Check Out the Most Famous Minecraft Youtubers Who Used to Play for Pleasure!

Minecraft, as you all know, is a hugely popular game not just because of its unique look, but also because of its creative potential. Each and every time you go on to play Minecraft, you get a surge of adrenaline and an experience that you can’t put into words.

This game has 140 million active users around the world because you can go on adventures and do whatever you want in your own world.

Despite the fact that Minecraft is a fun game, many people found fame and fortune thanks to the game. YouTubers who used to play Minecraft for pleasure now have millions of followers.

As a result, here are the top 15 Minecraft YouTubers you may not have heard of.

Most Famous Minecraft Youtubers

Most Famous Minecraft Youtubers

1. TheAtlanticCraft

In total, this YouTube channel for Minecraft has 3.46 million subscribers from throughout the world. Joey and Cody, two boyhood buddies, operate the business.

Over 1.47 billion views and 2,000 videos on Minecraft tutorials and sessions have been gathered by this channel since it was founded in 2012.

It has a wide range of instructional movies on many aspects of gaming. A good place to start is with the lessons and useful sessions.

2. DanTDM

DanielTdm Robert Middleton, also known as DanTDM, is one of the top YouTubers out there. Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokémon are just a few of the well-known video games he’s played on YouTube. TheDiamondMinecart (DanTDM) is a gaming channel that Middleton started in 2012.

In addition to DanTDM, PokemanDanLv45, DanTDM Live, DanTDM Shorts, MoreTDM, and DanTDM, he has a number of other channels on YouTube.

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With 25.7 million followers and 18.3 billion views, he has the most popular video on his channel, ‘Minecraft|Vacation Disaster|Custom Vacation Adventure #1′ Middleton topped Forbes’ list of the highest-paid YouTube stars in 2017 with $16.5 million in revenue.

For his gaming and presenting, he has also received several Kids’ Choice Awards and set Guinness World Records. He’s an author, musician, and actor in addition to being a gamer and a YouTuber.

3. Jelly

It’s no secret that Jelly (Jelle van Vucht) is a popular Dutch YouTuber known for his gaming and vlog videos. He currently has 22.6 million subscribers and 13.7 billion views on his channel. Jelle began uploading amusing game commentary videos to his ‘Jelly’ YouTube account in 2014. Also, he’s just 25 years old!

4. Exploding TNT

The channel was founded in My 8 in 2011 and has since posted more than 500 Minecraft videos. There have been 898.11 million total views.

Players can watch and learn from a variety of different gaming scenarios in the game’s in-depth tutorials.

This site has a lot to offer players who want to master new skills by watching educational videos. Despite the low number of videos, there is still a lot to learn from this channel’s video count.

It has over 5.22 million subscribers, a testament to the channel’s success and the faith its audience places in it.

5. Dreams

The dream is a well-known YouTuber and Twitch streamer who specializes in Minecraft. As of 2014, he has 27.3 million subscribers and 2.28 billion views on his main YouTube channel.

As of June 6, 2021, he has more than 36 million subscribers and 2.59 billion views on his seven YouTube accounts.

Among his YouTube gaming channels are Dream (main channel), XD (Dream Team), Dream Shorts, Music, Minecraft Manhunt, and Dream Tech His most popular video is ‘Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunter GRAND FINALE.’ His YouTube channel is full of Minecraft Manhunts and speed runs.

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For his achievements, he received the Streamy Award from YouTube in 2020. As for his personal life, he hasn’t shown his face yet, and his genuine identity remains a mystery.

6. iBallisticSquid

On May 10, 2011, David Spencer launched the iBallisticSquid YouTube channel for Minecraft fans. There have been over 4.21 million subscribers and 2.08 billion views on the channel since the start of 2013.

A channel of this kind has to have something unique about it, and David has put a lot of effort into gaining the trust of its subscribers.

As a result of his extensive use of series videos on his YouTube channel, David has amassed a sizable following and an active community of fans.

