10 Effective Ways to Write an Entertainment Speech

An entertaining speech aims to break from serious matters, recharge vivacity and good mood, and be entertaining and humorous. It is perhaps the most challenging thing in writing an entertainment speech.

Innate artistry and sense of humor, the ability to tell funny jokes, and the most seemingly ordinary things are usually given by nature. If you are interested in writing an entertainment speech, you can try to develop this valuable quality in yourself. After all, people appreciate irony, caricature, mocking exaggeration, an optimistic joke, and generally ease in handling words.

A sense of humor is the health of the mind. Therefore, for a speaker, spiritual vivacity helps maintain high efficiency and optimism in the audience, which are so necessary for long and serious communication.

Tips for Amusing Your Audience

You can talk about the features and types of public speech for a long time. It should be strong and simple, artistic and understandable to most, flourishing and concise. Awareness of all these subtleties comes with practice. Let’s dwell on the speech structure to master it right now. Before working with text, break it into blocks. This will make it much easier for you to build logical connections. Then consider important things:

Performance limit

A good speech shouldn’t be too long or too short. As a rule, it takes no more than 15-20 minutes. You need to do everything to meet the given framework. Everyone has their own pace of speech, their way of pausing, and their peculiarities of pronunciation. Therefore, you should plan your speech in advance. Based on this, you will be able to choose words and sentences of suitable length.


Come up with a greeting first. There is no need to come up with anything catchy and pretentious. The “good evening” greeting can be enough. Pay attention to how advanced comics greet. Everyone does it in their own way, and the greeting has already become a personal feature for many.


On stage, it is necessary to capture listeners’ attention from the first words and not let it go until the end. Speeches often begin with a famous quote or proverb. The main thing is don’t make the introductory part long. It should take up no more than 10% of the entire story.

Establishing contact with the public

Actually, your speech is not able to help establish contact with the audience by 100%. A lot depends on extraneous factors: posture, gestures, the volume of voice, euphony of timbre, and your appearance. However, you can help yourself in some ways.

The path to the heart of the public is usually paved with:

  • Competent words to the main monologue;
  • Questions to the audience;
  • Intrigue;
  • Using phrases that are familiar from childhood.

The most famous speakers stubbornly persuade the public to give feedback with phrases like: “did this really happen to you?” or “Am I right?”. You don’t need to copy them. Just take note of this method and use it in moderation.

Main Part

Here you should convey the meaning of what was said as much as possible. Alas, knowledge of one topic will not be enough. To achieve the goal, ask yourself why you are speaking on this or that topic, what you want to convey to people, and how this speech should affect your future professional activities. You should also study the target audience well. Their interests are even more important than yours. For example, if the performance is for pensioners, you will not write a student speech, right?


Conclusions in a speech are not just a beautiful final chord. Ideally, they should summarize all of the above and motivation for any action. See how presidents end their speeches. They tend to call on their people to do something. Or watch TEDx talks wrap up. There is always some moral there.

10 Fundamental Rules of Entertainment Speech Writing

So, an entertaining speech is a performance. Its purpose is to entertain, amuse the audience, and make people smile and have a good time. Entertaining speech should maintain the attention and interest of listeners. It should be entertaining and pleasant for listeners throughout its entire length. It is intended for pleasant conversation at leisure and should leave listeners in a good, optimistic mood, with a smile on their lips.

10 rules of entertainment performance preparations:

  1. The main feature of entertaining speech is conflict-free. It shouldn’t offend anyone. It shouldn’t contain criticism of those present;
  2. In such a speech, it is necessary to keep the attention of the audience throughout the story;
  3. The speech should be short but not one-word;
  4. It should combine serious and joke, but humor should prevail;
  5. Examples from the personal life of the narrator or those present are effective in it;
  6. The irony is effective in it (and often self-irony);
  7. Entertaining speech usually contains exaggerations. It has a lot of comparisons and metaphors;
  8. It is pronounced without an outline;
  9. It should be pronounced perfectly smoothly, without hesitation, and stopped in an impromptu style;
  10. It should have a short, aphoristic, premeditated conclusion. It is a playful call or a playful moral.

So, now you know all the rules of entertainment speech writing. If you can’t cope with it, you can ask experts from professional writing services to process your “write my speech for me” request online, on any topic you need. It is an excellent option to get the best result.

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