Best 10 Zombie Movies on Netflix: What Is the Best Zombie Film of the Year 2022?

There’s a zombie movie out there for just about anybody. The undead aren’t just for horror fanatics! Do you like it more when things are in motion? Fortunately, there’s a zombie movie for it. Like a dash of whimsy or romance with your zombie chaos? If you want a zombie movie about it, there’s a zombie movie. Whether you prefer slow-burning horror or high-octane thrills, the zombie genre has something for everyone.

It’s helpful that zombies are so adaptable. To be safe, no one in your gang’s well-guarded apocalypse bunker should trust anyone who claims to be in charge of what “counts” as the walking dead—reanimated bodies or zombies? Cannibalistic munchies infected humans also count? “Why divide hairs?” When you see a zombie, you know it. We want to think that we may be open to people of all religious backgrounds in keeping with the zombie horde’s friendly attitude. There is no reason why we can’t treat everyone equally when it comes to zombie-like diseases.

With so many zombies to choose from, how do you narrow it down to just those that will keep you up at night? With so much zombie stuff to pick from, what should you prioritize? Fortunately, you’ve found us! We’ve scoured Netflix like scavengers looking for the best zombie movies, and we’ve seen them. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the finest zombie films now available on Netflix.


A man named Oh Joon-woo, who runs a live-streaming service for video games, is in South Korea with his family when an unknown disease breaks out in his apartment complex and turns the infected residents into vicious cannibals. The streamer stays locked up in his apartment as the gruesome illness spreads throughout the city. Oh, she is home alone at the time.

He is cut off from the outside world and has few alternatives for escape, but he is determined to live regardless of the odds. If you’ve ever thought that a zombie apocalypse may make #stayathome more attractive, then “Alive” is the show for you.

Best 10 Zombie Movies

It seems that Twitch streamers who have a supply of ramen on hand are in an excellent position to wait out the end of the world. If the CGI-heavy sequel to “Train to Busan” in 2020 failed to excite you, you can pretend it never occurred and imagine that “#Alive” was the film that was supposed to come after it. Don’t let the awful hashtag title fool you into thinking anything else.

Army of the Dead

“Army of the Dead” is a spiritual successor to “Dawn of the Dead,” which was Zack Snyder’s first feature picture. The film is a mashup of a heist thriller and a zombie movie and serves as a spiritual sequel to that film.

The metropolis of Las Vegas swiftly succumbs to the voracious sickness that spreads throughout the city after a military highway accident lets a zombie loose. As a result, the government is forced to quarantine the town.

Six years later, a gang of mercenaries is hired to enter the quarantine zone to retrieve two hundred million dollars from the vault of a casino before the military detonates a nuclear weapon and destroys the city, along with all of its zombie inhabitants.

Best 10 Zombie Movies

“Army of the Dead” is a film that is stupid and is fully aware of the fact that it is silly. How could you possibly be uninterested in the concept of zombie showgirls and a zombified tiger? Oh, hell yes! It is a genre mix that features spectacular set pieces and unique stakes.


Ada, a young woman from Dakar, Senegal, falls in love with Souleiman, a construction worker who works on the nearby skyscraper. Despite this, she is saddened when the construction workers, who have not been paid for their contract, leave by sea to seek a better life in Spain because she promised another man.

“Atlantics,” a gothic romance novel that traverses several genres, is best enjoyed without preconceptions. After a few days, Ada’s wedding is destroyed by a fire, and a mystery disease sweeps over her neighborhood. While not quite a “zombie film,” Mati Diop’s fascinating look at the unquiet dead earns it a place on this list anyway.


During a supply run, Andy and his wife, Kay, have mastered the art of surviving the zombie apocalypse. However, zombies attack Kay just as they achieve this apparent mastery.

Andy has only 48 hours left to live, but he is willing to put everything on the line in an attempt to get Kay to a hospital. They were involved in a car accident during the trip, and when Andy came to, he discovered that his wife had changed. Andy has been bitten, and he has only two days left to live. He needs to find a new family for his young daughter, Rose because she will soon be an orphan.

