A Comprehensive List of 15 Most Popular Games on Roblox!

For more than 15 years, hundreds of fantastic games have been produced on Roblox. In 2022, this free-to-play game development platform have a thriving user base thanks to robust growth and major collaborations. Now is a great time to try out some of the top Roblox user-created games.

It can be difficult to know where to begin on Roblox when there are literally millions of games to select from. These ten Roblox games are the most well-liked and well-liked right now.

Adopt Me is a role-playing game where you acquire pets, while Anime Fighting Simulator pits you against your friends, and Murder Mystery 2 is a horror game that will make you jump out of your skin!

Here are the top 15 most popular games on Roblox.

1. Adopt Me!

Most Popular Games on Roblox

To this day, Adopt Me! is a top Roblox game and by far the most played Role-Playing Game (RPG). Playing as an adoptive parent or an adopted child and providing for their basic requirements in the style of The Sims, this is a game about caregiving.

Collectible pets have taken center stage in the game’s four-year history, with the majority of players’ attention being directed toward them.  They’ve recently added new pets for users to acquire and care for, as well as automobiles, toys, and other cosmetics.

I beg you to take me in! As long as there are updates, this is a must-have for Roblox gamers.

In addition to weekly updates, Adopt Me! has regular time-limited events, such as tie-ins with franchises like Scooby-Doo! Being conscious of the microtransactions, especially in relation to the game’s pet-centric features, is especially important because this game is targeted at a younger demographic than most Roblox material.

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2. Tower of Hell

This obstacle course (obby) on Roblox is the most popular on the platform. Tower of Hell has the second-most cumulative visits of any Roblox game and was awarded a Bloxy Award for Best Round-Based Game.

The Tower of Hell pits you against the clock in an attempt to scale a massive structure. It’s so simple, isn’t it? The answer is no. There are no checkpoints, so if you fail, you have to start over from the beginning again.

3. Pet Simulator X

Most Popular Games on Roblox

Pet Simulator X is the third-choice simulation game! While Adopt Me! has long been a favorite among Roblox gamers, individuals who crave more pets can acquire more than 950 unique creatures with this game.

It is possible to unlock new worlds, enchant, and enhance your pets in order to cultivate a unique pet collection if you devote enough time to this particular pet collector. We recommend Pet Simulator X to everyone because it has over 4.4 billion views and 4.2 million favorites.

With the help of your pals, you can grow a collection of adorable pets.

4. Murder Mystery 2

Roblox’s top game in the Horror genre is Murder Mystery 2. One player per round is randomly designated the murderer, and another the sheriff. Innocents are an additional group of up to ten players.

The murderer wants to kill as many people as possible before the sheriff catches them; the sheriff must identify and then stop the murderer, and the innocents are there to help the sheriff’s investigation.

Even though social deduction games (like Among Us) have recently become more popular, Murder Mystery 2 remains one of the most popular games on Roblox. Only a handful of premium add-ons are available, including the ability to set up private servers for 10 Robux each (approximately 11p).

5. Brookhaven RP

Most Popular Games on Roblox

RPG Brookhaven is a huge hit on Roblox. Roblox’s top-rated game as of February 2021 has more than 500,000 players a day.

Brookhaven is a life simulation game that’s surprisingly easy to pick up but still loads of fun. There are no boundaries in this open-world game. You are free to do whatever you want with anyone you want.

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6. Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to the site. Bloxburg is a Town & City game based on the Sims. Life-simulation games are known for having a wide range of options for their characters, including day jobs, hanging out with pals, and going on adventures in the virtual world. Also included is a build mode that has attracted much attention.

There are a few Roblox games that need you to buy the game before you can begin playing. Each Robux is worth around 30 cents, however, the current minimum purchase is £4.59 for 400 Robux.

In addition, a few add-ons are available for purchase that generally introduce more diverse and flexible construction tools.

