DanMachi Season 4 Release Date: When Can We Expect Danmachi Season 4?

There is no getting around the fact that anime adaptations of light novel series have enjoyed popularity among fans. For instance, “The Rising of the Shield Hero” anime adaptation was successful in considerably boosting sales of the original light novel series.

It was no different with the light novel series “DanMachi,” written by author Fujino. According to Crunchyroll, the second anime season of the series in 2019 truly helped improve weak novel sales. When compared to other light novel series that had been adapted successfully into an anime, “DanMachi,” also called “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon,” came out on top, beating out other series like “Sword Art Online.”

The story follows the experiences of Bell Cranel, a fourteen-year-old lone adventurer who, after encountering the goddess Hestia, is given some powers and embarks around the city of Orario and its connection to the dangerous area known as the Dungeon. He has set his sights on being one of the most accomplished explorers in the world. This may be because of the anime and light book series’ ability to combine comedic harem elements with action-packed fantasy adventures.

There have been three seasons devoted to adapting the adventures of Bell. After the conclusion of the third season of the series in the year 2020, viewers were pleasantly surprised with a one-off animated special episode in late April. But there is good news for fans of “DanMachi” who are looking forward to additional episodes: another season is on the way. This is everything that we know about the fourth season.

Is DanMachi Season 4 Casting Announcement Coming Soon?

Season 4 of “DanMachi” has yet to be cast. According to Anime News Network, the voice cast for Season 3 was mostly the same as in prior seasons. Most of the form will be back for Season 3 in a similar role. In Season 3, Weiss, a new character introduced in the Season 2 finale, was the only new character to make an appearance.

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Danmachi Season 4

Rina Hidaka provided the character’s voice. Hestia, Bell Carnell, Saori nishi, Haruka Tomatsu, Eina Tulle, Freya, and Hermes are all expected to reprise their roles from past seasons, as are the other characters.

On the production side, J.C. Staff is the studio that has worked on all prior seasons and OVAs. For the “Arrow of Orion” film, they were also responsible for the animated sequences.

Hideki Tachibana, who took over as director after Yoshiki Yamakawa’s departure in the second season, supervised the third season, according to Anime News Network’s sources. Unless it’s explicitly stated differently, he’s likely to direct the following season. As a result, Season 4 will certainly include their appearance.

DanMachi Season 4 Plot

DanMachi” Season 4 has yet to get an official plot outline. But there are hints in the teaser trailer about what the anime’s next episode will be about. The teaser shows off some of Bell’s previous escapades in the series while mirroring much of what Bell decides he wants for himself at the end of the third season.

The intrepid explorer is eager to improve his skills after defeating the formidable Asterius in the Season 3 finale and his subsequent reconciliation with Ais. Season 4 will undoubtedly include him on his path to self-improvement.

DanMachi Season 4

Volumes 9 through 11 of the light novel series were adapted for Season 3 of DanMachi. Volume 12 of the novel, which is planned to be adapted for Season 4, introduces a new chapter in Bell’s story. Having risen through the ranks and gained the trust of Orario, Bell is contacted in Volume 12 with news of a whole new mission. Season 4 will undoubtedly feature an animated version of this search for Bell.

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When Can We Expect Danmachi Season 4?

Toshiyuki Kobayashi and DanMachi will reprise their roles in the famous anime series in 2022.

There is no indication of the year and month of release in another teaser video, which merely states that the film will be released in 2022.

The first two seasons were shown for four years, but the third season’s debut took place in July of this year, only a little over five months after it was announced that the series would continue. It was reported that the show would be picked up for a third season in July 2020, which would be around eight months after the show was formally renewed for a fourth season.

Danmachi Season 4

It is realistic to anticipate that DanMachi Season 4 will premiere in July 2022, which is the height of the summertime anime broadcasting season, provided that development continues at the same rate as during Season 3.

If any new information comes to light about DanMachi season 4, we will update this website correctly.

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Danmachi Season 4 Trailer 

Frequently Ask Question

How Many Episodes Is Danmachi Season 4?

Season 3 would premiere in July 2020, roughly eight months after the show’s formal reinstatement. DanMachi Season 4 is expected to have 12 full episodes and one OVA, in line with prior seasons and J.C.Staff’s production schedule.

How Many Volumes Is Danmachi?

Seventeen volumes were released as of April 22, 2021. A total of 1,500,000 copies of the series are expected to have been sold. In North America, the series was licensed by Yen Press, which published the first book in December 2014 under the Yen On the banner.

Is Danmachi on Crunchyroll?

There will be a handful of big-name titles missing. Crunchyroll will no longer carry DanMachi and No Game, No Life in March 2022. After March 31, 2022, Crunchyroll will no longer be able to watch these shows.

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