The Longest Night Release Date: How Does the Final Scene Make the Series Intense?

Count down the days until Netflix’s The Longest Night, starring Luis Callejo and Alberto Amman premieres. Netflix will air the Spanish-language series. Netflix released a quick teaser as part of the announcement of the release date.

Using a spooky clock face, the teaser begins. The countdown begins at 8 hours for the characters when the first text appears. The teaser shows glimpses of the show’s recurrent characters as they are confined in the prison with no power and no apparent methods of escape between further text cards.

Who Will Be in the Cast?

Several of the cast members appeared in Netflix originals prior to The Longest Night. For those who have seen him on Narcos or Narcos: Mexico, he played Pancho Herrera, a character he played for three seasons from 2015-to 2017, and from 2018-to 2021, respectively.

Streamer’s original movie Below Zero was released in 2021, whereas José Luis Garca Pérez played Felipe Calero in In From the Cold, which was released earlier this year. Along with Callejo and Amman, the cast includes Maria Caballero, Fran Berenguer, David Solans, Roman Rymar, and Pérez.

Oscar Pedraza, working from a script by Xosé Moraisa and Victoriano Sierra Ferreiro, directs The Longest Night.

The Longest Night

How Does the Final Scene Make the Series Intense?

The final scenes in The Longest Night depict a man pounding something and another person wailing and being dragged away at the teaser’s end. When a man says, “It’ll be a long night, Hugo,” there is just one line of dialogue:

The six-episode series is set at Monte Baruca, a psychiatric prison, where a group of prisoners is completely isolated from the outside world. Simón Lago, a serial killer, is the prime target of armed guards around the building (Callejo).

The Longest Night: Release Date

Netflix will premiere The Longest Night on July 8th. The countdown has begun and mayhem is brewing at Monte Baruca jail, according to Netflix’s logline.

Both The Gray Man and Resident Evil, two of Netflix’s action/thriller offerings, will premiere in the same month as Netflix’s long-running series The Longest Night.

The Longest Night series will constitute of only 6 episodes.

The Longest Night

The Longest Night: Trailer

It begins with a sliding jail cell door sound and a prisoner gazing at a clock, followed by LED indicator-style text that reads “one night,” and then a timer counting down from eight hours. This is the trailer for The Longest Night. Netflix hasn’t said much about the show, but it looks to be centered around a single night.

As the lights dim, the trailer transitions to a split-screen view of four characters, followed by the words “one prison” and further views of the characters. Nothing can be done,” reads the message on the screen.

Four different shots are presented in quick succession in the teaser, including people battling in flames, a man viciously assaulting an unknown object or person, another being dragged away while screaming, and a shot of two speeding police cars with their emergency lights on.

One last time we see the serial killer Callejo in the prison, he utters the one and only phrase heard in the trailer: “It’s going to be a long night, Hugo,” before walking away.

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