7. Royale High

Most Popular Games on Roblox

Despite the fact that Roblox categorizes Royale High as an “Adventure Game,” the game is actually a fantasy role-playing game. You play as a high-schooler from an aristocratic family, and your goal is to balance socializing with other players with studying to raise your character’s level.

In-game currency can be spent on character cosmetics if you get better grades. Additionally, there is an ever-expanding gaming world outside of the school.

Seasonal events and improvements are a regular feature of the game (at the time of writing, the 2021 Easter Egg Hunt is still ongoing). You can also put up a private server in Royale High for 100 Robux (about £1.15).

8. Shindo Life

A Roblox Naruto RPG, Shindo is a lot like it. Shindo and Naruto have a rhyming relationship. An open-world game, the main goal of which is to build your character’s strength so that you can take on other players in the arena, Additionally, there are several boss fights tossed in there as well.

New gear and power-ups can be obtained by spinning in Shindo, but you can also level up through fight. “Shindo” is the name of the current version of the game, which at its peak has about 60,000 participants.

9. Blox Fruits

Most Popular Games on Roblox

In Roblox, Blox Fruits is one of the most popular and well-received combat games you can get your hands on at the moment. Blox Fruits lets you explore a world full of weapons and fruits, all of which provide you access to a variety of powerful abilities.

In order to progress further in your quest to improve your skills, you must first strengthen your character. One of Roblox’s most content-packed games, Blox Fruits, is constantly being updated.

Take a chance and see what all the excitement is about if you haven’t already!

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10. MeepCity

While Welcome to Bloxburg is a comparable Town & City game, MeepCity places a stronger emphasis on socializing with other players; servers can hold up to 200 players.

The most popular components of other Roblox games have been incorporated into MeepCity, including a popular series of customizable pets, a home-building system, and mini-games that generate in-game currency for the purchase of cosmetic items.

11. Piggy

Most Popular Games on Roblox

One of Roblox’s top horror games is Piggy. When the timer expires in Piggy, survivors must perform tasks and evade the villainous Piggy before they die. In contrast, the individual taking on the role of Piggy must make every effort to eliminate all of the remaining survivors.

As the fastest game to surpass one billion visitors, Piggy won the Bloxy Game of the Year Award. The fact that the game’s plot is being unveiled piecemeal throughout the course of each season adds to the intrigue.

12. Jailbreak

When it comes to Roblox games, Jailbreak has quickly become the most popular of the action-oriented ones. To date, it’s one of the few games to have maintained a prominent position on Google’s home page for this length of time.

There are three teams in Jailbreak: the police, the inmates, and the criminals. Players can choose to be on any one of these three teams. When offenders want to get out of jail and commit new crimes, the police’s job is to apprehend and apprehend them.

13. Works at a Pizza Place

Most Popular Games on Roblox

It’s one of Roblox’s most popular games, and it was the fourth game to exceed 1 billion views. It was launched on March 28, 2008, more than a decade ago, yet has managed to maintain a sizable following.

Characters in the movie “Works at a Pizza Place” make money by working in a pizzeria. This list includes positions such as cashier and pizza boxer as well as delivery and supplier roles. Players can use their earned money to enhance their homes, buy furniture, and purchase character-enhancing things.

14. Anime Fighting Simulator

You would anticipate that Anime Fighting Simulator is an action game inspired by anime’s wacky fighting styles. The graphics aren’t as impressive as some of the more well-known fighting games, but if you’re a fan of the genre, you won’t be disappointed.

The game is constantly being updated with new goods, equipment, and other features (currently on Season 4). Finally, there are a variety of game modes to enjoy, including a newly added Tournament mode and a Story Mode that few people have even attempted.

A private server costs 250 Robux (about £2.87) to establish and can accommodate up to 20 people.

15. Build A Boat For Treasure

Most Popular Games on Roblox

This Roblox classic, Build A Boat For Treasure, consistently ranks among the most popular. With the addition of being a pirate and searching for wealth on the sea, this is essentially a Lego game.

Because there are so many different types of building pieces and patterns to experiment with, this game will never get old. So many gamers return for more because they enjoy the game so much.

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