David’s most popular Youtube series include Race to the Moon, Crazy Craft, and Attack the B-team. In-depth gaming scenarios that aren’t available on other YouTube channels can be viewed on this channel, making it an excellent resource for Minecraft fans.

7. CaptainSparklez

Jordan Maron is also a YouTuber, an electronic musician, and a gamer from the United States. When it comes to Minecraft, Jordan is a well-known figure.

He has more than 11 million subscribers and over 3.9 billion views. He’s a friendly guy who doesn’t swear and gives you good advice. Shorty Awards nominated him for a Shorty Award nomination in 2016.

8. JeromeASF

One of the most well-known YouTube channels (with more than 5 million followers) for hosting online Minecraft gaming sessions, this one has more than 4,000 videos uploaded.

On the other hand, Jerome and his pals run a Call of Duty channel.

When it comes to running gaming Youtube channels, he’s certainly got the chops because he has these two accounts to show for it. On the 11th of July, 2011, the first video was posted to this channel. Since then, it has been viewed more than a billion times.

This is one of the web’s possibilities for players interested in watching a great Youtube channel.

9. PrestonPlayz 

American gamer and YouTube personality Preston Blaine Arsement is known as PrestonPlayz. Among the games he’s broadcast are Among Us, Minecraft, and Fortnite, just to name a few.

PrestonPlayz is a well-educated, handsome, and intellectual man with a decent and dignified demeanor. ‘7 Ways to Steal Noob1234’s Diamonds- Minecraft’ is his most popular YouTube video.

As of the end of November 2021, PrestonPlayz had amassed a following of 18.3 million people, with an output of 3,783 videos. His YouTube account currently has 11.5 million subscribers and 594 videos.

10. PopularMMOs

It’s Pat and Jen, a married couple, who create this Minecraft-themed YouTube channel. They have more than 17 million subscribers and 12 billion views to its credit.

After learning they had divergent perspectives on the future of their family, Patrick (Pat) and Jennifer (Jen) split in 2019. However, they plan to continue making videos together and remain friends.

11. SSundee

As one of the list’s more established channels, SSundee began uploading content about Minecraft on November 27, 2009. Since then, it has racked up over 19 million subscribers and more than 1503 videos, making it one of the most popular Minecraft YouTube channels.

Mod reviews, modded Minecraft, and competition reviews dominate the channel’s output.

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SSundee contains unique content about the competitor’s reviews, and this is a terrific way for viewers to learn about the various ways to set up the Minecraft world, settings, and all sorts of methods to advance in Minecraft levels.

In 12 years, this channel has gained more than a million subscribers, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. SSundee’s channel is a great place to learn about the methods and tips of other Minecraft players.

12. UnspeakableGaming

UnspeakableGaming is its YouTube channel of Nathan. He is an American YouTube gamer with at least 11 million subscribers as of December.

For his YouTube channel, he makes Minecraft game videos as well as various challenges and pranks. His first Minecraft YouTube video was uploaded to the site in October of that year when he was 14 years old.

And when we chat about his friends, they’re also high-spirited and entertaining YouTubers.

13. IHasCupquake

Tiffany Michelle Herrera, better known as Cupquake, is a YouTube game commentator, fashion blogger, and animal lover.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games like Minecraft and The Sims. A total of more than 6 million people follow her YouTube account. Her videos and the way she speaks are both entertaining.

14. LDShadowLady

With the help of her spouse SmallishBeans and her younger sister Microglitch, Elizabeth “Lizzie” D (also known as LDShadowLadyon) creates Minecraft-themed gameplay videos and vlogs (Maddie, as Lizzie, calls her).

15. Stampylonghead

YouTuber, gamer, author, and animator Stampylonghead (Joseph Mark Garrett) is all of these things and more. In 2014, Joseph’s YouTube channel was in the top ten most popular in the world.

With over 9 million subscribers and 7.7 billion views, he’s a YouTube sensation. One of the best YouTubers for kids and nostalgic adults alike. ‘Minecraft Xbox – Sinking Feeling [124]’ is the title of his most successful video, which has 60 million views.

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