One Piece Chapter 1051 Release Date: Spoilers for the Upcoming Chapter!

Chapter 1050 was released only yesterday, but fans are already desperate for information about the next chapter, One Piece Chapter 1051. People on opposing sides of the series’ most recent developments are eagerly expecting One Piece Chapter 1051, which will hopefully put an end to their disagreements.

One Piece Chapter 1051, recent events indicate that the issue will take one of two major paths. In addition, the publishing date for One Piece Chapter 1051 has already been announced and made public.

For One Piece Chapter 1051, here is all you need to know about what to expect and when it will be released.

One Piece Chapter 1051

When Will One Piece Chapter 1051 Be Released?

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, One Piece Chapter 1051 will be released in its entirety for the first time. In addition to two recognized sources, unofficial translations of the issue are expected to appear early in the week.

Fans can read the first and last three chapters of the accessible series, including One Piece, at Viz Media’s MANGA Plus website. For the rest of the issues of One Piece, there is Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app, which is a premium subscription service.

What Can We Expect From One Piece Chapter 1051?

Regardless of whatever road the issue takes, Momonosuke’s mature body is likely to lead to it. That adult Kozuki, stated earlier, would take over as Wano’s next shogun was hinted at by Denjiro in the previous issue’s final pages.

One Piece Chapter 1051

In addition, the public’s reaction and Momonosuke’s first remarks as shogun of Wano are almost certainly going to be shown. His talk with Zunesha in Chapter 1050 suggests that this will cover the issue of Wano’s frontiers finally opening up.

At this point, we should expect to see Allied forces celebrating their victory in Onigashima and returning to their base. Chapter 1051 of One Piece is likely to go two alternative paths depending on the outcome of Kaido and Big Mom’s battle.

For a few pages at least, the issue will likely focus on the Allied Forces once the two Yonko are wiped out. Zoro, Kin’emon, and Okiku are expected to be updated, as are questions about Onigashima and the Beast Pirates’ fodder.

With the beginning or announcement of a celebration, this issue would come to an end. If the escaping CP0 agent reports Kaido’s loss to the World Government, fans may see it. This could lead to a response from high-ranking Marines and World Government officials.

However, if Kaido and Big Mom are not yet defeated, the future issue will have a very different look. In the following situation, the scene would be significantly longer when returning to Onigashima’s landing place.

Kaido and Big Mom, who appear to be submerged in subsurface magma at the moment, will presumably be shown reacting in a few brief panels of people’s faces.

One Piece Chapter 1051

A chat between the two or a flashback commencing in-depth is the two most likely choices for this shift in perspective and what it will reveal.

To be sure, their talk will be a hint that they’re both awakenings and yet have more to contribute if it goes the former way. The narrative would then end with the two returning to the surface of Wano.

Many One Piece fans will finally receive what they’ve been waiting for for years if the latter happens. For those who haven’t read earlier issues, they should expect the flashback to begin with the Beast Pirates’ inception.

If this happens, the chapter would most likely conclude with Kaido’s flashback and continue in the following issue.

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Spoilers for the Upcoming Chapter!

“Shogun of Wano Kozuki Momonosuke” is the name given to One Piece chapter 1051 by early leaks, which follows the last chapter where Momo gave a speech to the people of Wano. He had achieved his goal, and now the readers of the Wano Country can view him as the new Shogun in this chapter.

At some point, we learn that the “Dango-Making” abilities of Tama only persist for a month. Finally, Yamato makes a revelation to the Straw Hats crew, announcing that she will be joining them aboard their spacecraft.

It appears that some of the members are excited by the news, while others are surprised. As soon as One Piece Chapter 1051 is released, the real cause for this will be revealed to the public.

One Piece Chapter 1051

Recap of One Piece Chapter 1050

Luffy and Kaido’s long battle came to a dramatic conclusion in One Piece’s 1050th chapter. In the same lava pit where Big Mom also fell, an unconscious Kaido is swallowed by lava. Second, an underwater volcanic eruption occurs as a result of the second collision.

Nekomamushi declares Luffy’s victory at the end of the Fire Festival, and Yamato prevents the disillusioned Beasts Pirates from engaging in any further combat.

He tells Zunesha that he doesn’t plan on allowing Wano’s frontiers to be breached at this time. Momonosuke reverts back to normal when the people of Wano mistake him for Kaido, and Komurasaki and Kyoshiro appear, with the latter announcing the new Shogun of Wano Country. The next chapter of One Piece begins here.

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