Will The Chair Starring Sandra Oh Get Renewed for a Second Season?

The Chair, starring Sandra Oh as Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman of color to hold the position of English department chair at Pembroke University, is a world of academia and literature dominated by Professor Kim.

Ji-personal Yoon’s life is intertwined with on-campus difficulties in the comedy-drama series.

As a single mother and English department chair, she’s juggling a tumultuous relationship with her colleague Bill Dobson while still attempting to be a decent mother to their kid.

On August 20, 2021, Netflix launched the first season of the show. The show’s cast, story, and approach were all acclaimed. What we do know regarding the show’s future is summarised below.

The Chair Season 2

Who Will Be Back in The Chair Season 2?

We can expect the following characters to return in season 2:

  • Sandra Oh as Ji-Yoon Kim
  • Jay Duplass as Bill Dobson
  • Bob Balaban as Elliot Rentz
  • Nana Mensah as Yaz McKay
  • Everly Carganilla as Ju-Hee – Ju Ju – Kim
  • David Morse as Paul Larson
  • Holland Taylor as Joan Hambling
  • Ji Lee as Habi
  • Ron Crawford as Professor McHale
  • Ella Rubin as Dafna Eisenstadt
  • Mallory Low as Lila
  • Jordan Tyson as Capri

What Will Be the Plot of the Upcoming Season?

Ji-Yoon was ousted as chair of the Pembroke English department by her colleagues at the end of season one. Despite Elliot’s best efforts, Oh’s character said “f**k no” and left Joan in control, allowing her to move out of the basement of the college gym and into a proper office.

The Chair Season 2

Ji-Yoon is able to spend more time with her daughter Ju Ju now that her schedule is a little less crowded. In the next episode, Ju Ju will be trying to figure out who she is and where she fits in the world, and the two of them have a tense relationship.

The college’s settlement offer was turned down by Bill, so he’s now fighting for his job back. In the meantime, he’ll be babysitting Ji-children Yoon to keep him occupied.

After the first outing of The Chair, the two were back on good terms, but they haven’t really accepted their romantic connection. In the wake of the death of his wife, Bill is still grieving, but his feelings for Ji-Yoon are anything from platonic.

In season two, will she eventually give in and follow her heart instead of her mind?

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When Will The Chair Season 2 Release?

Viewers and critics alike gave the show a generally favorable review. The six-episode-long series was similarly well-received and well-liked. To determine whether or not to renew a show, Netflix weighs these two elements.

There are still unsolved questions at the end of the sixth episode of the show, which was not stated to be a limited series at all. Both Bill’s and Ji-legal Yoon’s battles and futures are in jeopardy. However, most of the loose ends have been knotted.

The Chair’s second season has yet to be announced by Netflix. The first season was launched several months ago, but we haven’t heard anything about a second.

If the show is given a green light then we can expect it to release at end of 2022.

The Chair Season 2

How The Chair Season 1 Concluded?

The six-episode first season of The Chair, a popular Netflix comedy, was released in 2021.

The Chair follows the life of Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman to hold the position of chair of an English department at a university in the United Kingdom. Her adoptive daughter will also be a part of the series, as she raises the child and aids her colleague Yaz McKay in her bid for tenure.

Bill Dobson, a classmate at Pembroke University who Ji-Yoon Kim has a crush on, is another person with whom she hopes to develop romantic ties.

The Chair Season 2: Trailer

There has been no word on a comeback, which implies there is no new trailer. The filming hasn’t even begun, and it appears like it will be a long time before it’s finished.

Here is the trailer for season 1 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Chair’s Rating?

The chair has an IMDb score of 7.2/10 and a rotten tomato rating of 86%.

Where to Stream the Chair?

Netflix has all of The Chair’s episodes available for viewing.

How Many Episodes Are in The Chair Season 1?

Six episodes make up the first season of The Chair.

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