The Top 10 Best Leonardo Dicaprio Movies: Is He Greatest Actor of All Time?

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most sought-after and accomplished actors in today’s Hollywood. However, there is no denying it. In addition, he’s a master at securing roles in high-quality films. Even though he turned down several excellent projects, practically every one of the films he has starred in has become one of the year’s best.

There are so many excellent Leonardo DiCaprio films that it was difficult to choose only ten (Sorry, Catch Me If You Can!). Blood Diamond, we’re so sorry!). And with his recent Best Actor nomination for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, it appears like he’ll be getting a regular stream of jobs in the future. You have it: the top ten Leonardo DiCaprio films of all time. Oh, and Shutter Island, my apologies! This will be a complex list to put together.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Johnny Depp was indeed the star of this drama in 1993, but Leonardo DiCaprio, who played a mentally challenged youngster named Arnie, was the one who stole the show. In addition to that, Leo was being considered for his very first Oscar, which was well deserved.

Top 10 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

The movie’s plot can be summed up by saying that it follows a young guy, portrayed by Johnny Depp. He is forced to take over as the head of his family’s household when his father takes his own life, and his mother’s severe melancholy causes her to put on a significant amount of weight. However, I would emphasize that the film is carried by Leonardo DiCaprio’s outstanding performance, which is remarkable.

 Revolutionary Road

What a complete and utter letdown! It was the second time that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet would appear in a movie together. It was absolutely nobody’s fan-fiction about what Jack and Rose from Titanic would have ended up like if Jack had lived. Revolutionary Road was the second time these two actors appeared in a movie together.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of a real son of a bitch in this film based on the same name Richard Yates’s novel. In the movie, the character cheats on his wife and gets into numerous arguments with her. That being said, it’s not exactly something that will win over the masses.

Top 10 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

But for a movie about a marriage falling apart in the 1950s, it feels uncomfortably contemporary. This may be because it deals with weighty topics like adultery and existential angst.

Michael Shannon also appears as a character in the film, playing a man who has a history of mental illness and is known to speak his opinion even in the most precarious of circumstances. It’s possible that this isn’t Leo’s best performance ever because he goes a little overboard with the shouting at points, but the movie itself is a powerhouse in its own right. One of the best works of Sam Mendes as a director.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained, the western directed by Quentin Tarantino, has all of the hallmarks of a Tarantino film, including stylized violence, funny banter, and great music. However, it also has one distinguishing factor that only one other Quentin Tarantino film has: Leonardo DiCaprio. And even though I wouldn’t put Django very high on my list of Tarantino’s flicks, Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as a charming scumbag in the film Django kind of makes up for the slow second half of the movie that occurs while he’s not in it.

The plot centers on Jamie Foxx’s character, a bounty hunter, an enslaved person educated by Cristoph Waltz‘s character. After taking down three bandits with their combined firepower, they set off on a rescue mission to bring Django’s wife back to safety.


But what drives the plot is Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as Calvin J. Candie, the plantation owner. The actor got into the role that he cut his hand while acting, but he didn’t let it affect his performance.

That is some serious dedication. Since B-level Tarantino is pretty much A-level for everyone else, I consider Django one of the best movies Leonardo DiCaprio has ever been in, even though I believe it to be on par with Tarantino’s lower tiers of quality.

The Aviator

“The path of things to come. The path toward the future. The path toward the future.” The ascent to success and descent into an obsessive-compulsive disorder that Leo DiCaprio portrays in this film as Howard Hughes is the stuff of mythology, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as Hughes may be his best work date.

However, this is not a list of the best roles that Leonardo DiCaprio has ever played. It is a list of the best movies that he has ever made. The Aviator is a movie that is pretty damn good.


The biographical picture directed by Martin Scorsese about Howard Hughes races that you probably aren’t even aware that you’re learning about one of the fascinating people in American history. From Howard Hughes’s tenure as director of Hell’s Angels to his relationship with Audrey Hepburn (impeccably portrayed by Cate Blanchett) to Hughes’s descent into lunacy, The Aviator is a film that will stand the test of time. The narration of the story is the essential part.

