off the side of a cliff, shielded from the water below only by thin panes of glass. To say it’s suspenseful is an understatement.

Outstanding performance by English character actor Pete Postlethwaite, who brings an air of authenticity to the film. Steven Spielberg even declared him “possibly the world’s greatest actor” after filming this movie.

Top Jurassic Park Movies

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

The Fallen Kingdom stands head and shoulders beyond all previous entries in the franchise since 1993 because of director Joe Johnston’s singular vision for grandeur, Gothic horror, visual poetry, and even physical comedy. However, the story’s sluggish pace and weakly portrayed human beings are in conflict with this.

Thankfully, the cynicism of Fallen Kingdom’s immediate predecessor has been dialed back for Owen and Claire, who now have more to do and a stronger sense of self. Daniella Pineda and Justice Smith, two newcomers, have a lot of potentials and are quite charming.

Your lasting memory of Brachiosaurus will be an awful sight of its creators abandoning it to perish in an active volcano. I can’t help but wonder if this series would have been so much better if Bayona had been working with more delicate, intellectual material. It’s one of the series’ most memorable moments.

Top Jurassic Park Movies

2. Jurassic World (2015)

After 22 years of anticipation, Jurassic World is able to capitalize on the natural excitement of finally witnessing John Hammond’s (Richard Attenborough) original idea come to fruition.

This business is built on the premise of people making the same mistakes over and over again. “Look what occurred at Jurassic Park!” is easy to say, but it’s not always true. ‘Why on earth would you do something like that again?’

To put it another way, this park is the brainchild of none other than John Hammond. It’s no longer enough to take a Jeep tour in the hopes of spotting a dinosaur hidden behind an electric fence.

Tram rides to the park’s Gentle Giants Petting Zoo allow visitors to run alongside prehistoric creatures in a gyro sphere and touch them, among other things. After seeing all the havoc caused by dinos in these movies, even if this park was genuine, I’d be the first one in line to obtain a ticket for it.

This sequel to Jurassic Park may not be as memorable or as complex as the original film, but it does catch the theme that the first film set off and is hugely successful in embracing humanity’s need to make everything bigger, scarier, and cooler without taking into account the potential consequences.

Even while Jurassic World lacks some of the grounded realism that gave Jurassic Park that “reach out and touch it” sensation, the film’s visual effects, imaginative park upgrades, and well-executed action scenes make it feel like a theme park ride.

Top Jurassic Park Movies

1. Jurassic Park (1993) 

Jurassic Park is my favorite film in the franchise. At the time of my first watching, I was a nascent film fan who was enchanted by John Hammond’s fantasy and then horrified by the park’s demise.

As a child, Jurassic Park was my first genuine exposure to the wonders of cinematic enchantment. It was also the first time I experienced the overwhelming pull of scientific possibility, as well as the crushing weight of responsibility that comes with it.

There is so much I love about Jurassic Park: the opening sequence, the victory of Lex’s (Ariana Richards) Unix system, the Rex breakout, Nedry’s fight with the Dilophosaurus, the Velociraptor kitchen scene, and so much more.

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It’s a film I could watch over and over again. There is no shortage of superb filmmaking in Jurassic Park, from cast chemistry to minutiae like the guitar string used to make water ripples to CGI and animatronics to the game-changing combo.

Top Jurassic Park Movies

Final Thoughts

The magic of Jurassic Park has never faded. There is something comforting about Jurassic Park.  Need a reminder of what may be accomplished through cinema after seeing a bad film? Make sure you see Jurassic Park! Are you unable to use all of the features? Put on the John Williams score and you’ll be transported back to the film instantly.

The people behind Jurassic Park have inspired generations of filmmakers

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