Kelly Clarkson Net Worth: How Much Does She Make Per Show?

Kelly Clarkson is a well-known singer, songwriter, and television personality from Texas in the United States of America.

Her victory in the first season of the reality competition television series American Idol in 2002 propelled her to the forefront of the entertainment industry. It landed her a recording contract with RCA Records.

Kelly Clarkson Early life 

Kelly Clarkson was born in Texas on April 24, 1982. Her parents divorced, separating her from her siblings. Kelly lived with her mother while her brother and sister lived with relatives. Clarkson has reared a Southern Baptist. She started singing in the middle school choir. Clarkson performed in musicals and talent shows throughout high school. Kelly Clarkson declined multiple singing-related scholarships. She wanted to focus on her music immediately.

Kelly Clarkson Career 

After high school, Clarkson recorded a demo reel. She worked many jobs to finance the recording sessions and had label interest. She declined down offers because she feared being stereotyped and commercialized. She moved to Los Angeles in 2001, hoping for more chances. Every record label she sought rejected her 5-track demo reel. After financial problems, she returned home. She worked as a movie theatre hostess and cocktail server during this time.

Friends pushed Kelly Clarkson to audition for “American Idol” after she returned home. In the first season, the producers played it by ear. Clarkson eventually won the contest, establishing her career. “American Idol” founder Simon Fuller signed Clarkson to RCA Records. “A Moment Like This” topped the Billboard Hot 100. 2002’s top-selling single in the US.


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Clarkson released “Thankful” in 2003. Clarkson’s vocals earned her a double-platinum album. “Miss Independent” and “The Trouble With Love” were on the album. Soon after, she separated from Simon Fuller and sought new management. “Breakaway” is the resulting album. 2004’s CD was well-received. It was Clarkson’s best-selling album, selling over 12 million copies worldwide. Clarkson’s 2005-2006 tour followed her breakthrough new album.

Kelly Clarkson’s third album was darker than RCA wanted. They wanted Kelly to go mainstream and complained when Clarkson refused professional input. RCA didn’t promote the album as much as before because she did things independently. “My December” was a 2007 album. Although well-received by reviewers and certified platinum, it only sold 2.5 million units globally, significantly less than “Breakaway.”

“All I Ever Wanted” was Clarkson’s first major album. With a lighter tone, the album topped the Billboard Top 200 and went platinum. Clarkson’s effort was lauded again. Clarkson traveled from 2009-to 2010 to support the record.

Clarkson released “Stronger” in 2011 after co-writing “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Jason Aldean and earning a Grammy. Clarkson sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the 2012 Superbowl. She published her first greatest hits album this year.

2013’s “Wrapped in Red” was Clarkson’s platinum holiday album. 2015 was Kelly Clarkson’s final RCA album. Her album hit #3 on the Billboard 200 for the third time. After Atlantic, she released “Meaning of Life” in 2017.

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How Much Does Kelly Clarkson Make Per Show?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kelly Clarkson pulls in an estimated $560,000 for each episode of “The Voice.” In addition to that, she makes money through concert tours, royalties from book and record sales, and other sources.

Film Career

Kelly Clarkson started in movies. Her first major part was in the 2003 flop “From Justin to Kelly.” Clarkson has appeared on “The Voice” and “American Idol” Clarkson has also voiced animated characters in “The Star” and “Trolls World Tour.” She has “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Kelly Clarkson Personal life 

Kelly and Brandon Blackstock were engaged for nine months. Brandon is Kelly’s ex-son. Manager Narvel was Reba McEntire’s longtime husband. Kelly and Brandon announced their pregnancy in November 2013. A daughter was born on June 12, 2014. On April 12, 2016, they had a son.

Kelly Clarkson Real estate 

Earlier this year, Kelly bought an Encino, California, 10,000-square-foot property for $8.5 million. The principal dwelling of her family members was there. She had previously lived in a Los Angeles property that had been burglarized several times before. A little under $10 million was the asking price when Kelly put her Encino mansion on the market in May 2020. When it was finally sold in September 2021, the price dropped from $9 million to $8.24 million. This is a video of the house:

Kelly listed her Tennessee property for $8.75 million when she bought Encino. In 2012, she spent $3 million on a 20,000-square-foot Henderson, Tennessee home. It features seven bedrooms, 4 acres, and a lake. In 2020, it was $7.5 million. This residence sold for $6.3 million in June 2020.

In Montana, she owns a 275-acre ranch with a $2 million log cabin. According to the couple’s legal filings, this ranch is valued at $17 million.

Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth

Kelly Clarkson has a net worth of $45 million. Kelly Clarkson’s music career began with “American Idol.” Clarkson’s enormous net worth is due to her entertainment and commercial achievements. She also wrote children’s novels successfully.

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Kelly Clarkson Divorce 

In June 2020, Kelly filed for divorce. A judge granted Kelly primary custody of her husband’s two children in November 2020. Concurrently with the judgment on child custody, Brandon also filed a child support request for $430,000 per month. The proposal had two parts: $135,000 for child support and $301,000 for spousal support. In addition, he demanded $2 million in legal fees.

Kelly filed a complaint a few weeks later, claiming that Brandon did not have the proper licensing required for talent agents during the 13 years he managed her. Her demand for a million dollars in fees was therefore met.

Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

A judge determined Brandon’s child support in April 2021, and Kelly was forced to pay $195,000 per month. For the duration of the two-year spousal support and $45,000-per-month child support payments, the total amount was $150,000.

A judge ordered Kelly to give Blackstock a 5% stake in her Montana ranch in January 2022, which she did. At the judge’s order, the ranch’s total value was estimated at $17.75 million, making Blackstock’s 5% ownership approximately $908,000.

Kelly and Brandon divorced in 2022. She received custody of their children and will keep most of her possessions. She will pay him $115,000 each month until January 2024, plus $45,000 per month in child support until the kids are 18. Kelly paid a $1.3 million lump settlement.

Frequently Ask Question 

What Is Kelly Clarkson’s Ex-husband’s Salary?

Clarkson must pay her ex-husband $115,000 a month in spousal maintenance until 2024. Clarkson was sentenced to pay $150,000 in spousal support in July of last year.

What Are Kelly Clarkson’s Health Issues?

Kelly recently discussed her depression on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” with Demi Lovato. This followed Kelly’s divorce announcement. She applauded her fellow singer’s honesty regarding addiction and mental illness.

What Is Kelly Clarkson’s Value?

According to various sources, Kelly Clarkson’s estimated net worth is allegedly $45 million.

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