Basketball Wives Season 10: How the Breakup Between Malaysia and Brandi Will Affect the Season?

Basketball Wives has returned for its tenth season! One of VH1’s most popular shows, it examines the relationships of professional basketball players’ spouses, ex-wives, and girlfriends.

“Basketball Wives gave birth to my concept of magnifying a dynamic culture and community,” said executive producer Shaunie O’Neal. It has exceeded my expectations in every way.” With a fresh yet familiar cast of characters joining us for the tenth season of the show, “I’m delighted we get to continue serving our viewers.”

“They work on their families, relationships, and enterprises while putting [their] pasts behind them to achieve a better future,” the press release reads in Season 10. Here is all you need to know about the next season.

Basket Ball Wives Season 10

Where to Stream Basketball Wives Season 10?

Like the previous seasons, the 10th season of “Basketball Wives” will be accessible on Hulu and Paramount Plus. People who prefer to watch the drama unfold in real-time will be able to do so on VH1 starting May 16th at 8/7c.

There will be plenty of surprises in store for fans in the upcoming season. According to Cheat Sheet, Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo will fight, but it’s not obvious why they split up. Another contestant is said to be expecting a child at the same time as she is being investigated for infidelity.

VH1 sat down with Jennifer, Brooke, Brandi, and Jackie before Season 10 to find out what they had learned so far. Prepare yourself for premiere day by watching this video now.

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Basket Ball Wives Season 10

What’s New in Season 10?

Showing the lives of the spouses of NBA stars, Basketball Wives is a popular reality show. They all know each other. Others have divorced their husbands or wives who were NBA players.

Some of these women are engaged to be dating professional baseball players with the hopes of one day getting hitched to one of them. However, when these ladies with large egos spend more time together off the court, the likelihood of insane verbal and even physical clashes increases.

Now that several of these women have established themselves as household names after ten seasons, they’re reuniting for what promises to be yet another wild season as “the MVPs.”

The number of children born to women has increased, while others have started new companies. Some of the female cast members are having relationship issues, while others are looking to settle past scores.

VH1 premiered the tenth season of Basketball Wives on Monday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET.

Who Is in the Cast of Basket Ball Wives Season 10?

The women’s experiences continue now that it’s been a year and life has calmed down. The all-female cast, which includes both new and returning actors, is ready to go on the attack.

Basket Ball Wives Season 10

We can see Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, and Jennifer Williams are all back on the screen.

Even though fan favorites Evelyn Lozada and Kristen Scott are leaving, MVPs from former seasons will fill out the remainder of the cast. DJ Duffey and British Williams are joining forces with Brandi Maxiell and Angel Brinks in an effort to shake things up. Brooke remarked before the premiere, “I’m very happy for you guys to see.

In the next months, there will be new and old acquaintances, as well as new enterprises. “You get to see in real life things that went viral online. A scuffle or two. You’re aware of how much your daughters like a good brawl.”

Jackie promised that she’d be surprised. “There are emotional moments and twists and turns.” Blood, sweat, and tears have been shed in this campaign.

How the Breakup Between Malaysia and Brandi Will Affect the Season?

The breakup between Malaysia and Brandi, who were formerly close friends, will be a major plot point this season. Brandi had already canceled the show because she couldn’t stand Shaunie’s antics.

The Malaysian dispute will take center stage now that she’s returned. Angel will capture her pregnancy as a fashion designer for her fans to enjoy.

Basket Ball Wives Season 10: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Evelyn and Shaunie still close?

There have been a few disagreements between Shaunie and Evelyn since the show ended, but they’ve been able to co-exist peacefully ever since.

Was Brandi fired?

Shaunie O’Neil says that Brandi Maxiell will not be returning to basketball wives.

What’s next for Evelyn Lozada?

Since she will no longer be appearing in the VH1 series, Lozada plans to devote more time to her children and her CBD line, as well as her health and fitness endeavors and a new jewelry line.

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