RHOBH Season 12: How Dorit Kemsley Suffered From a Terrible Incident?

RHOBH (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) season 12 is back, and that means that the luxury, glamour, and money that first drew us to the Housewives brand is back, too.

It’s fascinating to note that each woman has her own internal or external battles to contend with in this season. If Erika Jayne or Crystal Kung Minkoff are struggling with their public legal difficulties or their eating disorders, there is a relatability component inside their struggles—even if we don’t have the money to stand up to the casts’.

Keep an eye out for upcoming trips to Aspen, Colorado, and Punta Mita, Mexico. Cast travels are known to draw out any and all remaining thoughts, sentiments, and drama that may have been buried in the past.

RHOBH Season 12: Release Date

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, an American reality show, returns for a twelfth season on Bravo on May 11, 2022. The show is based in Beverly Hills, California, with most of the filming taking place there.

Who Is in the Cast of the RHOBH Season 12?

Season 12’s cast hasn’t altered much. Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Jayne, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, and Crystal Kung Minkoff have all agreed to return for the upcoming season. Additionally, Kyle’s sister, Kathy Hilton, will be returning as a “friend of.”

A Bosnian war refugee named Diana Jenkins will be the center of attention when she is introduced to the other women by Crystal.

She is a member of Beverly Hills’ most affluent social circles after marrying into a banking fortune. She had a tragic miscarriage and is now focused on having a new baby in the upcoming season. However, best of luck to any woman who crosses Diana’s path. This woman seemed to be a good match for him.

Garcelle will also introduce a new friend-of-a-friend. An event with the dress code “yoga clothing” is made much funnier by Will Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Zampino showing up in actual yoga clothes. The original viewers of the program know that these women are everything from casual.

RHOBH Season 12

What Is the Storyline of RHOBH Season 12?

This season, the four Fs—family, finances, fights, and fashion—are all intertwined. When Kyle’s eldest daughter, Farrah, gets engaged, family discord rears its ugly head just as everything appears to be going smoothly.

Lisa’s mother dies, and she has a hard time adjusting to life without her. One of Dorit’s friends lacks empathy after her house is broken into while she’s at home, but she’s supported by her other friends as she strives to recover.

Erika’s legal woes are not going anywhere. Erika isn’t satisfied with her friends’ comments on her personal life, as she was last season. Garcelle buys a beach property and struggles to juggle her talk show, writing her memoir, and spending time with her teenage sons.

Sutton now owns the house she rented from Kyle last season. With some of the females, she finds herself in the midst of a love triangle. She reveals more of herself, but it puts her friendships in jeopardy. When it comes to battling Sutton, Diana has no problem playing the villain.

RHOBH Season 12

How Dorit Kemsley Suffered From a Terrible Incident?

In the first episode, we learned of a terrible incident that occurred in 2021 when Dorit Kemsley was held at gunpoint during a home robbery.

Three men broke into the Kemsley house while Dorit’s husband was out and entered her bedroom. Once they had her under threat and had wrapped up $1 million worth of jewels, designer bags, and other valuables in her comforter, the men allegedly fled the premises.

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Fans have accused Sutton Stracke of lacking empathy over what transpired when she equated Dorit’s horrific predicament to a frustrating day at work. Despite this, Dorit’s pals were there to support her the following day.

Sutton’s indifference to Dorit’s plight will not sit well with her, we’re sure of it.

RHOBH Season 12: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stream RHOBH Season 12?

At 8 p.m. ET on Bravo on Wednesday, May 11, the new season began. In addition to airing on television, the Bravo app may be used to stream the show.

What Was the Reason Behind Dana’s Departure From RHOBH?

As soon as the show was canceled, Dana found out that her fiancé had been seeing someone else, so she packed everything and headed back to Miami to be with her family.

Is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Netflix?

There is no way to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Netflix right now.

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