Man vs Bee Release Date: Check Out the Trailer Released by Netflix!

It’s hard to think of many actors who could pull off a TV show about a man’s battle with an invading bee, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Bean.

House-sitting bumbling dad Rowan Atkinson, who co-created this Netflix sitcom with Will Davies, soon finds himself in a state of complete disarray as he battles the buzzing visitor.

He’s a recognized face to millions of people across the world thanks to Mr. Bean’s international success, and Netflix is hoping Atkinson’s celebrity may break through to global audiences with his new Netflix show.

When Atkinson worked on the Johnny English film series with co-writer Will Davies, he knew exactly what he wanted for this new project. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s what we know thus far.

Man vs Bee

Who Will Be the Cast of Man vs Bee?

As of September of last year, Rowan Atkinson had been cast as Trevor. The Crazy Rich Asians star Jing Lusi has just been added to the cast. Trevor’s housesitter, Nina, is played by actress Lusi, according to Deadline (Atkinson).

Crazy Rich Asians, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, and Gangs of London, a BAFTA-nominated series are just a few of the British actress’s other notable roles.

Tom Harper’s Heart of Stone, a new Netflix film starring Jamie Dornan and Gal Gadot, will also feature her. Christian, Nina’s spouse, will be played by Bridget Jone’s Baby star Julian Rhind-Tutt.

The Gardener will be played by Greg McHugh, and Maddy will be played by India Fowler. Claudie Blakley, Trevor’s ex-wife, and Tom Basden, the police officer, round out the cast.

Man vs Bee

What Will Be the Storyline of Man vs Bee?

In a statement, Netflix explained the premise of the new show: “Renowned actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson plays a new character in this riotous comedy. A man finds himself at war with a bee while housesitting a luxurious mansion. Who will win, and what irreparable damage will be done in the process?”

It’s just one of a number of shows Netflix is developing in the UK after setting up a production unit here.

Asst. Producer/Executive Producer In her own words, Anne Mensah said, “Setting up a team entirely based in the UK was always about being able to better connect to the fantastic program makers we have here — to provide a space for writers, producers, directors and actors that feels local, friendly and familiar but also provides talent the opportunity to make shows that will impact on a global scale.”

The official synopsis of Netflix is as follows:

When lovable, but bumbling, dad Trevor lands a new job as a housesitter, his first assignment is a luxurious mansion filled with priceless artwork, classic cars, and an adorable dog called Cupcake.

But when a bee lands on the scene, can Trevor keep everything under control, or will their raucous rivalry just lead to increasingly disastrous consequences? And what irreparable damage will be done in the process? See the chaos unfold in this watch-together zippy comedy series of short-sized episodes.

Man vs Bee

What Is the Production Status of Man vs Bee?

In the first season, there will be ten episodes, each lasting between ten and twenty minutes in runtime. For Netflix, this is a rare format for a short runtime, like Mr. Bean. Filming for the Netflix show took place in the summer of 2021. According to HertsLive, the filming took place in London as well as in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire.

The news of Rowan Atkinson’s visit to town immediately spread, and “many residents came outdoors to take a glimpse,” according to The Bovingdon Villager.

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, served as another shooting location. An hour’s drive north of London is this sleepy little town. Another notable Roald Dahl gallery can be found in the same town as the one mentioned above.

The series is begun post-production as of November 2021. One of the many shows that Netflix has produced in the United Kingdom since setting up a UK team to develop production in the country itself.

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Man vs Bee: Release Date

Streaming service Netflix will feature Man vs Bee on June 24, joining a slew of other summer offerings.

Man vs Bee: Trailer

The trailer for ‘Man Vs Bee,’ which you can see below, shows a man who is trying to relax at his new job as a housesitter until he becomes increasingly annoyed with the buzzing bug.

You can see where this series is going from Atkinson’s earlier bee-in-the-pocket-and-a-bun-in-the-picnic-basket encounters, as well as a cherry from his coat pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stream Man vs. Bee?

Streaming service Netflix will feature Man vs Bee on June 24, joining a slew of other summer offerings.

What Is Rowan Atkinson’s Profession?

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, CBE, is an English actor, comedian, and writer who has won numerous awards and accolades throughout the course of his career.

Is Man vs. Bee a Movie or Series?

Netflix has teamed up with British comic great Rowan Atkinson for Man vs. Bee, a new 10-episode Netflix series.

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