The Owl House Season 3 Release Date: Are the Characters Gay in Real Life Too?

Aspiring Connecticut girl Luz Noceda accidentally enters a mysterious realm known as the Boiling Isles instead of summer camp. “The Owl House” by Dana Terrace is the narrator of her story.

“The Owl Lady,” a self-sufficient and competent witch, is played by Wendi Malick. She offers to teach Luz magic in exchange for her assistance in bringing her back to the living world. A novice to this odd world, Luz makes friends and enemies at the local magic school where she resides with Eda and another roommate, the demon king.

Fans of “The Owl House” admire it for a variety of reasons, including the fact that Luz and Amity, a girl from her high school, had a romantic relationship. This is a major step forward in the growing representation of LGBTQ+ persons in children’s animation.

Here is everything we know about The Owl House Season 3.

The Owl House Season 3

The Owl House Season 3: Release Date

Recently, The Owl House’s third season was officially announced. On May 28, 2022, the final episode of season 2 was released, and all Owl house followers were overcome with emotion. The Owl house’s third season has been eagerly anticipated by fans.

The Owl House’s third season delivers both good and bad news for its viewers. However, the third season has been announced and will be out soon. However, the bad news is that the series will only consist of three episodes. This will also be the last season of the Owl House series.

The third season is expected to premiere in March of 2023. Season 3 of this comic and horror show will feature three special episodes. There will be 44 to 46-minute episodes in the third season. Each of the season’s three episodes will be available on Disney+ at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Who Will Return In The Owl House Season 3?

Among this season’s cast members are Tati Gabrielle, Isaac Ryan Brown, and Cissy Jones, who play Luz’s school pals Willow, Gus, and Willow’s mother, respectively.

When Belos sends the Golden Guard to eavesdrop on the Owl House and its inhabitants in Season 2, Zeno Robinson steps in to play the role. In Season 2, Rhys is expected to have a larger role.

A long list of notable actors and actresses join Felicia Day and Harvey Guillén from “What We Do in the Shadows,” Nik Dodani and Alex Lawther from “The End of the F***ing World” in Season 2’s guest voice cast. Season 3 is expected to continue with guest appearances, but no specific celebrities have been identified.

The Owl House Season 3

What Will Be the Plot of The Owl House Season 3?

Season 3 of “The Owl House” is expected to pick up where Season 2 left. When Belos attempts to seize control of the portal leading to the human realm at the end of Season 1, Luz and King are forced to save a cursed Eda from him. Luz vows to her mother that she will find a way home as soon as she knows her only route is blocked.

Lilith, a devoted disciple of Belo’s, goes against him to preserve her sister’s life. Eda’s curse can be partially transferred to Lilith, allowing her to resurrect Eda, albeit with less magic.

The second season of “The Owl House” assumes a more serious tone than the first one. In the meantime, Belos is working to rebuild the gateway, and Lilith is doing everything she can to help Eda and the others make up for the mistakes she committed in the past.

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Elixirs play an important role in managing Eda and Lilith’s curse, which requires their use of them. Amity and Luz’s feelings for one another continue to grow, and King eventually discloses the truth about where he comes from.

No one can predict what the gang will encounter in Season 3, but there’s a decent chance they’ll all be there with plenty of magical mishaps to go around.

The Owl House Season 3

Are the Characters Gay in Real Life Too?

In a period when animated series on Disney Channel avoided depicting LGBTQ people, this one included real-life gay characters.

It’s safe to say that after the series finales of Steven Universe and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, The Owl House was the appropriate show for fantasy adventure lovers who wanted to see the world as it really was, rather than just glimpses.

“Enchanting Grom Fright,” the first Disney Channel animated series to include a lead LGBTQ character, showed that Amity had a crush on Luz.

Alex Hirsch, Gravity Falls’ creator and one of the program’s voice actors, commented on how difficult it had been to acquire representation for people of color just a few years before when the two first met in season 2 of the show. Prior to Disney’s endorsement of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill, this was a statement.

The Owl House Season 3: Trailer

 The trailer for season 3 is not released yet. Here is the trailer for season 2 below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Age of Luz From the Owl House?

Luz Noceda, the show’s 14-year-old protagonist, is a typical teen who sets out on a quest to another planet in order to become a witch.

Are Amity and Luz in a Relationship?

Their relationship is made official in “Knock, Knock,” with both of them expressing their happiness at the prospect of being in a relationship.

Is Luz a Girl?

The animated series “The Owl House” stars Luz Noceda as the main protagonist. Eda Clawthorne teaches this human girl how to become a witch after she is accidentally transferred to another realm.

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