Best 10 Zombie Movies

While traveling through the Outback with a single, unyielding goal in mind, Andy needs to negotiate what is left of humanity to provide a secure future for his daughter. “Cargo” is a magnificently dramatic genre treasure that carries equal strength as a statement on Australian indigenous issues. It is anchored by the superb lead performance delivered by Martin Freeman. The film is heartbreaking.

Corpse Bride

In the horror film “Corpse Bride,” the nerdy but good-hearted Victor Van Dort makes an embarrassing proposal to a corpse. You might be wondering how he could pull off such a trick because he was rehearsing his fundamental wedding vows (meant for a living, breathing woman) and made the unfortunate mistake of placing the ring on the twisted, bony finger of a deceased woman.

It may happen to anyone. As soon as possible, Victor needs to make his way back to his fiancee, who is still alive and beating her heart, after being transported to the very horrific Land of the Dead.

Best 10 Zombie Movies

Along the way, Victor starts to piece together the murky details surrounding the death of his chosen bride (her body was found in the backyard, after all), and he begins to suspect foul play. “Corpse Bride” is a gothic, ghastly, and impressively animated film that will provide joy to both the living and the dead.

Kingdom Ashin of the North

This feature-length prequel to the popular Netflix series is set during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, and it explores the backstory of the enigmatic tribal heir Ashin as well as the origin of the strange plant that triggered an unprecedented cascade of tragic events throughout the kingdom, including an unnatural plague that resurrects the dead.

The series itself was a hit on Netflix. Do not be concerned if you have not watched the “Kingdom” series. “Ashin of the North” is an entirely functional site-quel that works both independently and as an introduction to those who wish to dip their toes into the horror period piece.

“Ashin of the North” is a fully functioning side-quel. Movie fans, do not let the fact that it has been seen on television deter you from checking it out! “Ashin of the North” is a film that is equal parts a tale of vengeance, a zombie action-thriller, and a war epic. The film has a scope and a narrative grasp, and Kim Si-a gives a gut-wrenching performance as young Ashin.


Quebec, Canada, the rural areas have been left ravaged, barely populated, and utterly swarming with the infected in the wake of an outbreak that resembles zombies. Even though their numbers are decreasing and they are being driven further and further into the woods to escape the flesh-eating hordes, the few survivors that are still alive make an effort to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

“Ravenous” is a straightforward story about surviving in a hostile environment, but it delivers a brutal punch despite its simplicity. The film is filled with tension, bloodletting, and a cast of characters that grow on both the spectator and each other.

Soul Thieves

The events of “Soul Thieves,” which occur in the early 19th century during the movement for Mexican independence, find a band of Spanish bandits seeking safety at a complex that a group of sisters manages.

“Soul Thieves” is a rough-around-the-edges B-movie that will bring some grisly flavor to any undead double feature. It doesn’t take long for the robbers to figure out that the Cordero sisters’ primary line of defense against them isn’t guns but rather zombies. The film owes a debt to the material that Val Lewton produced during his era, such as “I Walked with a Zombie.”

I Lost My Body

A severed hand manages to free itself from the refrigerator in a laboratory and embarks on a frantic search for the rest of its body. The heartbreaking story of Naoufel’s life is revealed in flashbacks while the hand searches fruitlessly for him around the outskirts of Paris.

Even though it is not a “zombie movie” in the traditional sense, “I Lost My Body” deserves to be included on our list because it broadens our understanding of what it means to convey stories about loss, mortality, and bodily defiance.

Best 10 Zombie Movies

Jérémy Clapin’s picture is dreadful enough to satisfy genre enthusiasts while also tempting gore hounds to dip their toes into something a little more on the arthouse side of the rails. The film is heartfelt and captivatingly animated, and it features a terrific score composed by Dan Levy.


“Izla” is a zombie horror film directed by Barry Gonzalez and stars some great actors, including Paolo Contis, Archie Alemania, Beauty Gonzalez, and Isabella Daza. The movie’s plot centers on a group of adventure bloggers looking for a legendary island to visit on their next trip.

Best 10 Zombie Movies

For the young explorers to achieve their objective, they enlist the assistance of two brothers to travel with them on their journey. The brothers have no idea of the sinister mysteries that the young explorers are about to uncover. As soon as they stumble across the island by accident, they are confronted with many demonic secrets.

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