Ree Drummond Net Worth: How Much Money She Earns in 2022!

Author, blogger, cuisine writer, and television personality Ree Drummond hails from the United States of America.

On the list of the Top 25 Web Celebrities compiled by Forbes, Drummond was ranked number 22.

In her blog titled “The Pioneer Woman,” Ree Drummond chronicles her day-to-day activities as a mother and ranch wife. At the Annual Weblog Awards in 2009, 2010, and 2017, her blog was recognized as being deserving of the “Weblog of the Year” title.

When I Was Young

On January 6, 1969, in Oklahoma, Ann Marie “Ree” Smith was born to orthopedic surgeon William “Bill” Smith and his wife, Gerre Schwert Smith. Bartlesville, Oklahoma, was home to Ree and her three siblings (two brothers, Doug and Mike, and a sister, Betsy). In addition to being an oil town, the community is located about 50 miles north of Tulsa and is close to the state line between Oklahoma and Kansas.

In 1987, she received her high school diploma from Bartlesville High School. As a result, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled at the University of Southern California. In college, she was a member of the sorority Pi Beta Phi. She earned her bachelor’s in gerontology in 1991. During the summer, she moved back to her parent’s house to follow her ex-boyfriend to Chicago and pursue a career in law. In a club one night, she ran upon Ladd Drummond, and her plans changed.


In 2006, Ree Drummond started a blog where she wrote about homeschooling and shared recipes with detailed instructions and photos of the full process of cooking and preparing them. It was originally titled Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, but her blog, The Pioneer Woman, went on to win numerous prizes, including the top prize at the Weblog Awards. In addition, it was named the Weblog of the Year for 2010. She also founded “,” a popular cooking site.

She has written several best-sellers. Witherspoon is in the running for the role of Ree in a movie adaptation of From Black Heels To Tractor Wheels, which details her journey from Los Angeles to a rural Oklahoma ranch and her ambitions to go to law school, which she abandoned in favor of living on a ranch.

That has never happened. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier is also a best-seller. Charlie and the Christmas Kitty, The Pioneer Woman Cooks A Year of Holiday: 140 Step-by-Step Recipes for Simple, Scrumptious Celebrations, and Charlie and the New Baby are some of the other books that she has contributed to the literary landscape. Until now, Drummond has published 15 books in total.

The Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and BusinessWeek have all referred to Drummond’s blog. A year later, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman was awarded one of Time Magazine’s “25 Best Blogs of All Time.”

Ree Drummond Net Worth

Throwdown! Bobby Flay was Drummond’s TV debut. She challenged him to a Thanksgiving cook-off. Flay attended Ree’s Oklahoma ranch party. November 2010 Food Network episode. Drummond defeated Flay. “The Pioneer Woman” debuted on Food Network a year later.

The Drummonds built The Merc in a 100-year-old Pawhuska building they bought and renovated in 2012. Drummonds opened The Boarding House in April 2018. In Pawhuska, Oklahoma, the Drummonds opened P-Town Pizza and Charlie’s, Sweet Shop. Ree hoped tourists would love her modest town. She provides tours of The Lodge, where her photoshoots and TV appearances are taped. Ree’s website lists a variety of things to do in Pawhuska, like visiting Osage Outfitters for authentic cowboy boots, walking across a swinging wooden bridge from 1926, and seeing the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve.

Life at Home

In the mid-1990s, Ree met Ladd Drummond in a bar. On September 21, 1996, Ree and Ladd were united in marriage. The Marlboro Man is a nickname for her husband that appears in both her books and her blog.

They went to Australia for their honeymoon. About eight miles west of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, the Drummond family runs a cattle ranch. Ladd Drummond comes from a long line of prominent cattle ranchers in Oklahoma. When Ree first met Ladd Drummond, he was already working as a cowboy. He’s a recent ASU grad with a degree in political science.

Ree Drummond Net Worth

Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd are the names of their four children, all of whom are now adults. The University of Texas at Austin is Alex’s alma mater, whereas the University of Arkansas is Paige’s place of higher learning. Their children are educated at home by their parents.

Ree Drummond’s Net Worth

Ree Drummond is an American blogger, author, food writer, photographer, television personality, and celebrity chef with a net worth of USD 50 million. Ree stands to gain a substantial amount of wealth through her husband’s side of the family. Ladd, Ree’s husband, is from a land-owning family in the United States. In the Oklahoma countryside, her husband and their four children run a functioning ranch. Since 2011, “The Pioneer Woman” has been on the Food Network.

The Property Market

Landownership in the United States ranks Ladd Drummond’s family 23rd. They hold an incredible 433,000 acres of land spread across 675 square miles as a family. More than $24 million in rent has been paid to the Drummond family over the past decade, according to a federal audit.

The great majority of the rent payments have gone toward sustaining the property’s extensive animal protection efforts. It was formed by Fred Drummond, the Ladd family patriarch, in the late 1800s after he came from Scotland to the United States. The Drummond corporation is owned by just four people, according to government data.

Ree Drummond Net Worth

The Drummond Land & Cattle Co. is a privately held family-owned business that generates $2.5 million in annual revenue. The Bureau of Land Management sends a check to Drummond Land & Cattle every year as well. Each year, they are compensated with roughly $2 million for the care and protection of their equine friends. The Drummond Land & Cattle Co. has received $23.9 million from the Bureau of Land Management since December 2006.

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Frequently Ask Question

How Much Weight Has Ree Drummond Lost?

The Pioneer Woman shed 55 pounds in 2021, she wrote. After producing cookbooks, hosting a culinary show, owning a restaurant and bakery, and having a cooking website, she gained weight and stopped exercising.

Is Ree Drummond and Ladd Still Married?

After 25 Years of Marriage to Husband Ladd, Ree Drummond Reveals the Secret to Their Happiness Together. Since 1996, The Pioneer Woman and her cowboy have been living the good life as a married couple.

Who Owns the Drummond Ranch?

Ladd and his brother Tim own the Drummond Land & Cattle Co., created by Fred Drummond after he emigrated from Scotland. Fred married Addie Gentner and founded Drummond Land & Cattle.

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