Les Gold Net Worth: Does He Still Own a Pawn Shop?

Les Gold was born in the US on June 20, 1950. Hardcore Pawn star who became a pawnbroker. The 2010 debut was truTV’s most-watched ever. Les Gold’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

Les Gold is an American pawnbroker, reality TV star, author, and media figure. He’s recognized for Hardcore Pawn on truTV.

The couple had Ashley and Seth.

Leslie “Les” Gold is a third-generation pawnbroker/salesman. His grandfather had “Sam’s Loans” on Michigan Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. At 7, Gold was sold at Sam’s Loans. “Gold Cash Gold” will be a pawn shop-themed restaurant in the former Sam’s Loans building. 1975: He married Lilli Gold.

Early Life and Career

The birth date of Leslie (Les) Gold is June 20, 1950. Leo is the grandson of Sam’s Loans pawnbroker, a Jewish businessman in Detroit, Michigan, who owned the now-defunct pawn store.

Les sold his first item at seven in his grandfather’s shop. Having launched his first company at the age of 12, he sold pizza slices to his peers at The Hebrew School in Michigan, his high school of choice.

American Jewelry and Loan was Gold’s first pawn business, which he started in 1978. The Green Eight Shopping Center on Oak Park, Michigan’s iconic 8 Mile Road, was where it was located. In 1993, the store was relocated to its current location on Greenfield Road near 8 Mile in Detroit, where it had previously been a bowling alley.


Pontiac became his second location in 2011. This hard-nosed, old-school pawnbroker is the pinnacle of street-smart acumen and is known for driving a hard bargain at his 50,000-square-foot jewelry business. Around 200 workers are employed by the pawn shop’s five Michigan sites.

More than a pawnshop, American Jewelry and Loan is a family-run enterprise. Seth, Les’ son, is the shop’s general manager. In terms of marketing, he does everything. It’s Ashley’s job to be the assistant manager. All of his children work there, and he dreams of the day when they will all take over the business.

Les began Hardcore Pawn on TruTV in 2009. Indie producer Richard Dominick initially approached him after seeing Gold’s business advertising on “Jerry Springer” Dominick pitched the Gold a pawnshop reality program. Les was hesitant, but his son Seth persisted, and in 2009 the pilot of “Hardcore Pawn” debuted with Les as co-executive producer alongside Mike Hamson. Les and Seth became executive producers in season 3.

Les Gold Net Worth

RDF USA is the company behind the documentary reality series Hardcore Pawn. Drama, disputes, laughter, and absurdity between the employees and their customers are the primary subjects of this show. As a result, Hardcore Pawn has been accused of ripping off and cashing in on the massive popularity and success of the original Pawn Stars show.

American Jewelry and Loan is a pawn store run by a family. Hardcore Pawn is more realistic than Pawn Stars, says Les. His pawn shop attracts customers from all walks of life.

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TruTV’s most-watched premiere was “Pawn Stars,” which garnered 2 million viewers. The show follows the day-to-day happenings of the business. However, Les defends the show, claiming that none of the scenes on Hardcore Pawn have been manufactured.

Les Gold’s Relationships

Currently, Les and Lili Gold are married to each other. 1975 was the year when the pair tied the knot. As a result of their marriage, they are parents to two children: a daughter named Ashley Broad and a son named Seth Gold.

In contrast to Seth, who is from the United States and works in the television industry as a producer, writer, businessman, and television personality, Ashley is involved in business and production. Les and his family are currently enjoying a prosperous and comfortable life together.

Various Other Business Ventures

His autobiography, “For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker,” was published in June 2013 and is Gold’s first book. The book, published by Penguin/Portfolio, describes how he built his successful business and offers guidance to others in the industry.

According to the New York Times’ “How-To” Best Seller List, published on June 30, 2013, the book peaked at number four. A few months later, the Hardcover Business Books category rose to number 8.

Les Gold Net Worth

In his spare time, Golden supports The Heat and Warmth (THAW) Fund. Families in need of assistance with their utility and heating expenses can turn to the nonprofit for help. Fundraisers are sometimes held in his store. In February 2013, a party dubbed “Hardcore THAW” raised more than $40k for THAW.

Les Gold Net Worth

Les Gold is a flamboyant patriarch of American Jewelry and Loan and a pawnbroker who has been in the business for three generations. Les Gold has a wealth of $5 million, as measured by his net worth. Because of his appearance in the reality show “Hardcore Pawn” on TruTV, Les Gold has gained a lot of notoriety.

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Religion, Ethnicity, and Political Beliefs

Let’s check it out! According to publicly available resources such as IMDb and Wikipedia, Les Gold is of Caucasian ancestry. On this page, we will bring Les Gold’s religious and political views up to date. After a few days, could you please check back on the article?
At 12, Gold launched his first business venture by purchasing pizzas and then reselling them to his fellow Hebrew School classmates by the slice.

In 1978, Gold opened his pawnshop in Oak Park, Michigan, called American Jewelry and Loan. It was located in the Green Eight Shopping Center on 8 Mile Road.

Les Gold Net Worth

In 1993, he relocated it to its current home, which is a structure that is 50,000 square feet in size and was originally a bowling alley and is located on Greenfield Road in Detroit near 8 Mile. The company now operates out of three sites, employing anywhere from 100 to 200 individuals, and caters to approximately 1,000 consumers daily.

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Leslie Gold, a third-generation broker, was born in June of 1950 and continues to reside and work in the same city in Michigan where he was born in. Leslie Gold is a third-generation broker.
The Hardcore Pawn reality show was filmed at the flagship Detroit location, still a full-service pawn shop. The show broke several rating records throughout its run. In Michigan, American Jewelry and Loan stores can be found in the cities of Detroit, Hazel Park, Pontiac, and Southgate.

Is Les Gold Still in Business?

In 1993, he relocated it to its current home on Greenfield Road in Detroit, close to 8 Mile; the building now spans 50,000 square feet and is once a bowling alley. The company currently operates out of 5 different sites, employing between 100 and 200 workers, and caters to approximately 1,000 clients every day.

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