The Revenant

The Revenant, which also stars Tom Hardy in one of his most terrifying performances ever, is a profoundly emotional film with equal parts thriller and western fantastic. Since I saw it in the cinemas, I’ve been haunted by the terrible voyage into horrible Dakotas. Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a frontiersman on the trail of the man who killed his Native American kid.

Leonardo DiCaprio earned his first Best Actor Academy Award for this role for the record. Although the tale may deviate from historical fact, the film is beautiful and unsettling enough for me to overlook this and “enjoy” what is shown. If I may, I would use “enjoy” to sum up my feelings about the whole thing. DiCaprio uses Gleeson’s corpse as a ruse in the showdown between Leo and Tom Hardy… It’s hard to think of anything more significant than that.

The Departed 

Scorsese eventually received the Best Picture and Best Director awards at the Academy Awards for his superb picture The Departed, for which he was even nominated alongside Mark Wahlberg. Undercover officer Leonardo DiCaprio infiltrates a crime syndicate run by Jack Nicholson in the film. Did you even read what I just wrote? That’s all I’ve got to say about this film.


Of course, there’s more. In The Departed, Matt Damon stars as a hood disguised as a cop, and the rest of the cast is equally impressive. The film that follows is tense and features one of the cinema’s most shocking and sudden deaths. You never know where the story will take you until the bittersweet climax.


Because Titanic is so well-known, I don’t need to look up the exact date of its sinking to remember it. 1997 is a year I will never forget. That was when everyone was proclaiming, “I’m the king of the world!” with their arms wide open. Leonardo DiCaprio’s star power made the film the talk of the town at the time, and it was primarily due to that. Because he was featured in so many adolescent dream magazines when he was younger, Leo has become one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed performers.


You’ve heard it all before. With his hands on the door, the poor man freezes to death aboard the fated boat that crashed into an iceberg. Be prepared to shed a few tears. Young women worldwide were clamoring for Jack to paint them in the likeness of one of his French girls after seeing Titanic, and that clamor persists to this day. Additionally, Billy Zane and Kathy Bates are featured in the film. This is one of the best movies of all time.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio has collaborated with Martin Scorsese on five films, the most recent being The Wolf of Wall Street, which I consider the actor’s finest work to date. Jordan Belfort, a fictional stock broker, based on a real-life individual who amassed a fortune by trading in penny stocks, is portrayed in the film by Leonardo DiCaprio. This is another biography directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, in contrast to The Aviator, which featured Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Howard Hughes and was set in the 1920s through the 1940s, The Wolf of Wall Street was developed in the 1980s and had all of the sleazy excesses that the decade was known for at the time. And Leo is just too excellent at playing the role of a condescending Wall Street person.

It was the part he was destined to play, with his hair slicked back and his eyes giving off such a sly and alluring vibe. It’s like the movie Wall Street that Oliver Stone directed, but on steroids.


Jonah Hill gives his best career performance as Belfort’s unscrupulous business partner, while Margot Robbie plays Belfort’s impossibly gorgeous trophy wife. Matthew McConaughey appears, banging his chest and whistling some stupid song. It is undoubtedly one of the funniest movies that Leo has ever starred in, and at the time of its release, it even held the record for the most f-bombs ever used in a single motion picture. That’s saying something.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

When all was said and done… Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Quentin Tarantino are at the pinnacle of their careers in Hollywood right now (along with Brad Pitt, of course). Therefore, you know that it has to appear relatively high on this list. Rick Dalton, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a former TV western star who attempts to transition into the film industry but is not very successful in doing so.

In this scene, Dalton messes up his lines, which causes him to become angry. This results in sets of Dalton freaking out on auditions, including one specific moment in which he has a fit of fury in his trailer after messing up his lines. And would it surprise you to learn that the entirety of that sequence was made up on the spot?

Once Upon a Time, on the other hand, manages to capture a moment in time that belonged to an ancient period of Hollywood in a manner that is all the more spectacular because it pays such close attention to detail.


This is, without a doubt, another one of Tarantino’s revisionist history lessons, much like Django Unchained and Inglorious Basterds before it. However, the picture’s entirety is of high quality, both in terms of production and humor, that it all comes together to create one of the most pleasant movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This one will hold up well over time. I am acutely aware of it.

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