When Will Park Chan-Wook’s New Thriller Decision to Leave Release in the United States?

One of Korean cinema’s most celebrated auteurs was once the king of gonzo revenge violence, but Park Chan-wook has since shifted gears with his adaptation of the Sarah Waters novel The Handmaiden in 2016.

Tang Wei has outdone herself in Ang Lee’s 2007 spy movie Lust, Caution, and he’s bringing that energy to Cannes with his thrilling black-widow noir romance, which stars the Chinese diva Tang Wei in a stunning lead role.

“Decision to Leave,” the next thriller from South Korean director Park Chan-wook, who has previously directed the critically acclaimed films Thirst, Handmaiden, Stoker, and Oldboy. One thing is evident from the new trailer: Park has a lot of surprises up his sleeve for us.

Decision to Leave

When Will Decision to Leave Release in the United States?

The independent streaming provider Mubi has just announced that Park Chan-new’s film, Decision to Leave, will get a theatrical premiere in the United States and the United Kingdom. The goal is to distribute the film in theatres first, followed by a Mubi-exclusive streaming release.

The Cannes Film Festival premiere of Decision to Leave will take place on 23 May, and it will open in South Korean theatres in June. While investigating another murder, Park’s character falls for the top suspect, which prompts him to investigate a mystical realm.

Mubi is a streaming service geared toward film buffs, showcasing the best in independent and foreign movies. Among the films, Mubi has distributed are Drive My Car, Benedetta, and The Worst Person in the World.

One Fine Morning, Mia Hansen-new Lve’s film, will also premiere at Cannes in the Directors’ Fortnight section of the festival. Mubi is producing the film.

Mubi intends to release Decision to Leave in the fall of 2022, but no date has been set for its theatrical distribution in the United States.

Decision to Leave

Who Is in the Cast of Decision to Leave?

The film is made by Moho Film and distributed by CJ Entertainment, which is sponsored and distributed by CJ. In October of that year, main photography got underway. During an interview in October 2021, Park revealed that the film was in post-production at the time. The wait is finally over.

The cast includes:

What Will Be the Storyline of Decision to Leave?

The production team has kept everything under the wraps but what I can tell you is that “Decision to Leave” chronicles the story of a detective who falls for a mysterious widow after she becomes the lead suspect in his current murder investigation.

Well, that’s not it. In the South Korean thriller Decision to Leave (aka Heojil Kyolshim)… “A police detective, Hae-Joon (Park Hae-il), is brought in to examine the inexplicable death of a man who fell from a mountain summit. During his inquiry, he begins to develop an interest in the man’s widow, Seo-Rae (Tang Wei), who is a suspect in the case.”

Decision to Leave

The South Korean film director Park Chan-wook’s films have earned a reputation for their photography and framing, black humor, and frequently harsh subject matter. Isn’t that what thriller fans want from a good director, eh?

If you’re asking whether “Decision to Leave is worth-watching or not, I would simply reply Yes. Well, the director has never failed to entertain us with his outstanding thrillers like Joint Security Area, Thirst (2009), and The Vengeance Trilogy. I am sure this movie has a lot to offer.

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Decision to Leave: Trailer

An all-star cast, including Tang Wei from Lust and Park Hae-il from “Memories of Murder,” has debuted their new trailer for the upcoming film “Decision to Leave,” which was released yesterday.

“The closer you look, the harder you fall” is the trailer’s tagline despite its lack of dialogue. As it turns out, the casting directors have done a good job of keeping things a secret. If the trailer didn’t give you all the information you needed about this impending thriller, I’m here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Produced the Decision to Leave?

The film is made by Moho Film and distributed by CJ Entertainment.

When Was It Released in Cannes?

The movie was released in Cannes on 23 May.

What Is the Tagline of the Trailer?

“The closer you look, the harder you fall” is the trailer’s tagline despite its lack of dialogue.

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