Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth: What Did Kelly Do to Impress Megan Fox?

Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Richard Colson Baker, is a multimillionaire American rapper. Over the course of his illustrious career, Baker has established himself as one of the most distinctive and well-liked musicians working in Hip-Hop today. Baker is also a well-known actor in addition to his work in the music industry.

Early Life of Machine Gun Kelly

On April 22nd, 1990, Richard Colson Baker was born in Houston, Texas. A large part of their childhood was spent traveling because both of their parents were missionaries.

Growing up, the family moved around a lot, living in Germany, Egypt, and many other places. There are a lot of places in the United States where Baker has resided in the past. As a result of his mother’s departure, he and his father ended up living in Denver.

When Baker was a teenager, he came up with a verbal response to the bullying he was experiencing. A fondness for hip-hop eventually led him to start making his own songs.

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

After Baker’s father left him to work for the military in Kuwait, he moved into a neighbor’s basement. He started taking narcotics for the first time. His debut mixtape, Stamp of Approval, was recorded around the same period. Baker’s father had to relocate him to Kuwait once he finally dropped out of school.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Career

Machine Gun Kelly was coined by fans because of Kelly’s rapid-fire delivery. In order to build a reputation for himself in the music industry, he released a mixtape called ‘Stamp of Approval.’

As MGK gained a following and produced mixtapes, he was still struggling financially. He was facing eviction and was forced to work at Chipotle to make ends meet.

A few years later, MGK produced the Lace-Up Mixtape, in which he displayed his appreciation for Cleveland in spades. As a result, he swiftly rose to prominence in his hometown.

In no time at all, he was releasing full-length studio albums and becoming a household name.

Net Worth of Machine Gun Kelly

Kelly has a net worth of $10 million as of 2022. His accomplishment as an artist provides him with a source of income. However, he has appeared in a film as a rapper, Culprit, in Beyond the Lights.

Since then, he’s been on shows like The Land and Roadies, as well as in movies like Bird Box on Netflix’s catalog. It’s only a matter of time before Machine Gun Kelly’s fortunes skyrocket.

When it comes to material wealth, Kelly has everything. He has six homes, five cars, and a luxury yacht. Additionally, Kelly has a cash reserve of approximately $4 million in his possession and owns a $3 million stock fund.

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

Machine Gun Kelly’s House

Machine Gun Kelly paid $7 million for an 8,900-square-foot luxury mansion. This was followed by an additional $2.5 million in spending by Machine Gun Kelly to refurbish and expand the home.

German oak flooring has been imported by Kelly to cover the big great room, which features separate areas for sitting, dining, and cooking.  There is a fireplace in one corner of the room.

An upside-down U shapes Kelly’s house. The two expansions are linked by a series of overhanging glass panels. Multiple balconies can be added to the home’s sides because the second floor is smaller than the first. Unlike the floor below, this one has a unique look and feel.

Why Does Machine Gun Kelly Smoke Cannabis?

In multiple interviews, he has revealed that he smokes cannabis on a regular basis, describing it as a “source of happiness and a means people may feel a little more love [in their own right].”

When it comes to his songs and rap persona, it’s hard to miss how many times he brings up marijuana. Previously, he had a heroin addiction and suffered.

His cocaine and alcohol abuse was severe prior to the year 2020. In November 2020, Baker revealed that he had become addicted to Adderall and was in the process of getting treatment. He described himself as a “political anarchist” in an interview in 2012, when asked about his political views.

Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

Machine Gun Kelly’s Relationship

Emma Cannon, the woman who gave birth to Baker’s daughter while he was still a teenager, was the love of his life at the time. He was in a two-month relationship with model and actress Amber Rose beginning in April 2015.

In March of 2020, he began seeing model Sommer Ray; however, the two parted ways the following month. After meeting while filming Midnight in the Switchgrass in May of 2020, he started seeing actress Megan Fox. On January 12, 2022, Fox announced the engagement of the couple.

The relationship between Megan Fox and MGK is probably as well-known as MGK himself. As a result, a lot of people were interested in learning about their engagement. The artist claims that the emerald and diamond almond-shaped ring he used to propose to the Transformers star cost $340,000.

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Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Kelly do to impress Megan Fox?

Machine Gun Kelly has admitted that he once mistakenly stabbed himself while trying to impress Megan Fox. He showed Jimmy Fallon a scar on his hand he got while trying to impress Fox in March 2020

Is it true that MGK and Megan got married?

In the beginning, he remarked “I wrote this song for my wife,” and he began singing Twin Flame. MGK and Megan Fox have not made a public announcement of their marriage.

Why is he called Machine Gun Kelly?

“When I was 15 and started doing shows, I was given the name Machine Gun Kelly because of my rapid-fire delivery,” MGK explains.

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