Get Ready to Laugh With the Best Comedy Shows of All Time!

Breaking the rules of comedy is a part of the fun. If all laughter is a result of a clever psychological ruse, then the funniest television shows are those that keep veering off course.

However, some comedies are remarkable because of the norms that they accidentally establish. Not because they were huge hits or cultural touchstones in their day, but because their spiritual offspring have continued to appear on TV schedules for years, if not decades, after the cameras stopped rolling on their original productions.

A TV comedy’s platonic ideal has evolved through time, of course, too. If you’re looking for shows that are witty and droll, outrageous and provocative, or just plain fun, you’ll find them in the form of creative parodies of other series.

We’ll be adding to this list throughout time, but for the time being, enjoy our selection of the best Netflix comedies.

Best Comedy Shows

1. Grace and Frankie

For decades, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have been two of the most recognizable faces in the film. It’s one of the best Netflix shows ever put together.

9 to 5 stars Grace and Frankie were reunited in Grace and Frankie as a typical odd pair forced to live together after their spouses confess that a) they’re gay, b) they’re divorcing them, and c) they’re marrying.

Tolin’s Frankie Bergstein is a pot-smoking bohemian free spirit, whereas Fonda’s Grace Hanson is an uptight no-nonsense businesswoman with a bit of a drinking problem. The show follows their relationship as it progresses from a place of barely tolerating one other to one where they can’t picture their lives without the other.

The show is both funny and heartfelt, dealing with issues such as mortality, disease, and the search for meaning. It’s no wonder it’s Netflix’s longest-running show.

It is available to stream on Netflix.

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2. Chappelle’s Show

Even if it seems like a miracle child with two decades of hindsight, Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central sketch show wasn’t born out of thin air. It was in the 1990s that “The Cosby Show” was overshadowed by shows like “In Living Color” which paved the way for a new kind of television humor that dealt with race without the constraints of pithy platitudes and sitcom predictability.

In his harsh simplicity, Chappelle’s mockery of black entertainers like Lil Jon and Rick James was amazing. For example, a comedy in which Chappelle and Wayne Brady competed to host the show used Chappelle’s interest in the overlap between Black identity and celebrity image development.

Best Comedy Shows

As a white supremacist, Clayton Bigsby, a black guy who thought he was white, was a role model for the American dream in action in the famous Clayton Bigsby sketch by comedian Chris Chappelle.

The Bigsby sketch was famous for its machine-gun use of a phrase you can no longer get away with on TV beyond the genius of its code crashing and the pop of the scabrous one-liner it built to.

For some present viewers, that could be an issue. As for the sketches that focus on women’s breasts, they’ve not aged well. When it came to making fun of stereotypes, such as “haters” and “keeping it real,” Chappelle was (and still is) an instinctive offender who would use any opportunity to offend anyone, regardless of race or culture.

All of this is connected by the satirist’s everlasting wink, which in Chappelle’s case is edged with melancholy and pain. His ineffable, laid-back cool serves as the glue.

It is available to stream on Netflix.

3. Kim’s Convenience 

The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family living in Toronto, manage a small convenience store on a residential block. Both Paul Sun-Hyung Lee and Jean Yoon appear as Appa and Umma, the shop’s proprietors, respectively. In order to serve everyone, they keep it supplied for both passersby and regulars.

To keep the store running is their daughter, Janet (Andrea Bang), while their son is estranged from the family after a lifetime of heartbreaks and failures. Although Kim’s Convenience ended with a whimper, it was praised for its funny and enjoyable depiction of an Asian family throughout its duration.

Kim’s Convenience is likely where the cast first gained our affections, with Liu as Marvel’s Shang-Chi and Lee as The Mandalorian.

It is available to stream on Netflix.

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4. Cheers

Best Comedy Shows

A story about love in a workplace satire. American workers’ after-hours lives are celebrated in this song. Each viewer’s interpretation of “Cheers” is unique, yet it’s always memorable.

A modern sitcom wouldn’t be the same without Rhea Perlman’s Carla Tortelli, but the long-running NBC comedy has survived a central romance switcheroo and plenty more cast turnover by keeping its comedy consistent and killer. It is marshaled by Ted Danson, Shelley Long, and Rhea Perlman’s category-defining supporting player.

Since they’re not laughing hard enough, you should never doubt the laugh track recorded from the live audience.

With a cast that included Dan O’Shannon, David Angell, and Sam Simon, as well as James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles, the 11-season series was known for its lighthearted humor and balanced mix of personalities and smartly-sourced drama.

On any given night, “Cheers” could be anything you wanted it to be, but you always knew what it was called.

It is available to stream on Hulu.

5. Space Force

Steve Carell’s work should be categorized as a distinct comic subgenre. In this Netflix original dramedy, Carell delivers his distinct brand of humor to every scene. If you liked him in The Office as Michael Scott, you’ll probably like him in Space Force as General Mark Naird.

The sixth branch of the US military, the United States Space Force, is the focus of this comedy series. There is no doubt that Space Force is serious, but don’t be deceived by its lack of zany antics. The show is chock-full of sly humor, a slew of absurdities, and just a whole lot of good times.

The show has now had two seasons, and the third will premiere on February 18th, 2022. Whether or whether Space Force will return for a third season is as yet unknown, although the odds are in favor of it.

It is available to stream on Netflix.

