Take a Look at Most Addictive Korean Dramas!

Come on… there’s no obligation for you to break your K-drama addiction. It is a vast improvement over being addicted to harmful habits. Just give your full attention to your work, and when you have free time, watch some Korean drama.

Watching television shouldn’t take up your entire day; instead, get started on a drama that airs regularly; otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the following week to see the next episode.

Kingdom is a drama that takes place during the Joseon dynasty and tells the story of a crown prince who must cope with political conspiracies as well as a mystery plague that is sweeping the kingdom and appears to be resurrecting the dead. The story takes place during the Joseon dynasty and follows the story of a crown prince.

The hero of the story is a prince of the royal family. It is an innovative strategy that deftly integrates components from a range of different genres in order to create an interesting series.

Squid Game

To state the obvious, it is not too late to get on board with Squid Game even if you are one of the very few individuals remaining on the entire earth who have not yet watched the show.

The plot revolves around a group of people who are drowning in debt and who find themselves entangled in a lethal game in which they compete to win millions of dollars while putting their own lives in jeopardy.

There is a good reason why it has become the show with the most total views in the history of Netflix: it is extremely addicting and packed with unexpected plot twists, stylish brutality, dark humour, and moments that are emotionally traumatic.


Hellbound is a brief but powerful voyage into an actual hellscape that explores what happens to humanity in some of the most extreme settings.

Most Addictive Korean Dramas

The show has just six episodes. When “angels” start appearing and predicting the time of people’s deaths and condemning them to hell – predictions that turn out to be violently accurate — the world descends into turmoil as a result.

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Hotel del Luna

A charming and offbeat sitcom about an immortal woman who manages a hotel that serves as a stop for ghosts on their journey to the afterlife, as well as the mortal guy whom she manipulates into working at the hotel. The series contains stunning costumes and scenery, as well as a superb cast, and it veers from being extremely humorous, very mysterious, and very tragic.

My Name

What’s more engaging than a well-crafted plan of vengeance? The story of My Name follows a young woman as she searches for those responsible for the death of her father and exacts her revenge.

Most Addictive Korean Dramas

In order for her to accomplish her objective, she forms an alliance with a major crime lord and, at his behest, joins the police force undercover. It is packed with thrilling action that will keep you on the very edge of your seat the entire time.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

A charming romance that takes on the feel of a dark modern fairy tale, about a problematic children’s book author and an equally troubled caretaker who works in a psychiatric institution while also caring for his crippled brother.

The story is about a troubled children’s book author and his troubled brother. It’s ultimately pretty beautiful and charming, and the protagonists have wonderful chemistry together. It explores topics of mental health and finding families, and it’s about both.


What do you get when a top student in high school resorts to a life of crime in order to make enough money to pay for college? A drama that can be seen fully in one sitting, of course.

Extracurricular, much like many of the best Korean television dramas, combines intensely violent scenes with moments of dark humour. It is also packed with so much tension that you will have to force yourself to relax.

Sweet Home

Fun set in a post-apocalyptic world in which a young man who lives on his own must band together with his neighbours in order to fight for their survival as the population around them mutates into monstrosities. The horror and action parts are both well done, but the environment and the people are what really make you want to keep watching.

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Crash Landing on You

The premise of this show is a little bit far-fetched, but once you get beyond that, it’s a passionate romance that will break your heart and make you want to watch it again and over again for as long as it lasts.

The plot centres on a wealthy South Korean heiress and entrepreneur who is paragliding when she is caught in a cyclone and is forced to make an emergency landing in North Korea.

Most Addictive Korean Dramas

There, she meets a North Korean soldier and eventually falls in love with him. It’s a love story filled with angst, but there are also enough of humorous scenes to allow you some space to catch your breath.


Signal is a police procedural with elements of fantasy. The story follows a profiler who discovers a walkie talkie that allows him to communicate with the year 1989. More specifically, the story follows a cop from 1989 who assists the profiler and his colleague in solving cold cases in exchange for their assistance in solving his “current” cases. There are a lot of unforeseen consequences to their actions, as well as a lot of twists and turns, just like there are in all timey-wimey stories.

Romance Is a Bonus Book

A divorced woman in her thirties who is attempting to get back into the workforce lies about her qualifications in order to get hired at a publishing company where her best buddy is employed at a lower level position.

It’s a bit like Younger, but better. It may not have the action that other series provide, but this charming romantic comedy is addicting because you just want to spend time with these characters and their world — and get to the moment when they ultimately declare their affections and/or kiss.

Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine is a story about a poor Korean child who escapes to the United States and eventually becomes an army officer. The story takes place in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Most Addictive Korean Dramas

After returning to his hometown, he finds himself falling in love with an aristocrat and being embroiled in both international intrigue and the struggle for independence. The show is visually breathtaking, and it features superb writing and acting throughout.

Oh My Ghost

Oh My Ghost is a story about a timid chef who becomes possessed by the spirit of a horny ghost (yes, really) who falls in love with her employer. The story is also part murder mystery and part wacky romantic comedy.

An really bizarre love triangle ensues, which is both entertaining and occasionally devastating. A further addictive component is the plotline that revolves around what happened to the ghost and how she passed away.


This Korean drama has two seasons and a total of 32 episodes, which is on the longer side for the genre. However, this is a positive thing because it’s the kind of show that keeps you wanting more and more episodes.

The plot revolves around a prosecutor who, following surgery, has a loss of empathy and social skills. He joins forces with a police officer to solve a murder case, which ultimately leads them to discover a conspiracy involving political corruption. This is a compelling and intricately structured series.

Because This Is My First Life

This drama utilises the time-honored cliche of fake dating by having two platonic roommates actually get married in order to save money (for narrative purposes).

Most Addictive Korean Dramas

As the story progresses, the two naturally begin to develop love for each other. It is a little bit strange but really lovely, and you will most definitely find yourself shipping the primary pair.


Vincenzo is an absolute must-watch for everyone who like a good story about the mafia. It tells the story of a Korean man who is adopted by an Italian family when he is young and grows up to become a consigliere in the mafia.

Following an attempt on his life, he takes flight to Korea, where he engages in a conflict with a dishonest business organisation while pursuing the recovery of a lost money. The plot moves at a breakneck pace, and the cast of eccentric people adds a lot of humour to the experience.


What about dramas set in the past? Why can’t we have both? Kingdom is a drama that takes place during the Joseon dynasty and tells the story of a crown prince who must cope with political conspiracies as well as a mystery plague that is sweeping the kingdom and appears to be resurrecting the dead.

Addictive Korean Dramas

The plot follows a royal prince. It is an original approach that skillfully combines aspects from a variety of genres in order to create an engaging series.

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