Victoria Justice Dating History: Is She Currently Dating Avan Jogia?

Victoria Justice, a former child star, has been working in the industry since the age of eight. She began her career on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 with Jamie Lynn Spears before landing her own show, Victorious.

This is Brooke’s first major film role as an adult, following her performances in Trust and Afterlife of the Party. She will next be seen as Lola in Netflix’s upcoming romantic comedy A Perfect Pairing.

However, as Victoria’s profile continues to rise, her followers are eager to learn more about her personal life. Who is Victoria Justice currently dating? The following is a list of all the people she’s dated over the years.

Who Has Victoria Justice Dated?

Some of Hollywood’s most famous actors have been associated with Victoria, including Nicholas Hoult, Ryan Rottman, Josh Hutcherson, Pierson Fode, and even Cole Sprouse! In that vein, below is a list of Victoria Justice’s ex-boyfriends.

Victoria Justice Dating

  • Victoria Justice and Cole Sprouse 

Victoria was first linked to Cole Sprouse, one of the Sprouse twins, in August 2004. Their relationship began on the set of their hit Disney sitcom, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, where they were both cast members. Although Victoria only appeared in the series as a guest star, the two appear to have an instant connection.

They broke off their lovely youthful love, and years later, she revealed that Sprouse was her first true love.

  • Victoria Justice and Josh Hutcherson (2008-2009)

Victoria Justice dated Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson when she was a teenager. As a pair, they have been sighted in stadiums and on the red carpet during game days.

They allegedly began dating in early 2008 and ended their relationship about a year later.

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  • Victoria Justice and Ryan Rottman (2011-2013)

Her Victorious co-star Ryan Rottman, who is eight years older than Victoria, started dating her in 2011. The two were spotted together during a Los Angeles Lakers match.

Despite the fact that they kept their relationship a closely guarded secret, it appears as though their age gap doesn’t matter much to them, and they appear to be a happy couple.

When they split up in 2013, they had been dating for roughly two years. Though the two never explicitly revealed the reason for their split, the news stated it was due to the lack of time to meet each other. The separation was amicable, despite the fact that they were both extremely busy at the time.

Two people are at various phases in their lives, and both have been on the road. “However, they’ve both since moved on,” the person said.

Victoria Justice Dating

  • Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode (2013-2015)

Following their meeting on the set of Naomi and  Ely’s No-Kiss List. Victoria Fode and Pierson Fode began dating in December 2013. Sadly, after nearly two years of dating, they apparently broke up.

Her appearance at Pierson’s birthday celebration in 2015 demonstrated to supporters that they were still on good terms, despite the fact that they had broken up.

When Naomi and Eli are on screen, they’re best friends who are ready to take on the world. Despite the fact that they are sweet lovers and a down-to-earth pair in real life (they still act like best friends in real life, though).

The split was mutually agreed upon, according to the source, and it is heartbreaking to see them no longer together.

Victoria Justice Dating

  • Victoria Justice and Reeve Carney: (2016-2019)

The actor and singer, who is ten years senior, was Victoria’s long-term boyfriend. While filming the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, sources say that Victoria Justice and Reeve Carney first met in October 2016.

It was only in February 2019 that the couple was last seen together after dating for three years. Why did they break up after three years of dating, and how is their relationship progressing?

Even though Victoria Justice enjoys the attention and celebrity she receives, she keeps her personal life a secret. She and Reeve Carney appeared together just on a handful of red carpet occasions during their three-year relationship.

Since she began her career in the film and music sectors, she has kept her personal life a secret, especially following the allegation that she harbored a deep hatred for Ariana Grande.

She succeeded in keeping her relationship with Reeve under wraps due to her efforts to do so. According to rumors, the two are still close friends today. Reeve is currently involved with one of his Broadway co-stars in another relationship.

Victoria Justice Dating

Is Victoria Justice Currently Dating Avan Jogia?

The Freaks and Geeks teen comedy series has teamed Victoria and Avan up for a new project called The Outcast. They still have the same chemistry and enthusiasm for each other! As Jodi and Dave in the show, their admirers can’t help but fantasize about them getting together in real life.

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When the cameras aren’t rolling, Victoria and Avan aren’t in a relationship at all. On the screen, it’s clear that they have a strong attraction, yet they are not dating. Despite this, they’re close friends who relish the opportunity to collaborate on future projects, according to Victoria.

Victoria Justice Dating

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Victoria Justice Dating?

Victoria is currently single. The fact that she’s single as of May 2022 shows that she’s fully embraced her single life and is totally focused on her job and personal well-being.

Were Victoria Justice and Nicholas Hoult in a Relationship?

While it was widely speculated that Victoria was dating Nicholas Hoult from May to November 2009, she dismissed the rumors and declared that they were not dating.

Are Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev Related?

Even if the short answer is no, some people refuse to accept it. Despite their striking resemblance, the actresses are not related.

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