Best Comedy Shows

6. Newsradio

“NewsRadio” is one of the best sitcoms of all time, yet it’s tough to explain why. As a result, the show functions as a perfect fusion of a wide range of comedic precedents, ranging from standard workplace sitcoms to Bob Newhart’s straight man in the face of insanity, to classic vaudeville timing.

However, the true reason is that it’s amusing. It’s great. Funny to the point of tears of pleasure and spit-takes. Maura Tierney, Vicki Lewis, Khandi Alexander, Andy Dick, and Joe Rogan are among the cast of Paul Simms’ creation that has achieved success thanks to his lightning-in-a-bottle cast.

The success of a comedy depends on the chemistry between the actors, and it appears that “NewsRadio” is the alchemical victory of the known world of television. “NewsRadio” was a hidden gem on a network that had had four other comedies on this list, despite its poor ratings.

If the show doesn’t have a constant supplier, it’s the risk of being forgotten by viewers who are no longer relying on cable reruns for their entertainment.

It is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

7. The Kominsky Method 

Those who have seen Chuck Lorre’s long list of hits tend to expect a certain type of plot from the producer. The Kominsky Method, on the other hand, shatters all of those preconceptions with a single stomp. Despite the terrible nature of the plot, it manages to be both heartfelt and sarcastic at the same time.

Former child star Sandy Kominsky has a waning acting career played by the legendary Michael Douglas. But, as the saying goes, those who can’t do, teach, and Sandy is the best acting coach in the business.

The show recounts his varied misadventures as he contends with life, love, death, and his prostate. Sandy’s relationship with his closest friend and agent, Norman Newlander (Alan Arkin), is the most appealing aspect of the show, but the other primary characters are also pretty endearing in their own ways.

There are three seasons of The Kominsky Method on Netflix, which began in 2018 and concluded in 2021.

It is available to stream on Netflix.

Best Comedy Shows

8. Veep

The coded language typically used to insult women are Bossy, Nasty, and Hysterical and yet, when turned on its head, each term also delivers an astute appraisal of HBO’s superb political comedy led by Emmy Queen Julia Louis-Dreyfus. For one, she’s the boss — the best, the top dog, the No. 1 honcho in all of television, and her turn as the ruthless, take-no-prisoners Selina Meyer proves it.

So great is the former VP’s unquenchable quest for power, let her be known as an honorary “Game of Thrones” character from this day forward. Selina was also the original nasty woman before Hillary derived power from the careless condemnation, throwing f-bombs with such elegance they belong in a library (or a vagi-brary, if you will).

Finally, Selina and all her “Veep” cohorts are hysterical to the funniest extreme. Armando Iannucci and (later) David Mandel’s comedy is an onslaught of well-orchestrated humor, from the precise blocking extracting superb visual jokes to persistent monologues rising to a comedic crescendo.

“Veep” takes anything you can throw at it and spits it right back in your face with 10 times the intensity. It’s the bossiest, nastiest, most hysterical comedy ever written, and should be very proud of it.

It is available to stream on Hulu and HBO Max.

9. Community

Dan Harmon’s Community is a comedy show with a meta-focus, a lot of hijinks, and a lot of episodes that are love letters to famous movies and TV shows from the past. The NBC show started out as the story of a lawyer who faked his degree and had to go to community college.

However, it quickly changed into something much more complicated, emotional, and creative. This lawyer, who is played by Joel McHale, forms a complicated friendship with the other people in his study group.

Together, they try to get out of this community college alive. You can see here the beginnings of Harmon’s ability to tell dark genre stories in Rick and Morty, but what keeps the characters of Community together, sentimentality be damned, is their sense of community.

You can stream all six seasons of Community right now on Netflix.

Best Comedy Shows

10. Seinfeld

This show about nothing” that won an Emmy is anything but, and Jerry Seinfeld, playing a fictionalized version of himself, proved that for nine great seasons as he looked at the small things through his own unique perspective.

In this social satire that broke most sitcom rules, Seinfeld and Larry David made their own New York where selfishness and lack of emotion are the norms.

This is especially true of Jerry’s closest friends, like the weak-willed George Constanza (Jason Alexander), the happy-go-lucky ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and the oddball neighbor Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), whose talents led to With all of its references to pop culture, the show turned into a comedy “ouroboros,” making its own rich world that started to turn back and refer to itself.

Because of this, it is still one of the most quotable, syndicated, and sponge-worthy comedies of all time.

It is available to stream on Hulu.

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11. Big Mouth

Big Mouth, Netflix’s original animated comedy, is both filthy and adorable at the same time. The show offers an honest depiction of the trials and tribulations of adolescence, with an emphasis on the transition into puberty.

When it comes to seventh-graders, the “Hormone Monster” is on hand to help them navigate the transition from childhood to adolescence. It’s a riot of color and inventiveness, but it also teaches a lot since it doesn’t hold back when it comes to tackling difficult topics that almost every preteen will face at some point in their lives.

If you don’t mind having some extremely candid discussions about the human body and sexuality, this is a great movie to see with your own children.

It is available to stream on Netflix.

Best Comedy Shows

12. Parks and Recreation

You need the right cast and a perfect setting in order to create the kind of humor that can counteract the caustic quality of life while still injecting a healthy dose of sincerity into the mix.

“Parks and Recreation,” starring Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope, was a joyous celebration of the absurdity of ordinary life. Aside from the crazy guy at the town hall meeting, this NBC series was able to glean the funniest gags from props, puns, and people alike.

Michael Schur’s engaging sitcom made its little town story as timeless as any political drama, big or small, by combining truth with hope.

It is available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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